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The Biggest Fuji X Lover Ever says: “The X-system has been a Boon For my Travel Photography!”


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The X-series is more than “just” high quality lenses, great cameras & top-notch IQ. It’s, for many, a refreshing and liberating way to shoot… a way to (re)discover photography. Passion, Fun, Inspiration, Lightness and Freedom are an essential part of the X-shooter eXperience.

So it’s no surprise that we can find a growing number of huge Fuji X Fans out there, who want to show their love for the X-system to the world. It was passion that brought me to launch this blog back in times when there were just a handful of X-shooters out there. FujiRumors was my personal way to share my eXcitement for the new X-shooter eXperience, but…

… but there are some, who have way more original ways to express their passion! One of them is Brandon:

“I’ve been a fujifilm lover since my first fuji 4700  back in 2000. I have always had some fairly zany hair and not long after getting the camera, I took the opportunity to show off my love with my hairstyle. After the 4700, I moved on to a minolta dimage, then joined the canon family.  I added an X-E1 to my collection for travel, and once I got my hands on an X-E2, I sold all of my Canon gear (including my 5DMKIII) and have been exclusively fuji ever since.  Thanks for the great site and sharing so much information about our beloved platform.  The X-system cameras and lenses have been a boon for my travel photography and I can’t wait to get my hands on an X-Pro2! Have a great day! Clix // Brandon

Now, you don’t have to cut your hair like this too, to show your passion for the X-system. Maybe a nice T-shirt would be just enough, as Tatjana shared here and Wim here… and as you know, all the profits go to Charity in Cambodia. Learn more about the X-shirts here. Buy it here in USA and here in Europe & CO.

enjoy your Sunday and take some nice shots with your X today… and feel free to share your favorite X-shots at the X-shooter facebook zone,

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