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Steelring Nikon F to Fujifilm GFX Smart AF Adapter First VIDEO Demo


Steelring has now published a video with the first demo of his upcoming Nikon F to Fujifilm GFX Smart AF adapter.

It’s still protoype, but it looks quite good so far :)

  1. Contrast based AF support to F-mount compatible type G, E and AF-P lenses
  2. Auto aperture control for type E lens
  3. Manual aperture lever for type G lens, real-time aperture control , nonadjustable from camera body, only the current max aperture is displayed in camera
  4. Full EXIF recording for supported lenses
  5. Type D lens is not supported, AF is impossible with this adapter , EXIF is recorded
  6. Lens VR/OIS support
  7. Support 35mm format mode of GFX
  8. F-mount lenses AF performs better than EF lenses on GFX due to different AF driving mode.

Status: Internal testing now, market available in later August or September.

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