RUMOR UPDATE: X-T1 upgrade (X-T1P?) with 4k viewfinder in July?


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I admit. When I first read the rumor about a feature upgrade of the X-T1, I was pretty surprised. The first one came from an anonymous source, who asked me not to share anything and to check it with my sources first (thx a lot for the hint). And this is what I did. I didn’t share, because I’m 100% loyal to any of my source, and I started to investigate.

Then 2 sources, that I consider trusted, as every rumor they ever shared with me was correct, told me about the upgrade too.

So I decided that it is high time to share it.

And today I have a little update for you:

  1. The Name: I got rumors about the X-T1b. A trusted sources told me that this would NOT be the name. But another anonymous source (with nick-name, thx) just told me that the name should be X-T1P! I don’t like both names, but these are the rumors.

  2. The Features: So what will be new with this X-T1p (or whatever?)? The viewfinder! According to both, the anonymous source with nick-name and one trusted source, the viewfinder will get a 4.0k upgrade from the current 2.36k.

  3. The Announcement: According to both, the anonymous source with nick-name (ASwN) and the trusted source (TS), the release should be in July (first week of July, according to the ASwN-source).

I do not have any reason to doubt my trusted sources, and therefore, despite the usual critics, I continue to believe that the X-T1 upgrade (a MINOR upgrade!!!) will come.

Of course I’ll try to organize a chat with the top trusted good old source and with the Japanese source to have the ultimate confirmation. So stay tuned for updates and follow FR also on Facebook, google+, RSS-feed and Twitter

hope you’ll have a good time today

  • peevee

    “4.0k upgrade from the current 2.36k”

    That makes absolutely no sense. The current VF is 2.36M, not k, and the new one might be 4.0M, not k again.

    • MJr

      If true it would be 4K resolution, not dots.

      Remember 3 dots (RGB) equal 1 pixel in true resolution.

      • Dominic Schulz

        exactly. so the rumored “4k” viewfinder will be 1280*1024px (x RGB) instead of the current 1024*768px (x RGB) ones. its quite a nice update but no nead to switch from a current x-t1.

        • d

          Definitely not enough to upgrade…but, a good way to attract new customers. If it were up to me, I would give it a bump in image quality, with a new sensor, as well. Improvements in features are great, but the most important is output. That is why I haven’t upgraded from my X-Pro 1 yet – there hasn’t been an improvement in image quality yet.

          It is really unfortunate that the organic sensor is not available yet, as without it, the bump in image quality with a Bayer-like sensor (any sensor subject to, and limited by, interpolation) will not likely be significant. Even though the resolution would still be limited by interpolation (a layered sensor with rgb in each pixel would be better), the significant increase in dynamic range would be great, if it is true.

        • MJr

          Current EVF is 4:3 though, which fits the 3:2 image with additional info below it perfectly. But 1280 x 1024 would make the image aspect ratio 4:5 (aka 8:10).

    • David Knoble

      Incorrect. The viewfinder has thousands of pixels, see the fujifilm web site where the specifications are listed as: ‘2.360K-dot OLED color viewfinder’. Patrick is correct in his statement.

      • MJr

        The dot there is actually a comma. Europeans switch dots and commas around. So that’s 2360(thousand)-K = 2.36M

        • David Knoble

          What a great point, however Fujifilm has errors in their website. I viewed Fujifilm global and got the following the exact same version as is on the Fujifilm USA website. It indicates ‘2.360k’ for the viewfinder and, interestingly, also uses the decimal point for ‘0.5 inches’ and diopter set to ‘-1.0m’, so the comma is not used properly OR the global site is using USA conventions. So, I then went to my US english X-T1 printed manual in english and in spanish. Both list the viewfinder as ‘2,036k’ and ‘2036k’ respectively.

          So, your conversion is correct, Fujifilm’s specifications on the website are incorrect.

          Nice, MJr.

      • peevee

        Don’t you think there is a difference between 2.36k and 2.360k even if you interpret dot as a thousand separator (which you clearly cannot in case of “4.0k” and “2.36k”)?

        • David Knoble

          Peevee, see MJr’s post below and mine as well. It appears the Fujifilm web site is not consistent with the printed manual (USA versions) and the manual clearly says 2,360,000 resolution for viewfinder. MJr has an interesting take on whether that is resolution x 3 for RGB or number of dots (making the resolution 1/3 of that amount). In any case, the increase to 4k in terms of difference depends on whether the size of the viewfinder increases or they just pack more pixels inside the same size. At some point, your eye will not distinguish more detail, so it may not matter. Also, I would ask if the color representation is as good in the 4,000k versus 2,360k viewfinder. Presumably they are the same. Finally, if someone uses the X100s or X-E2 viewfinder and then tries the X-T1 viewfinder, it is such a great leap, that I don’t think simply going to a larger viewfinder is going to significantly enhance the photographs coming from this X-T1 body… IMHO…. Great questions though…

          • peevee

            So, you don’t see the difference between 4k and 4000k. :)

  • nwcs

    We haven’t seen anyone else use a 4.0m dot EVF yet. So either Fuji will be the first or this rumor may indicate something else?

