Fujifilm FF190003 Camera Launch Postponed to January 24

As you might know, Fujifilm has currently two registered and unreleased cameras

To my knowledge, the FF190005 is the code name for the Fujifilm X100V, which, as we exclusively rumored already here, should be announced in February.

So the FF190003 is another Fujifilm camera, and previous menu screen leaks of that camera, indicated January 17 as release date.

But, as you can see above, now Nokishita spotted here a request by Fujifilm to postpone the release of marketing material related to the FF190003 to January 24.

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DPRTV 2020 Camera Companies Resolutions: Fujifilm Should Merge X-T and X-H Line and Sony Steal Fujifilm Colors

2020 Camera Resolutions

DPReviewTV has published their 2020 resolutions for every camera company, of course including Fujifilm.

Regarding Fujifilm, they say:

When asked if Fujifilm should merge X-T and X-H line, most of you guys voted you prefer to keep both lines well separated, and I believe that would make sense, for the reasons I explained in this article.

What I believe would make sense, though, is to give us a Fujifilm X-T4 with IBIS and maybe a bigger battery. Do that, and you’ll make tons of Fujifilm shooters happy.

I am not sure about the Fujifilm X-A7 flippy screen, though, as this would make it tilt in the wrong direction, when shooting portraits. Maybe that’s more something for the Fujifilm X-H2.

Neopan 400 is a much loved film, as you can see from these customer reviews. So make it happen, Fuji!

As recently measured, Fujifilm has currenty the worse face/eye AF. But I would not worry about that too much. A major improvement is coming via firmware, soon.

You can see the full video above, where, among the others, the recommend Sony to steal Fujifilm colors ;).

Don’t forget also…

Fujifilm GFX100 in Stock at BHphoto and AmazonUS

Fujifilm GFX100

The Fujifilm GFX100 is now in stock at B&H Photo and AmazonUS, but it’s sold out again on Adorama (they had in in stock a few days ago here).

Remember that on Adorama you can save up to $200 if you purchase the Fujifilm GFX100 with:

FujiRumors told you that the demand for GFX100 cameras tripled Fuji’s (already optimistic) forecast, and Fujifilm managers later on said here that the demand was “more than twice” what they expected.

In short: it sells like hot cakes :).

GFX Community

USA GFX100 In Stock Check

EU GFX100 In Stock Check

UPDATED: Notification of FUJIFILM Camera Remote with “iOS13” Smartphones

December 20, 2019 updated

About the compatibility of FUJIFILM Camera Remote with iOS13 devices, we are still checking it. We have confirmed the case that the Camera Remote cannot recognize a camera’s SSID * due to the change of the OS.

We apologize for your inconvenience and would appreciate it if you could understand the current situation.

For your reference, tentative solutions below can make the Wi-Fi connection more stable.

1. Change the Location setting to ON.

  • Settings>Privacy>Location Services ON
  • Settings>Cam Remote>Location>“While Using the App” or “Always”

2. Change the Bluetooth setting to ON.**

  • Settings>Bluetooth>Bluetooth ON
  • Settings>Cam Remote>Bluetooth ON

3. Change the setting of “Auto-Join Hotspot” to Never.

  • Settings>Wi-Fi> Auto-Join Hotspot >Never

4. Change the Wi-Fi Assist to OFF.

  • Settings>Cellular>Wi-Fi Assist OFF

5. Turn off a smartphone and turn it on again.

* In case that the tentative solutions don’t work.

  • Upgrade the OS to the latest version.
  • If the camera and the Camera Remote are paired via Bluetooth, carry out the “RESET WIRELESS SETTING” of the camera and “Reset APP settings” of the Camera Remote and connect them again from the initial setting.
  • * When FUJIFILM application software communicates with a camera, it tries to recognize the network name of the camera (SSID) for WiFi connection.
  • ** Try the solution only when the camera and the Camera Remote are paired via Bluetooth.

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