The successor of the X100S? The X100T! (trusted + new source)


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Bhphoto should change the name to the X200 shield protector

If you remember, last week I told you here that a new source (who contacted me via rumor box and included a nickname) shared 2 rumors with us.

The first rumor was about the faster AF in the second generation 35mm. I couldn’t share the second rumor, because the source said: “Please confirm it with your other sources first as marketing department might change the plans“.

Well, I did my homework and had a talk with our top trusted Japanese source. And it confirms: Fuji has plans to call the X100S successor X100T.

So it seems that, unless the marketing department changes plans again, we can now be pretty sure that X100T will be the final name.

Tilt Screen? Announcement? Weather sealing? New lens? APS-C sensor? My sources are investigating… and in case someone out there has the answers, then feel free to contact me anonymously via rumor box (using a nick-name if you want, so that I can recognize you in future) or via email at fujirumor [at]

Let’s have a look at the updated rumored specs list:

(TS= trusted source / NeS =New Source / AS = Anonymous Source / SRP = source who was right in the past, but not yet trusted)

  • X100T (TS + NeS)
  • 24MP X-Trans sensor (NeS)
  • faster AF than X100S (NeS)
  • tilt screen (NeS)
  • new fixed lens (NeS)
  • new EVF, better than X100S, but not as much as X-T1 (NeS)
  • wider phase detection area (NeS)

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  • If it has lagless evf then I’m in.

    I hope it has the same or improved 23mm lens (35mm is a perfect all around lens) and I hope we can still attach the WCL conversion lens for it.

    • Moronerator

      If you are meaning, and hoping, an EVF with [less] lag then you will probably be in luck.. [Lagless] EVF however, is not possible..

  • darngooddesign

    While I doubt Fuji would this soon after releasing the TCL, I’m hoping for a three step zoom that covers 18/23/35. The lens would need to be a little larger, but not nearly as big as the converters.

    I also want them to use the 4-way rear controller from the XE cameras and get rind of that rear control wheel.

    • Pradip

      I love to see a full frame sensor

      • IsaacImage

        One more for Full Frame !

        • darngooddesign

          If the new, higher res sensor and lens gives you an additional stop or two of exposure, what do you think full frame will do for you?

          • effe

            easy on…3 or 4 stops at least….!!

          • darngooddesign

            FF doesn’t give you 4 stops over APS-C.

        • David F

          Wow, I’m so tired of people talking about full frame for the sake of pixel peeping or measurebating. I mean, WHY? With every new announcement, there’s always an army of whiners crying over the lack of feature A or feature B. I’ve known of photographers creating works of art with the sh*tiest of gear but what’s more important than anything is our eyes, how we see the world and what we want to say. I look forward to the day where we can move past this.

          Sorry for the rant, haven’t had my coffee yet.

          • IsaacImage

            You really should start with a Coffee first.
            If crop camera body suits your needs – its great.
            But for some professionals out there that always looking for best possible Image Quality, even Full Frame not enough ;)
            Full Frame it’s a minimal industry standard to enter to a Pro Market.

          • David F

            Super false. I don’t know where you’re at but here in NYC, you don’t “need a full frame to enter the Pro Market.” But if you need it then that’s perfectly cool. We’re all different, horses for courses, but an imposed threshold one needs to attain for one to become a professional is archaic. You are right though about “some” “professionals” needing that.

          • Marc Sadowski

            Anyone who doubts that you need Full Frame to make it in the pro market needs to look at Kevin Mullin’s wedding photography. He’s one of the best and he uses the Fuji System almost exclusively.

          • Marc Sadowski

            What I meant to say is that crop sensors are just fine. People are doing amazing work, including the best of the best pros.

          • Ratty Mouse

            So he is a fujifilm shill. We all laugh at shills you know.

          • Anastigmat

            Professionals are shooting with all formats that work for the job.

          • PRL

            Unless you are carting a view camera around you are shooting a crop camera. There are plenty of Pro’s shooting APSC and the “minimal industry standard” is talent not gear.

