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Sony A7000 delayed (once again) to Februray. Will the X-PRO2 be postponed, too? I don’t think so… and here is why:


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What we know: Fuji purchases its APS-C sensors from Sony.
What is rumored: There is a special agreement between Sony and Fuji (& other manufacturers), that allows Fuji to use the latest Sony sensor only 6 months after Sony itself implemented it in one of its cameras. Sure, the “6 months sensor embargo clause” is “just” a rumor, no matter how reliable the source are that shared the rumor. In this particular case I investigated the rumor together with Andrea of SAR. We both agreed that there is such a clause in the contract.

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Ok, you’ve read it on SonyAlphaRumors… Sony has delayed the release of the A7000 to February! So will the X-PRO2 be delayed, too?

Well, since some people seriously claim it’s in my interested to spread bad news so that I can make more traffic (weird, isn’t it?), today I’m happy to share a good news rumor with you (and I’m ready for the shitstorm from the same folks, who will now claim I spread good news just to make more traffic ;) ). And here it is:

The source, who was right in the past and told us here the X-PRO2 will come in January, confirms the rumor. And now even another anonymous source, who uses a nick name and was right in the past (thanks), confirms: X-PRO2 will come in January.

So what… is the 6 months sensor embargo agreement just a rumor-phantasy? I don’t think so. Here some possibilities:

1) the agreements between Sony & Fuji have changed in the meantime
2) as a FR-reader suggested to me via email, “Fuji and Sony probably negotiated a “What if” clause, covering some of the contingencies if Sony failed to deliver on time. I have to believe that the Fuji lawyers were sharp enough to demand that everything wouldn’t be business as usual if Sony breached.”
3) the X-PRO2 will feature an older Sony sensor
4) the X-PRO2 will feature a Non-Sony sensor
5) After years of X-PRO2 (and X-PRO1S) rumor hunting, I’m now in a state of delirium and spread random rumors about it.

Sure, still take the grain of salt… at least until a trusted source can confirm that the X-PRO2 will come in January! But I’m carefully optimistic, that it will come in January.

stay tuned,
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