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travel-X: Peru, Cuba and 4 months around the world


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Hi Patrick

I did a trip to the Cordillera Blanca and Cordillera Huayhuash this July and August and shot with my X-E1. Mostly shot with the 14mm, but some with the 35mm. I’m starting to post on flickr here:

I  don’t have a blog yet.

I think you might like the photos and I have not seen high mountain shots on your site yet. Most of my shots were at 4200 meters (13,779 ft.) or above.

I only have 3 shots up now, but I probably have 10 or so nice ones coming. [admin: Eric just upload more amazing pictures!]

Thanks for your site, I visit often.


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FR-reader Kevin linked me his to his blog post about his travel in Cuba. I’m happy to share his images with you ( His travel equipment? Here it is:

“Equipment wise, this trip had me very excited. As usual I juggled various camera ideas and setups in my head before leaving Canada and in the end settled on the combination of the New Fuji X100s with the [shoplink 12893 ebay]WCL-X100 adapter[/shoplink], and the Fuji X-E1 with 35mm f1.4 lens attached. Coupled with these I had the usual spare batteries, a lightweight tripod (that I ended up not using), an Infra Red pass-through filter, and an excellent [shoplink 15975]“Think Tank Retrospective 7″[/shoplink] bag to carry it all in. My bulky DSLR and lenses stayed at home.”


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Dear Patrick,

I bought my X-E1 about five months ago and have been loving it. I learned photography when I was in high school using old Pentax film cameras and I still remember the clicking aperture ring on those babies. I really like how the X-E1 feels like a manual camera but with modern conveniences.

Great job with the site; I check it regularly to get tips and ideas and find out what’s new. I was inspired to email you because of a recent post you did about someone traveling for a year with their X-Pro1 [see here]. My partner and I are also traveling, but not for quite so long, our adventure is 4 months and coming to an end soon. We’ve been to the Middle-East, Africa, and Asia. We’ve been keeping a blog with some of our shots from the trip and thought you might be interested to see it. I actually did a post today about our photography workflow on the road.

Here’s the blog:

Here are 3 of my favourite shots:

(Canadian now based in London)

I forgot to say one thing – I really hope Fuji announces a multi-purpose zoom for the X system, something like 16-80mm comparable to [shoplink 16005]Canon’s 24-105mm[/shoplink] which is a great travel lens.


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