          • Shawn

            Why stop at medium format? MOAR PIXELS!!!! Are the X series cameras not large enough or heavy enough for you? And if Full Frame is compulsory entry level for Pro market, what are you doing here?

          • Chi Ken


        • Jonavin

          Why stop at FF? Make the sensor 10 foot.

  • nwcs

    I’m guessing mildly updated 100s just as the 100s was mildly updated from 100. So better EVF, somewhat better lens, maybe some performance enhancements and firmware tricks. Tilt screen would be a good touch. More megapixels would get it a bit more notice although I think 18-20 is better than 24. But that’s because I don’t chase MP. :)

    • Vine

      Makes sense. The X100 is already a classic in terms of concept and execution. There’s only the guts to improve on – and it seems that’s exactly where Fuji is going with this.

  • DouglasGottlieb

    Wish list:
    * Weather sealing
    * Tilting touch screen
    * Lower native ISO
    * Higher maximum shutter speed
    * Wider lens
    * Sharper at maximum aperture
    * Crop in the VF showing 50mm field of view
    * Better EVF
    * Faster AF
    * Leica T, app style touch menu camera set up
    * All black along with silver at launch
    * XPro1 style discreet, unbranded front


    • DouglasGottlieb

      And while highly unlikely:

      * That magic organic sensor

      • sidtw

        repeating the myth does not make it more likely to be true ;)

    • trojan32

      agree totally…

      # maybe even better built in nd filter (not only 4 stops) , a variable would be nice from 2 stops up to 10!
      # touchscreen
      # wifi functions /remote control functions of xt-1
      # panorama stitching mode
      # better bracketing
      # higher flash sync
      # maximum shutter speed like the pana gm1 would be nice 1/16000 but 1/8000 would be enough as we all know fuji seems to sleep or having major problems in increasing the shutter speed from 1/4000 up to 1/8000 even in the cameras where they use mechanical curtain shutters or dslr like models the xt-1 in comaprison to other competitors….

    • idefixx

      Agree, if not at least all the above comes with it, Fuji would loose innovation momentum. very few really need more MP unless they achieve a step change in sensor/processor which I doubt at this stage.
      So anything of below the level of the XT1 would not be sufficient for an upgrade.
      One particularly annoying thing I never see on any of the wish lists is getting rid of the need of the extra ring for filters and then having to unscrew it for TC/WC lenses or making it more pocketable (and screwing the loose ring back on)… that’s only the handling but easy to get rid off IMO

      • Ratty Mouse

        Agreed. That was a dumb ass design from Fujifilm.

    • IFound MyUsername

      * Weather sealing Yes
      * Tilting touch screen For sissies
      * Lower native ISO Yes
      * Higher maximum shutter speed Yes
      * Sharper at maximum aperture Yes
      * Crop in the VF showing 50mm field of view Yes
      * Better EVF No. Better OVF to focus manually like a Leica
      * Faster AF Uhm……….
      * Leica T, app style touch menu camera set up Nope
      * All black along with silver at launch Yes
      * XPro1 style discreet, unbranded front No. Look at the old Leicas withe the name engraved in the top plate.


      • Alan Paone

        I think my favourite thing about switching from panasonic to fuij was the *lack* of touchscreens.

    • nwcs

      BTW, technically speaking all sensors are set at a specific sensitivity. All other ISO values are effectively mathematics. Some handled analog and some digital. So having a lower base ISO really doesn’t mean anything except for the math.

      • curious

        Are you sure about that? Not sure that you’re correct.

        • nwcs

          Yes. Think about it. Silicon has a known rate of light sensitivity. You can’t just change it to collect more light or less light. It’s really just raising or lowering the gain on the sensor tech.

          • DouglasGottlieb

            Thanks for sharing that. Interesting I wonder why nobody seems to go all the way down to 25 ISO. If anyone would do it, I’d think it would be Fuji. It would be useful in sunlight with bright primes. As I understand it, there’s a DR tradeoff, but I don’t know the science there. Anyone?

