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Sorry Fuji AUS, No Announcement. FR sources say: XF35mmF2 and 1.4x TC coming OCT 21 – on Marty MacFly Day :)


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Even Fujifilm itself posts wrong rumors now and then. ;) In fact, unlike predicted by Fujfilm Australia, there has not been any announcement between the 16th and 18th of October.

Now trust FujiRumors sources and mark this date, October 21, at the usual time: around midnight / 1AM NY-Time.

That’s the day Fuji will announce the XF35mmF2 WR and 1.4x TC… and in the meantime even time travellers like Marty MacFly know it, who appsitely came from the past to follow this event on FujiRumros :) … so stay tuned on FujiRumors for a live blogging session, where I’ll search & share all the relevant information about the new Fuji gear.

P.S.: You’re free to share this information elsewhere, just make the little courtesy to quote “” and put a working link to this blog post.

stay tuned…
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