Meet the Dolomites, Home of FujiRumors

If you you think at Italy, my home, you probably think at Rome, Florence and Venice.

And in fact, probably 70% of the tourists coming to Italy, visit those three cities and leave.

But there are many more beautiful spots to visit here in Italy, and one of them is definitely my hometown, the Dolomites.

After I unveiled my location a couple of days ago here, I got a significant numbers of emails from readers, asking me information about the Dolomites. I tried to reply to everybody as good as I can.

One recurring question was: do I recommend visiting the Dolomites also to people, who are not so fit and used to mountains.

My answer is a very clear “absolutely yes!“.

There are tons of cable ways, that bring you everywhere. For example, you can reach the highest peak of the Dolomites, the Marmolada, at 3,300m (10,800 feet) without walking a single step and enjoy views like this.

And if you are more on the adventurous side, of course there are tons of tracks and hikes of all kind of difficulties.

Old or young, single of family, fit or lazy, there is a lot ot enjoy for everyone.

Needless to say, also photographically speaking you are in paradise here, as the images below show.

So, if you ever plan a trip to Italy, try to put the Dolomites on your “to do” list.

I can’t wait these days of lockdown and isolation to be over and get a beer on the Dolomites again.

Today I decided to go through our Fujifilm X-T and GFX group and pick a couple of images that members shared of the Dolomites, in the hope this article inspires you for you next photographic journey.

Stay safe, let’s go through these challenging times together, and done that, enjoy life again as never before!

stay strong, healthy and happy

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