          • nzswedespeed

            It’s because then they could only have a max iso of like iso640 or something (I can’t remember the exact science).

  • Marc Sadowski

    I’m not a huge fan of the name, but then again I’m not buying it for the name. You can call it the Fuji poo-slinger and I’ll still get this camera. You got to imagine that it’ll be AT LEAST as good as the guts in the X-T1.

    • Vine

      Actually the naming is a stroke of brilliance, as aside from being the letter after S in the alphabet, it also evokes the X-T1 – where the camera will undoubtedly be drawing a lot of its new tech from.

  • twr

    In my own little fantasy world, the “t” would stand for telephoto and it would have a 70mm (105mm ff eq) lens. The conversion lenses would also work on it providing a range of 28/35/50 of the x100s and 85/105/150 on the x100t.

    • azario

      would be nice…but for me the T makes more sense for/standing for “TRAVELING”……one camera several little accesories for conversion focal length…..

      • This may be totally incorrect, but I just figured that the “s” stood for “second generation” and the “t” stands for “third generation. More boring, I realize :P

        • Vine

          I think you’re right on that, actually.

        • nwcs

          s has been used for a while to indicate a modest bump in performance. In some places it means “speed.” I imagine the t will be for “tilt” if the tilting screen rumor comes to pass.

  • Soooo… the A6000 sensor with Fuji’s X-Trans CFA? C’mon, that was about as easy as a prediction to make.

    Look forward to it, still :)

    • jk

      the A6000 sensor , no. the sensor in the X100t or whatever called will have a Toshiba 24mp sensor , which is likely an improved version of Nikon D7100 or 5300 sensor. Sony and Fuji are not close , not in the same or close conglomerate.

      • D7100’s 24mp sensor does not feature PDAF. Do you have a source for Fuji’s switch to Toshiba? So far, every X100/XF release has featured a Sony sensor base…

        • Unless my Fuji rep who I see at Yodabashi is not versed in X100 camera, all information I have from him say X100 series use EXMOR sensor which is Sony product. Will ask rep again next week when back in Tokyo.

          • Ratty Mouse

            JK is a drooling idiot. Fuji always uses Sony sensors for their APS-C cameras.

      • 何ですか?

  • Per K

    I believe 24mpix Fuji X-trans sensors may make me leave Nikon D800 system. An Pro2 or T2 with 24 mpix would mean great resolution and detail, but still the X-trans advantage at high ISO. Fuji has the best colors – my subjective view. Lenses are there – or coming.
    Best 2014 Fuji rumor!

    • Ratty Mouse

      X Trans is the master of smeared colors. You’d give up your D800 for that? LMAO!!

      • Moronerator

        Ignorant troll..
        Any issues with Fuji files is in the raw conversion software, not a characteristic of the sensor.

  • Sergey

    and the price, 1200-1400 €? *eeek*

  • Dan S

    Good I can’t wait for the price of used X100S’s to go down. I need a second one for a few anaglyph 3D projects. :P

  • herstal

    app style touch menu? I want it as classic as possible. Fuji you can even take the screen away and save the money for focusing technology research.

  • Vine

    Here’s my wishlist, supplementary to what’s rumoured, and based on what I think they’re most *likely* to improve, looking at the X-T1:

    – Handling for fast SD cards
    – Toggle switch for changing focus mode (instead of side switch)
    – Dedicated ISO dial

    In fact it wouldn’t surprise me if they made the X100T a mini, fixed lens X-T1 with the same RF design as the X100/S and an improved hybrid VF instead of a massive EVF. In terms of buttons, switches, menus, etc.

    Another comment: There’s no way the TCL and WCL wouldn’t work on the X100T. Fuji has proven time and again how much they value existing customers.

  • ven210

    Hopefully the the two conversion lens will still work with the new generation. I believe it will use the same sensor from sony a6000 given the wider phase detection area with added xtrans tech.

    • jk

      no Fuji never uses Sony sensor , they are not close friend companies. Fuji is using Toshiba based APS-C , so is Nikon. after all Toshiba and Fuji are in the same bank ruling conglomerate, Sony is not in that group. Japanese companies do not work like Westerns, they do not think logically but oddly. Richo Pentax is close to Sony and they are kind of related companies.

