RUMOR UPDATE: The X-T1 upgrade (X-T1P?) won’t hit the market anytime soon


 photo X-T1P_zps5bb46b3d.jpg

Hi all,

if you could take a glimpse behind the scenes of this rumor, you’d probably understand why the X-T1 upgrade (X-T1P) rumor is one of the trickiest I’ve ever worked on. I can not share the details, but here is what I can say for now.

I’ve received an update from the same trusted source who previously told me of the release of the X-T1P at the beginning / mid July. It basically says: bad news, no more X-T1 upgrade for now!

So why this change?

As I know the background of this specific source and therefore trust its information (it shared several rumors and was 100% correct until now), I believe that it was Fuji itself who spread rumors about an X-T1 upgrade. (Keep in mind that also drphotorumor told me about an X-T1 upgrade, yep, the same source who first leaked images of the X-E2 / XQ1, several specs and more).

But, if true, why should Fuji do it? Did they simply change plans or, as another anonymous source told me a few days ago, Fuji deliberately spreads misinformation meant to find a leak within Fuji? Or, as Felipe suggested in the comments, Fuji wanted to “gauge the public response to a supposed release without risking backlash.” So were we victims of a Trial Balloon (from wikipedia: A trial balloon is information sent out to the media in order to observe the reaction of an audience. It can be used by companies sending out press releases to judge reaction by customers)?

I still don’t know it. I asked my buddy Andrea of SAR if Sony ever deliberately spread wrong rumors, and his answer was affirmative. As he also said on his blog: “Sony is spreading conflicting information to hide the truth. That’s why I prefer to be careful and wait for final proves before to post.”

So what’s the truth? Is there anything real behind this rumor? While I tend to believe that a feature upgrade will come, but not that soon (and maybe in form of a limited or special edition), I now have to raise the security bar and triple check the X-T1 upgrade rumors in order to give you the most reliable information I can.

Therefore I’ll follow Andrea’s advice and the next time I’ll update this specific rumor, it will be previously checked also with my top trusted Japanese source and/or the top trusted “good old” source.

Till then, I have no reasons at the moment to think that an X-T1 upgrade is coming anytime soon.

But stay tuned. I will try to speak the final word in this rumor story as soon as possible. And of course, any help is appreciated. You can contact me completely anonymously using the rumor box (use a nick-name if you want, so that I can eventually recognize you in future), or also fujirumor [at]

have a great start in this new week,
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  • Matthieu

    Finally! I never believed Fuji would have been stupid enough to bring out such a minor upgrade to their most recent camera after only a few months on the market. It would have seriously injured the brand’s public perception and really angered early adapters.

    Nikon has done it recently with the D600/D610 fiasco. Instead of admitting to the problem (oil on the sensor) and fixing it, they release a “new” model. This has resulted in some bad rep (just check out Thom Hogan’s articles on the subject), but Nikon, unlike Fuji, has a well established presence in the digital camera market and can take it.

    • Luzu

      Exactly what I was thinking.
      I am relieved.

    • Over Fuji

      I’d believe it, they bring out plenty of firmware upgrades since they are incapable of releasing a finished product to the market after god know how many bodies they’ve released in the last 2 years.

      • miniTO

        The X-Pro 1 and X100 were in need of FW upgrades. However, the new models are just adding and refining features (x100s, X-T1, X-E2) so I am not sure where you going with this…

  • Paul

    Well, it is easy to say afterwards, but I never really believed that rumor, or at least hoped that it was wrong. It would have been very bad for the reputation of Fuji (or Manufacturers in general – yes, see Nikon D610) to release an upgrade of such an important camera only a half year after it was first announced.

  • Felipe

    Spreading false rumors is nothing new. It gives them two advantages: one, it clouds the truth as you suggested, and two, it allows them to gauge the public response to a supposed release without risking backlash. Testing the waters through surveys is not as effective as seeing people’s reactions to rumors.

  • 2 bad! Would have been to early for an update anyway…

    But I can wait for the X-T2 with shutterspeed 1/8000s, higher res. VF, new generation sensor and processor ;)

    • Sqweezy

      Probably right around the time the 16-55mm f2.8 will be readily available for sale. If the lens ends up being available first, it makes sense to wait for the X-T2 if you’re not already invested.

  • Ex14

    Sometimes COmapnies spread false rumors to see whos leaking as well! so yea.

    • Chad

      I think this is waaaay far fetched. You would have to be spreading false information internally to a very small pool of employees who you suspect may be leaking rumors.

