Fujifilm X-S10 New Features Guide for Firmware 2.10 and Little Rant: Why Instax Wide Printer Support Only for X-S10?

Fujifilm has released firmware update 2.10 for Fujifilm X-S10 earlier today (we reported here).

Among the others is adds support for the brand new Fujifilm Instax Link Wide printer and the older Instax Mini Link printer.

With the new firmware, Fujifilm also released a new features guide. Down below you’ll find the link to the updated guide in your language.

Little Rant: only using the Fujifilm X-S10 with firmware 2.10 you can print directly from the camera to the Instax Printer. If you own any other Fujifilm camera, you have to first transfer your images to your smartphone (which is the smoothest thing in this world, right? ;)) and then print from your phone.

I do hope Fujifilm will bring soon support also for the other Fujifilm cameras. I can see many wedding photographers with higher end Fujifilm gear using the Instax Wide Printer during the event. They’d surely love it to be able to print directly rather than fiddling around with the camera remote app.

Rant over… down below the new features guide.

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Fuji Guys INSTAX Link WIDE Printer Guide and More First Look Reviews

After what seems like an eternity of waiting and asking for it, Fujifilm finally delivered the new Instax Link WIDE printer. You can find the press release and some promo videos here.

And also the Fuji Guys have uploaded their video now, where they guide you through the main features of the new printer. Also, BH Explora and PCmag give it a first look review. You can find it all down below.

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