      • Peter

        My understanding is that Nikon uses Sony sensors, the 800E and the A7R sharing a sensor.

      • Uggh, you are such an idiot.

      • Ratty Mouse

        Fuji uses Sony sensors. You are an idiot.

      • GH

        Fuji, Ricoh, Nikon, Olympus, Pentax and Leica all use Sony sensors in some of their cameras. Both the X100 and X100s use Sony sensors, although the X100s has the X-trans color filter on top of it, which I’d prefer Fuji to abandon in favor of Bayer.

  • Dus

    The ability to record raw video ? :D

  • David

    So, all we really “know” is that it will be called the X100T. Thanks for looking in to it, but am I the only one who doesn’t really care about what letter is on the front?

  • Michael Devitt

    Based on X-T1 labeling – X100T improved X100s with weather proof.

    • noname

      I think you’re right.

      And a weather sealed X100 type camera could be very useful for reportage I think.

  • Héctor Muñoz Huerta

    T stands for Three, Tilt Screen, Touch, Telephoto or see Through clothes perhaps?

    • jk

      oh hopefully it gets touch AF and Wifi.

      • d

        No thanks ~ touch AF is a joke! It will have Wifi though

  • jk

    I thought I may pick the X100s black next week. but I will wait , I much prefer it to be 24mp or even 32mp APS-C than FF or 16mp current crappy sensor. I also prefer a new lens no need to be faster optically but sharper into the edges, with sensor shifting IS, and I want it to be BLACK not silver.

  • 808

    Keep it ‘pro’ Fuji. I’m a prowd owner of the x100s black, but for the next ‘T’ I’m hoping some improvements from a professional standpoint.

    1 – NO zoom, please This lens is ok like it is (maybe an F/1.4, but it’s a fast and good quality lens already). The next ‘T’ can be a real professional tool, so amateurs and newbie who wants the zoom can choose other general purpose compacts like the x20 or the x-m1.
    2 – A bigger viewfinder (at least like the xt1. The bigger, the brighter, the better)
    3 – Distance/hyperfocal scales on the lens (useful but I can leave without is AF speed increase A LOT, and if the AF-C is real)
    4 – Weathersealed body, of course.
    5 – Overall speed improvement (I’m sorry, but this is not a fast or a responsive camera for heavy work. And keep in mind that heavy work doesn’t necessary mean big DSLR, this camera can do some pro work now, it just needs more speed)
    6 – Ergonomics: well, with the thumb rest the camera it’s awesome to hold, but without one mmm. Also I really hate the backwheel and some buttons, like the command dial, and the lack of some hardware functions.
    7 – battery life, ehm ehm.
    8 – wifi
    8 – Some minor firmware fixes that can already be usefull now (like a copyright/owner tag in camera – as nikon or canon -, auto iso + ev that works, a reliable metering system that show values ‘always’ and not only half pressing the button, nd filter/lens converter etc in Q menu, a fast way to change iso in M using command dial… etc etc etc…

    I’m excited for the future of this kind cameras, the X100T can really be a godsent for who, like me, are into reportage and documentary photography and needs a reliable and pro tool. For me the Leica can safely stay in the jewlery shop, I have my Fuji.

    • Lance Mahuna

      its funny that you think only “amateurs and newbies” use zoom lens.

      • 808

        I’m sorry, I didn’t mean that. Read it more like ‘for amateurs and newbies there are better cameras with a zoom that fit their needs’.
        Anyway, generally speaking, I think that a prime lens is not something that a non-pro user would use or like. And technically speaking also, a fixed prime lens can be faster, smaller, lighter and with better quality than any zoom lenses. Lowering the quality, increasing the size or lose some f-stops can be a huge step back. Imho of course.

        • haha

          LOL. I bet your cat photos are so pro.

