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The Fujifilm GFX Facts & Specs Updated… + Join Damien Lovegrove & Co at the Fujifilm GFX Facebook Group!


Join 5,000 Members at the Fujifilm GFX Facebook Group

Do you want to discuss the Fujifilm GFX with people, who actually already own it? Well, then you might just join the 5,000 members strong Fujifilm GFX facebook group.

You will find some big shots like X-photographer Damien Lovegrove, Jonas Rask, Piet Van den Eynde, Ivan J. Loh (& more) sharing their impressions and reviews about the Fujifilm GFX. You won’t find such a concentrate of Fujifilm GFX Fans AND Owners anywhere else on the web.

Needless to say, with such great photographers on board, we are having a well informed and factual discussion at the facebook group… so join us over there :)

Fujiflm GFX Facts

I’ve recently made a complete and comprehensive overview over all known and rumored facts about the Fujifilm GFX. Well, I won’t bother you with the whole list again, just highlight a few aspects (and correct others) that are new and final.

Most of it comes from the Fuji Guys GFX first look, which you can find in the Live Blogging (that is still updated).

  • New Super Fine JPEG setting. Little compression, but huge files (takes 10 seconds to render a preview in Lightroom according to thedigitaltrekker – see Live Blogging)
  • The Top LCD Panel is customizable and also changes if you are in video or stills mode
  • The Top LCD Panel colors can reverse colors, to make them easier to read in low light
  • 14 bit RAW files (and not 16 bit, as the Swiss Fujifilm Manager said)
  • You can create TIFF files in camera
  • Electronic shutter up to 1/16000 sec
  • The focal plane shutter allows to make cheaper lenses without leaf shutter. The GF lenses are therefore less expensive to produce.
  • Pinch to zoom capable touch screen
  • First curtain electronic shutter reduces shutter shock, decreases shutter lag time. But over 1/1000 you have issue of vignetting and also bokeh is affected. But in the electornic first curtan shutter mode the camera automatically switches to mechanical shutter when it goes to 1/1000.
  • Up to 9 frames bracketing
  • You can chose between 117 or 425 AF points
  • GFX body + 63mm weight 1230 g
  • GFX body + memory card + battery weight 825g
  • shipping Feb. 23 according to Amazon
  • shutter endurance supporting up to 150,000 shots
  • Fujifilm has already developed a bridge software where testers could tether and open pictures with Capture One – via ivanjoshualoh
  • Shooting rate of 3 frames per second for a burst of 13 frames (compressed RAW)

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