CP+ Images: Fujinon GF30mmF5.6 Tilt Shift and GF/XF Roadmap Lenses, Tamron 11-20mmF2.8, Voigtländer 35mmF0.9 and 27mmF2

Fujifilm Digesting 2022

CP+ started today.

Fujifilm has not announced anything, but I guess we still have to digest all the stuff they launched last year, which was:

It’s fair to give Fujifilm a little break, given how busy they were in 2022.

Fujifilm 2023 Teasers


What Fujifilm did for CP+, is to tease upcoming products for 2023.

They showcase a mock-up of the upcoming Fujinon GF30mm f/5.6 Tilt Shift lens, but not of the Fujinon GF110mmF5.6 Tilt Shift, which, according to the statements Fujifilm managers did during the September X summit, should also come in 2023.

They also show a silhouette of the Fujinon GF55mm f/1.7, which personally is the lens I am looking forward the most. We already shared hands-on images of the GF55mmF1.7 here.


For the X system, we get a silhouette of the Fujinon XF8mmF3.5.

The Fujinon XF8mmF3.5 became part of the Fujifilm X mount roadmap and during the X summit in May 2022.

Fujifilm did share technical sketches of the lens in May already, and we used them to compare the size of the Fujinon XF8mmF3.5 to other wide angle lenses such as the Fujinon XF14mmF2.8, the Zeiss Touit 12mmF2.8 and the Laowa 9mm f/2.8 (but the Laowa has no autofocus.

Third Party Lenses

But if Fujifilm did not launch anything at CP+, to make the beginning of 2023 interesting for Fujifilm shooters are third party lens manufacturers.

We have the lovely Tamron 11-20mm f/2.8, a couple of new Voigtländer lenses, the Samyang 75mm f/1.8 as well as Sigma 23mm f/1.4 coming soon and even a couple of new AF Yongnuo lenses.

Some of those lenses are at display at the CP+ in Japan right now and you can find the images below in this article.

I will share all images in this article and below you can find the link to the sources.

& More

Not only autofocus lenses. Also the recently announced Tokina SZ 300mm PRO Reflex F7.1 MF CF is displayed at CP+,.


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B&H Photo Lists Fujinon GF30mmF5.6 Tilt Shift and Fujinon GF110mmF5.6 Tilt Shift

B&H Photo has listed the Fujinon GF110mmF5.6 Tilt Shift Macro and Fujinon GF30mmF5.6 Tilt Shift at their page.

We have shared hands on images here.

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Fujifilm GF30mmF5.6 Tilt Shift and GF110mmF5.6 Tilt Shift (Quietly) Announced – First Images

I don’t know if you did, but I did it… I followed the Fujifilm X summit until the very end.

And right in the very last seconds, Fujifilm showed two mockups of future GF tilt shift lenses, the GF30mmF5.6 Tilt Shift and the GF110mmF5.6 Tilt Shift.

Above the image of both lenses and below some hands on images.

Looks like we were right, when we said Fujifilm was hiding one tilt shift lens from us in the G mount roadmap ;).