        • Lance Mahuna

          i don’t know….i think your underestimating the “non-pro user”. Many many X100 and X100s are owned, used and loved by “non-pros”

          • 808

            Look, for me a ‘pro’ is nothing else than someone who makes pictures for job. Not a snob with a fancy epithet who takes better pictures than non-pros, like ‘haha’ down here is thinking. I’m just implying that this kind of users probably use the camera in a certain way, and take benefit from some specific functionalities.

            What I mentionded before can make happier different people. Apart from the zoom, which as I said is a real compromise, can you see one point that is an obstacle for someone who is not a professional? I bet you can’t.

            The reality is, many of the technologies in the consumer/low end products comes from the high end/top models, and not the opposit. And guess what? For the majority, this tools get better when became more professional.

  • Ralph Daily

    Surely the X100T will use my brand new TLC-X100 converter? Surely?

    • Dr.S

      Definetely YES – confirmed to me by Fuji Europe

  • justme

    uhhhh faster AF pleeeez!

  • Greg

    S = Second
    T = Third ?!?

    • sidtw

      F = Fourth
      But people would guess it means Full Frame. lol

      • SEQLAR

        it might happen by that time…. what about G ?

  • si

    me personally lilt screens waste of time and touch screens put money in engineers bonuses and refinement and quality control
    hope Xpro2 stays tilt less like Leica

    • Kimba

      I can understand a preference either way for this.

      Some people have uses for tilt. And touch can make for quick focus selection.

      But if without a use for these features, the 100 series would start to look ovedone to some users.

      Makes sense to me to keep the x100’s and X-E’s as incremental stepping stones to the X-T’s.

      Part of the 100 charm is its simplicity.

  • Katelyn DeVlynn

    so Fuji uses a “T” to upgrade an “s” insteadof just properly taking the time and investigative efforts to product a real upgrade like a “200”- hmm, interesting.

    • nwcs

      If they called this an X200 instead would it make you happier?

  • Chi Ken

    I’m hoping it is FF – that would offer at least a couple more stops of low light sensitivity over APS-C (on top of sensor tech improvements we’d normally get) + shallower depth of field.

    For myself, having a few extra stops of usable high iso would be significantly more welcomed than resolution (happy for that to stay around 16mp).

    Weathersealed, FF, 35mm/1.4 @ 16mp and perhaps a slightly stronger ND filter would be all I’d want – a smallish compact with top notch lens that can shoot in both extremely bright or dark situations.

    Oh and a built in polariser would be nice as well though cant think of how that might be implemented :)

    • Kimba

      You want smallish and FF. Might cause too much price pressure.

      • Chi Ken

        size is relative to the dslr you might otherwise carry – I’ve quite a large dslr (1DX) – ignoring lens size/thickness – the RX1 is smaller than x100/s with a FF sensor. For myself, approx xpro1 size (which is larger than x100/s) would be fine with me.

        As for price then yes, I’d expect it to retail at higher than the x100s on release – don’t mind that too much if it does its job. Fuji could always retain the x100s or introduce a similar iteration of the camera for the consumer market (something that sits b/n x100s & x20)

  • Scrub

    APS-C is the way to go. Going full-frame would require so much more lens bulk for equivalent IQ that it would lose it’s most precious attribute, to me anyways, the fact that the camera is pocketable (we’re talking a larger jacket pocket here, but nevertheless).

    I fully understand they’re bound by physics and size, but if there was any way to get that lens sharper corner-to-corner that would be my priority. I’d even be willing to sacrifice a stop to go to a 2.8 lens if it was corner-to-corner sharp wide open, or even at f/4.

    That and if they could find a magical way to squeeze some of the functionality of the X-T1 EVF into it I’ll be pre-ordering one stat.

