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RUMOR UPDATE: The X-T1 upgrade (X-T1P?) won’t hit the market anytime soon


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Hi all,

if you could take a glimpse behind the scenes of this rumor, you’d probably understand why the X-T1 upgrade (X-T1P) rumor is one of the trickiest I’ve ever worked on. I can not share the details, but here is what I can say for now.

I’ve received an update from the same trusted source who previously told me of the release of the X-T1P at the beginning / mid July. It basically says: bad news, no more X-T1 upgrade for now!

So why this change?

As I know the background of this specific source and therefore trust its information (it shared several rumors and was 100% correct until now), I believe that it was Fuji itself who spread rumors about an X-T1 upgrade. (Keep in mind that also drphotorumor told me about an X-T1 upgrade, yep, the same source who first leaked images of the X-E2 / XQ1, several specs and more).

But, if true, why should Fuji do it? Did they simply change plans or, as another anonymous source told me a few days ago, Fuji deliberately spreads misinformation meant to find a leak within Fuji? Or, as Felipe suggested in the comments, Fuji wanted to “gauge the public response to a supposed release without risking backlash.” So were we victims of a Trial Balloon (from wikipedia: A trial balloon is information sent out to the media in order to observe the reaction of an audience. It can be used by companies sending out press releases to judge reaction by customers)?

I still don’t know it. I asked my buddy Andrea of SAR if Sony ever deliberately spread wrong rumors, and his answer was affirmative. As he also said on his blog: “Sony is spreading conflicting information to hide the truth. That’s why I prefer to be careful and wait for final proves before to post.”

So what’s the truth? Is there anything real behind this rumor? While I tend to believe that a feature upgrade will come, but not that soon (and maybe in form of a limited or special edition), I now have to raise the security bar and triple check the X-T1 upgrade rumors in order to give you the most reliable information I can.

Therefore I’ll follow Andrea’s advice and the next time I’ll update this specific rumor, it will be previously checked also with my top trusted Japanese source and/or the top trusted “good old” source.

Till then, I have no reasons at the moment to think that an X-T1 upgrade is coming anytime soon.

But stay tuned. I will try to speak the final word in this rumor story as soon as possible. And of course, any help is appreciated. You can contact me completely anonymously using the rumor box (use a nick-name if you want, so that I can eventually recognize you in future), or also fujirumor [at]

have a great start in this new week,
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