  • J O

    Could it be that Fuji are trying to find out who is leaking the rumours and this is one way of doing so?

    • Patrick

      if they try it this way, then I’m still relieved… pretty desperate move by Fuji. As long as they do not read my mails, everything is fine.

      It’s just that I have to make more controls in order to keep the high hit rate on Fujirumors.

  • DouglasGottlieb

    Where’s the X30?

  • nwcs

    Companies go both ways. They want to know where leaks come from in supplier chains and inside the company. They also want their own marketing department to be in charge of leaks (and they all do). Usually for building excitement, spreading misinformation, or testing the waters.

    I think a lot of the recent rumors fall into the second category, misinformation. The full frame Xpro, the medium format X100, etx.

    The XT1 rumor information last December and January was a clear marketing effort to build excitement for the release.

    This rumor probably was a test the waters. But beware the company that listens too much to internet chatter. People are too fickle, contradictory, and some just simply lie.

    • Marketing

      Actually fujirumors told us of a weather sealed X coming in January in October 2013, right when the X-E2 was lauched… if that was marketing,then a really bad move by Fujifilm.

      • nwcs

        Not necessarily. Everyone assumed at that time that it was an XPro replacement and this at a different price and market level.

        • Patrick

          I can tell you… every correct rumor that comes from trusted sources is for sure not a deliberate leak by Fujifilm (see X-T1 rumor in October). If you could take a look at my mails, you’d understand and agree.

          I can’t say this for anonymous sources, as they are, well, anonymous, and I just report what they say, without any chance to talk to them.

          Sure, I spread so many correct rumors, that one might think Fuji plans them with me. But I tell you, it’s just a lot and hard work. That’s the secret.

          • nwcs

            Perhaps but it’s a well known tactic of marketing departments to introduce leaks into social media.

          • tim

            I agree with nwcs, Fuji is doing this since the start of the X game. Part of the skill in leaking is knowing who to leak to, so that your message reaches its intended destination.

            “the Ship of State is the only ship that leaks from the top”

          • Patrick

            as said before… I can’t control the anonmyous sources. It could be Fuji. But all the rumors from trusted sources and at least a very big part of rumors of new sources are leaked here without Fuji knowing / wanting it (if they do not spread deliberatly wrong rumors).

            But I won’t dissipate your doubts… the only way to do it is to give you access to my emails. And, of course, I can’t do it.

            You’d just need a quick glimpse to it, and you’d definitely see that there is no tactic or anything else.

            As said, I can’t say the same for anonymous sources. I have no idea who they are. But for the rest, it’s honest and hard rumor work ;-)

          • tim

            I have no doubt you are working hard! Much appreciated even.

          • nwcs

            There certainly are supply chain leaks. Some of those people are even paid for their leaks. Not saying you, I’m thinking of Apple where suppliers’ managers have been jailed for leaking information for profit. But it is a well known tactic for companies to use social media to their advantage: both to leak/tease and to disparage competitors.

    • Sqweezy

      Any proof to this? At least any examples of what you claim is a “clear marketing effort”?

      • nwcs

        Maybe I work for Fuji Marketing… :)

  • LivingImage

    The discussion on why, if or how this happened is as pointless as believing any rumours 100% until actually launched. Don’t get me wrong, Fujirumors has great value, and I, like most, enjoy a bit of speculation now and then. It’s main value maybe as a conduit back to Fuji, that they place alongside their ambassadors… research….perfectly legitimate.

    • Caerolle

      Well, Patrick was certainly dead on with the X-T1 rumors. But yeah, with Fuji, expect it when you see it. Just like all the other tech companies!

  • stuck_788

    that’s a good news, I prefer they will make the new model with some good improvement instead of that..
    Xt-1 will be perfect with: bigger handgrip, a 2nd SD card slot, bigger battery, integrated pop-up flash, touchscreen, gps, sensor with more than 20mpx with improved low-light capabilities, 1/8000 shutter

    • Anon

      Take away the things that will only bloat the camera from your list.
      Bigger handgrip:
      * Better maybe, but not bigger, then better keep it as is.
      * 2 cards – good idea, but put it in the vertical grip.
      * pop-up flash, not at the expense of size
      * touchscreen, go get a samsung or use your phone. Please dont waste time and effort on functionality thats doesn’t work with the evf.
      * Gps – again, in the vertical grip
      * New sensor – yes, soon time for that
      * 1/8000 – yes, if new sensor has iso 100 base
      * better battery – would be nice, but mind the size

      • Arnold Newman

        I agree with everything but touch screen and GPS. I consider the vertical grip itself as bloat so I’d like GPS capabilities improved in another way. Given that it sucks batteries, I’m not sure in-body GPS is the answer. Perhaps an accessory or, at the least, an improved smartphone app that logs your position.

