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RUMOR UPDATE: X-T1 upgrade (X-T1P?) with 4k viewfinder in July?


 photo X-T1P_zpsfe90ace1.jpg

I admit. When I first read the rumor about a feature upgrade of the [shoplink 21553]X-T1[/shoplink], I was pretty surprised. The first one came from an anonymous source, who asked me not to share anything and to check it with my sources first (thx a lot for the hint). And this is what I did. I didn’t share, because I’m 100% loyal to any of my source, and I started to investigate.

Then 2 sources, that I consider trusted, as every rumor they ever shared with me was correct, told me about the upgrade too.

So I decided that it is high time to share it.

And today I have a little update for you:

  1. The Name: I got rumors about the X-T1b. A trusted sources told me that this would NOT be the name. But another anonymous source (with nick-name, thx) just told me that the name should be X-T1P! I don’t like both names, but these are the rumors.

  2. The Features: So what will be new with this X-T1p (or whatever?)? The viewfinder! According to both, the anonymous source with nick-name and one trusted source, the viewfinder will get a 4.0k upgrade from the current 2.36k.

  3. The Announcement: According to both, the anonymous source with nick-name (ASwN) and the trusted source (TS), the release should be in July (first week of July, according to the ASwN-source).

I do not have any reason to doubt my trusted sources, and therefore, despite the usual critics, I continue to believe that the X-T1 upgrade (a MINOR upgrade!!!) will come.

Of course I’ll try to organize a chat with the top trusted good old source and with the Japanese source to have the ultimate confirmation. So stay tuned for updates and follow FR also on Facebook, google+, RSS-feed and Twitter

hope you’ll have a good time today