Fujifilm TX-3 Digital X Pan Camera in 2028: Would You Be Interested in One?

So we just told you that Fujifilm is currently considering to launch the digital successor to the XPan/T-X series.

The question now is: would this be a waste of R&D for Fujifilm, or do you think it’s a good idea and they should proceed with these plans?

So down below you can find a survey.

And I tell you my opinion right away: this is a GREAT idea and I hope Fujifilm will keep up developing it and release it in 2028.

The images above are courtesy of Pavel, who shared them with us in this article.

Would You be Interested in a Fujifilm TX-3 Digital Panoramic Camera

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BREAKING: Fujifilm Could Release This Unique Digital Camera in 2028


No Time to Read or Watch? →  It’s the digital version of this camera here (or better, the Fujifilm version here)


  1. this is one of the longest term rumors I have ever shared. So take it with a grain of salt, simply because we are talking about a camera that could be released in 2028
  2. discussions about this camera are very intense inside Fujifilm, but if I understood my source correctly, the final decision has not yet been taken

Fujifilm = Photography


Tell me…

Who could pull this off?

Sony? Canon? Nikon?

Nah, forget about them. They are busy fighting their Full Frame war with mainstream cameras.

No, we need a company that thinks different.

A company that does not think that niche products suck and are just a waste of R&D.

A company with such a massive photographic culture that it understands that cultivating a niche means cultivating the true passion for photography.

Anyone comes to mind?

Oh yes, this company is Fujifilm !

And that’s why, even though this rumor comes from a new source and has not yet been confirmed by trusted sources, I definitely trust that if any brand can make it happen, then it’s Fujifilm.

So, what’s the rumor?

Well, I had a chat with a new source, and this is what it told me.

** CLICK HERE to Read the Rest of the Article **

Meet the Fujifilm TX-3 XPan Digital Camera (Concept)

One of the most read articles back in 2020 here on FujiRumors was the guest post titled “The X-Pan Rebirth of Fujifilm X-Pro1“, where a reader modified his X-Pro1 into an X-Pan digital camera.

And every now and then the wish of a digital Fujifilm X-Pan camera surfaces again in the Fujifilm community such as here, here and here.

Well, today we have another request for a Fujifilm X-Pan camera coming from Pavel and shared over at his youtube channel SuperSuperka (video below).

He so severely wants a digital XPan Fujifilm camera, that he made a very nice rendering on how he imagines it to be.

He called his rendered X-Pan camera the Fujifilm TX-3, of course inspired by what Jonas Rask called “the most beautiful camera ever created“, the Fujifilm TX-1. He wrote me:

Some notes about the concept. It has GFX sensor cut in half, which gives just perfect match to Xpan proportions
Logarithmic response pixels are not commonly used, but are used in technical tasks. What they can do is to not mimic film but to have native film-like look.
Arca-swiss is the bottom of the body. No additional plates needed. OVF with phase-detect autofocus.
I used 28mm which with this sensor is a bit wider FOV then original 45mm on Xpan. Like, say, 40mm on Xpan.

Quite frankly, at this point, if Fujifilm was to adventure itself in a crafting a unique niche digital camera, then I’d personally find a digital X-Pan much more appealing over let’s say a monochrome Fujifilm X camera.

What about you? Feel free to vote the survey down below.

I would prefer...

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