        I’d love to see Fuji improve the video capabilities of their bodies to the point where they could be used for casual video shoots. Doesn’t have to be GH4-level quality but I’d like it not to suck. Manual control of exposure and focus-by-touchscreen would be the main things I’m looking for.

        • Caerolle

          Maybe a tethered battery pack, like strobes?

      • cppguy16

        Don’t look down on the ability of setting an AF point with a touch. It’s much faster that pushing a cursor arrow 15 times.

    • Joe

      1/8000 and gps, maybe. The rest I’d rather live without, especially the popup flash.

      Wouldn’t increasing the pixel resolution of the sensor to 20mp without changing its size negatively impact low-light capabilities, given the smaller individual pixels?

  • Zaid Al-Kindi

    I myself didn’t believe it in the first place. Fujifilm will risk alienating their customers if they adopt such short product refresh cycles, unless it is a recall like the D600.

  • DanS

    The competition among camera manufacturers is to design/create/use the penultimate small sensor (organic?) with the greatest dynamic range possible and which best mimics the divine design of the human eye and mind. This camera will leave the others in the dust, and open a new world for consumers.

    • aaronbrethorst

      Penultimate: “last but one in a series of things; second to the last.”

      • nwcs

        Yep, the ultimate will be a 35mm size. As we are constantly told, there is nothing better in this world than a 35mm sensor size. Pictures will become magical, skunks will smell like strawberries, and photographers will replace athletes and actors as the focus of cultural worship.

        • DouglasGottlieb

          I hope this comes out before Photokina in the fall. I’d really like to start enjoying it this summer. I’d even be happy if the skunks and strawberries is a firmware update by the end of year.

        • Chad

          Who is telling you this? Each format has its strengths and weaknesses. You pick the format that suits your needs. If APS-C is all you want or need, then good on you.

          • nwcs

            Look up the words sarcasm and hyperbole

      • ronin

        Penultimate no longer means second from the last. Now it is used to mean super-duper ultimate.

        It’s like saying, “the most unique camera ever,” when unique already means one-of-a-kind.

        • Chad

          uh, no it doesn’t. Penultimate is simply the second to last.

          If you think it means “ultimate” there is already a word for that, it is called “ultimate”

          • Mardock


  • winc06

    Why would Fuji float a false rumor that would hurt sales of its current camera? Blaming the rumor on Fuji is just not believable.

    • Caerolle

      Maybe a competitor leaked it.

    • Patrick

      As I said, I know the two sources who told me and therefore I can’t think at anyone else than Fuji leaking this information. As I said in the post, I really don’t know why

      • Mardock

        Very simple, and you mentioned it above yourself: “Fuji deliberately spreads misinformation meant to find a leak within Fuji.”

        That’s the reason right there, plain and simple. I would expect future rumors to be less frequent and definitely less reliable going forward.

        • ronin

          That’s a mighty broad sword for very little reward, and not without consequence.

          You can’t just float knowingly false rumors to a quasi-hint-wink-wink-official rumor site and get away with it. Or maybe you can once.

          After that you lose credibility and goodwill. People delay buying the current item, then don’t delay, then do delay.

          The second worst thing Fuji could now do is come out and say, wait, the rumor was true all along. The worst thing Fuji could do is to play the same fake rumor game again in three months, only to say just kidding again.

          I don’t care about their internal moles, that’s their problem. A credibility problem with the dwindling pool of consumers is an even bigger problem, and to deliberately open that can of worms would be a terrible move.

          Therefore, I don’t believe this was a fake rumor ploy. I believe if anything there was a strategic reversal of an intended product release, and who knows the reason- Consumer backlash from too-short product cycles? Too high of a launch price that the market would not show signs of meeting? Too high of a cost to retool and remarket and resupport a brand new product in a short time? All of the above?

          • Mardock

            I’m not saying it was a fake ploy, per se. I’m saying that it was targeted disinformation internally to try to determine where their leak(s) is coming from.

  • M

    So what about the X100T? I’m all eager! I just passed a cheap X100S here in Bangkok today because of that X100T post.