    • being FIRST always makes the Marketing Dept drool

  • KTX

    Nice job letting everyone know the name of your source. Not, that anyone would dox him and kidnap him so he cannot share any rumors BUT now anyone can use that name with your rumor box and crash the reputation of that new source with fake rumors so that you will never trust even the good rumors by the real source again…

    • Didiergm

      Could not see where the nickname was disclosed. ASwN stands for Anonymous Source with Name. Patrick is clearly not thick :)

      • Patrick

        TS = Trusted source / ASwN = Anonymous Source with Nickname / AS = anonmyous source / SRP = Source was right in the past, but still not trusted / NeS = New Source

        • I think these naming schemes should be simplified. (Not sure if you responded to this question before). The acronyms are complex enough that needs continuous reminding, so why not just change to:
          S1 – Trusted
          S2a – Anon with Nickname
          S3 – Source right in the past
          S4a – Anon Source
          S5 – New Source

          The numbers would be what you think their reliability etc would be. This way they can be easily understood with a glance on the sources reliability, etc.

          either way, keep up the good work :)

          • Neal Kernohan

            I really think they’re pretty simple and straightforward already. Also, more memorable, to me anyhow, in acronym form than, say, S2a.

          • MJr

            You don’t have to remember anything with the ‘number system’, it’s simply a 1-5 star rating, only in this case less is more. As simple as it gets. :-)

          • Patrick

            thx, will think about it.

  • Hugo

    I feel sorry for shops that stock Fuji, they buy in a load of top rated cameras and 6 months later they have to let them go at a discount because an improved model arrives! No wonder my local shop doesn’t put them in the window any more….

    • Milwman

      Getting bodes in the hands of new to FUJIFILM Sells lenses, I can see why they are trying so hard to fill camera bags. I just wish they would fill mine with glass now.

    • they are usually given rebates by the manufacturer for the “discounted” price. The stores aren’t losing money, they get the same net revenue, Fuji is the one that takes the cut. The local shop doesn’t put them on the window because Demand > Supply for Fuji. It sells even if they don’t put it up usually.

    • carpandean

      Any store that has substantial stock left from purchases made 6 months ago will be out of business soon anyway.

  • lby

    will be add a touch screen?

    • arhmatic


  • Maya

    A VF upgrade always is a nice thing, but I’m not sure resolution is the n°1 issue at the moment. For example, I don’t get why Fuji uses an algorithm in OVF mode on the X-pro 1 / X100s to adapt the frame lines brightness to the scene brightness, but doesn’t use the same algorithm to automatically adjust the EVF backlighting like on the E-M1/E-M10.

  • flesix

    Great news. The viewfinder resolution is my greatest grief I’m currently having with my X-T1.

    • Sadly, this means that Fujifilm couldn’t have waited until they had 4k in the X-T1. They jumped the gun, then later released the camera they wanted to or should have released in the first place. Impatience is the dog of good design.

      • In the current era, everything (software, hardware, etc) seems to be an initial release (aka beta) then fix issues, to perfect the camera and once pinnacle has been achieved, next version of “beta” product is released.

        • Ashh

          My X-T1 is not a beta product. The controls are great, viewfinder is wonderful and the files are beautiful. Creating an ‘updated’ version does not mean the update is necessary.

      • nwcs

        And miss out on all the sales? You could say that for any model or any feature. It would be a perpetual waiting for component ABC to be ready because there is always a new component DEF waiting. These things aren’t designed in 2 weeks but more like 1-2 years. Some things may simply not be available or forecast to be available at reasonable times, in quantity. The asian makers excel at iteration. That’s what we’re seeing.

        • They also excel at eventually creating the same thing. If you compete completely on features without working to secure a customer you want, you will lose out to the company that iterates faster. It is a losing game with poor profits and in the long run, next to no long-time customers.

          And yes, it is an Asian game. It needs to be rethought.

  • THommy

    Better viewfinder and the same price?

  • Kimba

    I thought the current viewfinder was ample?

    Actual 4k video would be more competitive :)

    But given this is a minor bump, I guess they might be aligning some strings ready for possible Pro announcements.

  • DouglasGottlieb

    Improvements are always awesome, but this viewfinder has been called the best available. Extending that lead is great, but why not put it into the XPro2 at this point?

    • d

      Perhaps they will…
      The X-Pro 2 will also need a new, improved sensor (better resolution and dynamic range), 1/8000th of a second shutter speed, a brighter, larger OVF, etc.

      And, Fuji better provide their own bare-bones raw converter (not 3rd party crap) or the ability to convert the files to 16-bit TIFF in-camera.

      If they continue to accept the external raw support that exists today as good enough, which are all compromises and inferior to the in-camera converter, I may pass on the X-Pro 2, as it is pointless to upgrade if there is not a considerable improvement in image quality and you can’t get the most out of the camera. Especially if the company is satisfied with its cameras being limited to below optimal image quality, as they continue to ignore the fact that they can easily resolve the raw conversion issues by providing the ability to convert the files to 16-bit TIFF in-camera.

