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Stolen Gear: Help to Find Back Fujifilm’s X Photographer Bert Stephani Gear


Bert Stephani is a well known Fujifilm X photographer, that over all these years has delighted the Fuji Lovers community with great images and has been a valuable member by sharing his Fujifilm X and GFX gear reviews, his Fujifilm camera settings, giving tips for street photography and more.

Sadly, thieves broke into his house and stole his gear, and on facebook here he asked for help to find it back.

So I ask the FujiRumors community to watch out for suspect sales online. Let’s try to help a fellow X-shooter to find back his gear.

All the details, including the list of gear with serial number below from Bert’s facebook post.

Stolen camera gear update (in case you missed it: my house was broken into last night and most of my photo gear was stolen). It looks like I insurance will not cover it unfortunately. Apart from the creepy feeling of a****** violating the safety of your home, this is a big blow for my business. I’m positive that with the help of my friends, a solution will be eventually found. For now my only chance of recuperating some of my gear is if we all go in detective mode and keep an eye on second hand gear sites, FB pages, forums, etc. Therefor I would like to ask you to keep your eyes open if you see any of the gear below offered for sale. Please also share in the forums, pages, … you are visiting.

– Fuji GFX50S SN:71005024 (Fuji strap was attached, contained 2 Lexard cards, probably without battery charger or any of the other supplies accessories)
– Fuji GF63mm SN: 75A02439
– Fuji GF110mm SN: 76A01409

– Fuji X-T2 It has one of the special customized serial numbers: BERT S1 (There was a green strap attached, probably without battery charger, flash or any other accessory, there were 2 sandisk cards in there.)
– Fuji XF16-55mm SN:56A23230 (probably without lenscap, was attached to the X-T2)
– Fuji XF50-140mm can’t find the serial number, it didn’t have the tripod collar attached
– Fuji XF100-400mm SN65A07297

These items will probably be offered without box, lenscloths, or any of the accessories they should come with. If you see anything that might be my stuff, please contact me at