  • DouglasGottlieb

    The thing about tilt and touch screens is that they take up almost no extra room and you don’t need to use them, if that’s your preference. But many people really like them, so it could only broaden the camera’s appeal to include them. I would not want to see Fuji remove buttons and dials for traditional controls. But the Leica T style app UI seems useful for things like button customization, and quick menu settings. Fuji’s current UI is actually pretty good, but Leica’s on to something with the T interface. They just went a little too minimal on the hardware side, for my taste. I don’t see Fuji doing this until more of the line has touch screens. It would make for an inconstant brand ecosystem. But a company like Panasonic or Olympus could do it now in firmware, and it would make sense for them to try to innovate around the UI, as M43 seems to be at a bit of an IQ plateau. For Fuji, classic analog buttons dials paired with a state of the art touch UI for customization would be very compelling, once it could be deployed across an entire line.

    • nwcs

      I agree but take a different tack on the menus. How about rethinking all these tiny and obscure options and making the menus something you rarely need to use instead of frequently used.

      • si

        my thought is camera’s is a tool , touch screen sounds cool tho – tilt out screen in the elements and travel and kids just add another thing to break and cost to be made, just a piece of plastic hanging there is silly _ its a gimmick seriously _ D4 or 1D pro’s don’t need it

        • nwcs

          And yet they don’t have a reputation for breaking. And thankfully more pros don’t use those “pro” cameras than use it. Besides, who cares what “pros” use? Pros use the tools that suit their needs. And most have more than one camera. I bet successful ones my may even have cameras with tilt screens.

        • DouglasGottlieb

          Canon and Nikon “pro” cameras don’t have touch screens, tilt screens or pop up flashes. That makes them much less usable for low and high angle shooting, means carrying a separate little flash for sunlight fill, and far less sophisticated for menu navigation or photo review. Modern pros won’t turn their noses up at features that make their jobs easier. People used to say that autofocus wasn’t for pros too. I totally agree with you that cameras are just tools and that the eyes, mind and heart of the photographer are what make good images. But I also want tools that make photography fun. Fuji seems to really understand and listen to their customers. I bet we see a touch screen soon, and I’ve yet to see a tilt complaint from an XT1 or XM1 owner. :)

          • si

            im just being smart :) i’m new to fuji and love them so far XE1 lots of people post a long shopping list of what they want – my point is get the foundations right _ sensor _ new lens
            AF speed and some important stuff that have been posted and don’t want to see fuji compromise image quality to rush to get product out _ love to get XT2 one day 24mp is just a number its how they use it

      • DouglasGottlieb

        Definitely! Direct access via buttons and dials, and only diving into the screen for customization and less used items.

  • kolorkeys

    I hope the T is for weather sealing, following the example of the X-T1.

    • Palo

      It’s for Touch&Tilt

  • Eddie

    FUJI please DO NOT include the tilt screen for X-Pro2 and X200 or X100T, it completely ruins the retro look. Please

    • ElMasquadero

      You can always NOT tilt-it if it suits you. That would make for a very handy all-around camera.

    • DouglasGottlieb

      Fuji’s retro look is one of the great appeals of their cameras, along with fantastic IQ. But usability is also a priority and not tilting the screen maintains the look while greatly enhancing usability when you need to tilt. You could argue against a screen at all to go fully retro, or you can choose not to chimp and turn off live view and review. Using the tilt screen also provides a very enjoyable and retro TLR like shooting experience shooting from chest level. ;)

      • I will buy it if it has a tilt screen but not without. For street I love using a waist level tilt screen.

    • Ryan Villanueva

      The Xt-1 has a tilt screen and still a very handsome retro looking camera.

    • iamawild

      I disagree strongly. The tilt would be awesome for street photography. I’m hoping for this on the x100t.

  • Eddie

    And also please do not include a touch screen

    • Sulis

      Touchscreens are a huge advance in usablilty. Added to that, it would make the X100’s rather cumbersome AF point selection far faster, especially if they followed the GX7’s function that allows you to use you to select AF area using your finger on the screen while looking through the EVF… I cannot see a downside in having a touchscreen.

      • ElMasquadero

        Geez, that would mean select AF point with my nose, as I’m a left-eye shooter!

      • nwcs

        I’d like to see that in action. Seems like you’d poke your eye while using the EVF.

  • max

    Please include a black version when launch and not 6 months later.

  • Is there gonna be build-in wifi?