    • You should wait till X100X is released.

    • Caerolle

      I personally am waiting for the X-Tc. Maybe they could code name it Molly while they are developing it. ;)

    • nwcs

      Why? The X100s can help you today. The other is just a rumor that may or may not come to pass. Get what helps you today instead of hoping that something marginally better will be released in the unknown future time period.

    • Matt Maber

      Wait for the X500XX, no , XXX1100, NO the X5k50TIX.
      Just buy a camera.

  • Patrick

    Or were we victims of a trial balloon: From wikipedia: “A trial balloon is information sent out to the media in order to
    observe the reaction of an audience. It can be used by companies sending
    out press releases to judge reaction by customers”

  • Billie

    The Martians are coming, now lets all jump out the window !!

  • Sinjun

    What about a firmware update for the X-T1? Any truth to rumors that a firmware update will be released this Friday, June 27 and, if so, what will be in it?

    • Arnold Newman

      Fuji’s own website indicates that there will be a firmware update available on Friday relating to the 18-135 lens, IIRC. Whether it will include additional functionality or refinements is not indicated.

      • nwcs

        It’s for the Instax Printer capability.

  • chris

    any updates on fuji rebates soon?

  • D

    Lets hope the rumour about Fuji releasing a medium format mirrorless camera sometime this year comes true.

  • harry

    Look people – virtually all older cams on the Fuji plate have had a second upgrade already – X-T1 is brand new so deal with it; X-E1 has the X-E2, the X100 has the X10s – there the HELL is the supposed FLAGSHIP cameras update/upgrade. STILL WAITING and running way out of patience,,,,balloons or not.

    • d

      Agreed ~ the X-Pro 2 is long overdue. It is the only Fuji camera that I would consider buying, as the rest are too small for me. That said, I also agree that they shouldn’t release it until there is a breakthrough in technology. In my opinion, that means either the organic sensor, a full frame sensor, or at least an APS-C sized sensor with better dynamic range and resolution, as I personally want image quality at base ISO at least nearly as good as my DP Merrill. My X-Pro 1 is only better than the DP Merrill for shooting directly into the sun (due to the expandable dynamic range), for long exposures over 30 seconds long, and for high-ISO shots. The X-Pro 1 and the DP Merrills are a great combination though. So, I can wait till Fuji releases something really special (X-Pro 2 or the rumoured mirrorless medium format camera).

  • Interesting that it was rumoured to be the X-T1P … or X-Tip. : )

  • Lance Mahuna

    Aliens did it….

  • NateJones

    I’m on the fence now. I’m all set to buy XT-1 when I read rumors about an upgrade. Now, they say it won’t be any time soon. What to do? You’re messing with me Fuji.

    • Same here. Biting the bullet and ordering the kit. Not gonna wait for the 18-135mm either.

    • Matt Maber

      fujis not messing with you, youre putting reliance on silly rumours, just buy a damned camera and use the thing!

    • Joe

      Order it! I have no regrets. Amazing camera as is.

  • Si

    x pro 2 is the one to watch it came out before XT1 now if they put new sensor to better XT1 may be good idea and finalize and refine before top of line XT2 end next year
    just a idea

  • Ratty Mouse

    That was mighty dishonest of Fujifilm.

  • Anonymous

    I call BS on the explanation behind the false rumor. Admit it, you were wrong. Anyone with common sense wouldn’t even think for one moment that this rumor was true.

    • Patrick

      it is wrong, of course. It’s just that, knowing the source, I think about how this could happen. But it doesn’t change the fact that the rumor is wrong.

      I also could not believe the rumor (the first hint came from an anomyous source). But then 2 trusted sources talked about it to. And it doesn’t matter if I think it is BS or not… I have to share it, when trusted sources tell me about.

      • ultragravy

        Good point Patrick!

  • limlh

    Now I can hope for a 1″ organic sensor with evf in the body of X20 or XQ1.

    • tim

      a 1″ sensor alone would be interesting enough in these cameras, or at least a touch screen for the XQ1.

  • Charles

    Patrick, don´t worry – everyone knows that the nature of a rumor lies in it´s uncertainty.

  • Konquerian

    A good update for the x-t1 would be adding: sony a6000’s fast autofocus system, capacitive touchscreen for instant touch select focus point, a better hand grip, more responsive buttons, and introducing a long tele zoom lens. Those improvements combine with the current x-t1 would definitely be a super update.

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