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SIGMA says (again): “We plan to expand our mirrorless line”. NEW SOURCE says Fuji X mount lenses will come!


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The Sigma 50mm f/1.4: almost the IQ of the Zeiss Otus 55mm f/1.4 for ¼ of the price!

In an interview at posted on youtube by, (transcript at Sigma Rumors) a Sigma manager was asked if they plan to release lenses for Fuji X-mount.

In the past, when asked about lenses for Fujifilm, Sigma always said clearly “NO PLANS”. But this time it’s different. Sure, no confirmation, but also no denial of upcoming Sigma lenses for Fuji X-mount… and that’s already a good sign, if you ask me.

Q: The most important part of your production is designed for digital SLR cameras. What is wrong with mirrorless?I see you are supporting and Sony E MFT cameras, but what about Fuji, Nikon 1, Canon M? Do you plan to keep these cameras?

A: First of all, I think, mirrorless cameras are very promising future products. We always plan to expand our product line for mirrorless cameras. If possible, we would like to support as many systems as possible. But our engineering resources are limited. We have many opportunities and new projects to make the products even more high-quality. Support for new systems is given quite a lot of time and spent a lot of technical resources. Based on this, we must carefully choose our clients.

We believe that we define our core customers, as amateurs who want to get serious photography. Most likely we will expand the product line for those people who use the mirrorless camera premium. I think they are our main customers.

Also, a new source contacted me and said that Sigma is indeed looking at the X-system. But they still have to decide which lenses produce and when to launch them.

Sure, also this time, take it with a grain of salt. I don’t know anything about it from trusted sources. But, if the new source is right, maybe Sigma finally understood the importance of the X-mount market, and we will get more autofocus lenses at affordable prices.

The whole Video Interview on youtube