  • Ratty Mouse

    Better not have X Trans if Fujfilm ever wants to get out of the niche market. X Trans is a solution in search of a problem.

    • guest

      I’m so glad I have an X Trans in my X-Pro1 – I love the look of the images, especially the lack of typical Bayer chroma noise! Luckily, I have no desire at all to upgrade my body, I’m spending my money on lenses… ;-)

  • Alejandro

    24MP????? I know, a lot of people say that 16MP is enough; a lot of people say that if one needs to cropp, one needs to learn framing, blah, blah. But I want 24MP… if they look so good like the 16MP of the XE 2 (or better !!!) yummie!!!.

  • rolf

    and when will this T happen?

  • Wave Dancer

    There will be in due time a successor sure and it will be even better than the X-100S, BUT I hope the wide angle and tele lens of the X-100S will still match then.

  • I would LOVE to see the next incarnation of this camera with a tilt screen and built-in wi-fi. That alone would be an insta-upgrade for me. No need for 24MP IMHO.

    • Pat Mann

      24 mp (4000 pixels on the short side at 2:3) is about the minimum to get just barely acceptable 16 x 20 prints for edge-to-edge enlargements of the frame with no cropping for the types of things I like to shoot, which often have high and uniform detail across the frame that invites close inspection of the print. 4800 pixels is really in the zone, and that’s a 34.5 mp camera – a good reason why the D800 series has been such an across-the-threshold success. In film days, I would never print anything smaller than 645 format as large as 16 x 20 – I just wasn’t happy with the detail. Today, full-frame sensors can handle that. We’re getting to the day when APS-C may very well meet that threshold for many types of photography with good shot discipline. 24 mp APS-C can handle that in good light, which is why I’ve been saving up, waiting on Nikon to get serious about supporting APS-C with a full range of APS-C tuned lenses. It looks like Fujifilm has beat them to the lenses. This is the first sign that they’re about there with the bodies and sensors as well.

  • Octobercycle

    Sounds great, Octobercycleone thing i would love to see would be an improved depth of field scale, which on the x100s is conservative to say the least! Dof and Perceived sharpness is linked to the print/image size, it would be great if you could dial in the intended size of the image and the camera would adjust the scale accordingly. perhaps some standard paper sizes and the maximum print size at 300 dpi? I’m shooting a lot of street photography with my 100s; I normally do this with the focus manually set to increase the cameras responsiveness; but I’m finding I’m having to use other gadgets on the web or iPhone to accurately set the Depth of Field.
    Other things that could be nice-

    – Better battery life and battery indicator
    – Two customisable buttons so you can access both iso and the neutral density filter easily.
    – An auto setting for the neutral density filter to engage when your shutter speed is too high.
    – A higher minimum shutter speed for the auto iso; 1/500 sec or above would be great for street photography.
    _ A filter thread on the lens as default, or provided in the initial purchase,( it’s a shame they didn’t do this in the first place and design the wide angle and telephoto converters accordingly).

    • Octobercycle

      One more thing, currently pressing the AEL/AFL button auto focusses the camera when you are in manual focus setting, it would be great if you could have the option of using this button to automatically focus the camera to the hyperfocal distance according to current aperture setting as well.

      • Koorelle

        Hope they quit the smoothening of faces at high iso. People look plasticky with my 100s

        • Jelmer

          That’s exactly why I don’t like X-Trans sensor. My X100 will stay forever!

        • Does the plasticky skin smoothing only occur at high ISO ?
          thinking of upgrading from the 100 to the 100s but this puts me off

    • darngooddesign

      The X100 lets you program the RAW buttons, can you not do that on the X100s?

  • Paetroz

    How about fixing my numero uno pet peeve about the X100S, the power switch that all too easily and too often switches on in a bag or coat pocket. Please Fuji team make that lever harder to move! Other than that I love this camera. Tilt screen, WiFi and remote control via Fuji app would be icing on the cake for X100T.

  • what for a fantastic camera (this is a personal wish, of course…) would be a X100 with an about 20-40mm fix zoom

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