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Sony A7R3 vs Fujifilm X-H1: Comparing IBIS, 120fps Slow Motion, Log, Bitrates. The Conclusion is “Shocking!”


Sony A7RIII Vs. Fujifilm X-H1

Pro Shooters had about one hour time to test the Fujifilm X-H1.

One hour is not that much time, but enough to quickly compare some Fujifilm X-H1 features to the Sony A7RIII. They look at IBIS, 120p slow motion, 4K 200mbps, Slog2 vs Flog, and do a codec stress test.

When it comes to IBIS, the Fujifilm X-H1 is far superior. I am actually quite shocked how bad the one on the Sony A7rIII looks like in the video. I mean, if this test is correct and the IBIS on the Sony was not broken, then the Sony A7rIII IBIS looks good on the specs sheet, but not really in real life use.

Also the codec stress test shows that the 200 Mbps of the X-H1 make quite a difference over the 100 Mbps of the A7rIII. Much cleaner image on the X-H1.

They conclude their quick comparison with just one word: “Shocking

You can see the video at Pro Shooters Youtube

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