      If they were smart, they would include the ability to convert the files to 16-bit TIFF in-camera in the next firmware update. If not, it is obvious that they are satisfied with just improving features, rather than output.

      • Fuji,you know what a flash is?

        We need further things immediately / and to be innovative…..

        touchscreeen af (like omd)
        1/250 (at least) better 1/320 flash sync
        doubl sd card clot uhs II
        better and new flashes ….competitive flash system

        How long do we still have to wait for new flashes?? Competive ones….

        Time is running out….are they sleeing on the flash front???????

        FUJI WAKE UP!!!!

        • dino


          I hope they know….Flash starts with the letter F like Fuji…..

          So I think they know…..;)

          But maybe they dont want that (even more) pros switching to their x system….

          Who knows?

        • d

          a higher flash sync speed and a competitive flash system is needed too, I agree. But, until then, they need to resolve the raw conversion compromise that we are subject to, by either providing the ability to convert the files to 16-bit TIFF in-camera or a bare-bones raw converter produced by Fuji

        • Anonymous

          David Hobby (Mr strobist), and Zak Arias (Onelight) owe much of their success to the use of flash and yet they have chosen to use and promote Fuji cameras. For them to have chosen Fuji, with it’s lacking flash system, I’m thinking they know something we don’t and/or are consulting with Fuji to create something special. One can hope anyway.

          • Ash

            They just use radio triggers. Better native flash support would be good, but anyone seriously into strobist photography is already using triggers.

  • Alex

    So, after release of the updated camera, please sell T1 for 500$ :D

    • Didiergm

      That’s how I have been able to enjoy – repeat enjoy – an x-e1 and it’s 18-55 :)
      Can’t wait for this B or T version, whatever it’s called

  • TopDownDriver

    This would be a BAD, STUPID idea. Let’s simply devalue all of the current units on the market to go ahead and introduce such a minor upgrade. Fuji already has the lead in VF quality. You would think a smart marketing department would have them hold this for a future camera. If they do this, then they better offer an upgrade path for existing owners as until recently this camera was hard to get, ergo there have been people waiting quite a while for it (generally their most ardent supporters). If Fuji leaves them out in the cold, there will be hell to pay!

    • Peter

      Pro-level mirrorless cameras are still an emerging market and none of the products currently available have anywhere near reached the maturity level of DSLRs yet (AF and EVF being the achilles heels).

      Hence anyone investing in mirrorless cameras should be aware that the resale value will rapidly decline no matter what since the technology is still improving at a rapid pace. This year’s mirrorless cameras are a lot better compared to last year’s, whereas the difference in the DSLR market is almost negligible. Many professionals even still use DSLRs from 5 years ago.

      If you buy a mirrorless camera today, expect to use and keep it until the end of its lifespan. It will take a few more years until mirrorless technology has reached a point where the strategy of buying and then selling to get an upgrade will make sense.

      All that quick hardware updates do is getting newer technology into the hands of people faster. If it only takes a minor adjustment for Fuji to make a camera better on the hardware side, I’d much rather have them sell cameras that have that update rather than continue building outdated cameras because those specifications were once the best they could do. It simply means no matter when you buy, you get to profit from the most recent technology available at that time instead of having to wait for the next full product cycle. And if they do release an all-new model shortly after you bought something, the gap will not be as large.

      And we still don’t know if maybe you can send in the old model in for service and have them upgrade it. It might even be as simple a change as swapping out the EVF LCD and updating the firmware if they accounted for being able to do things like that from the start.

      • nwcs

        Totally agree with you. Nikon did that a couple of times with the D70 and D3 where you could send in the camera for a bit of hardware update.

        • Didiergm

          and the D1x where you could buy a (very welcomed) buffer upgrade

      • HF


  • Peter Fang

    This 4K vs 2.36K thing is the most hilarious I have seen in all rumor sites lately…

  • MartinC

    I don’t believe this for a minute. I goes completely counter to Fuji’s historical modus operandi and would be completely pointless in any case. The X-T1 is a very fine camera and I see no reason why Fuji would use valuable resource ‘improving’ it so soon after its release. The X-E2 was released more than a year after the X-E1 and that was motivated by the fact that the X-E1 was so flawed (I was going to say a bit rubbish, but thought the better of it) when originally released. There is no such problem needing addressing ith the X-T1. So, I’ll say it again: this is complete hokum.

  • Bhima

    This seems a bit overkill if it is truly 4k. I mean, what is the physical size of an EVF? 1-1.5″? The PPI would be beyond what even the latest phone companies are using by many magnitudes.

    • we are talking 4K dots total here, not 4K by 2K like for UHD TVs. So the ppi is not so incredible

      • peevee

        What 4K dots, are you nuts? ;) Do you expect it to be 40×100 dots?

        • ahhh, I guess it was too late, I read 4M… indeed, 4K dots would be quite underwhelming!
          But 4K resolution (UHD) means 8M dots, which also does not sound right… 4M dots would be realistic I guess (although 4K would be just like an OVF… awesome!)

    • Greg D

      The difference is you are approx. 1 inch from an EVF. Huge difference. Personally I love the X-T1’s EVF. I don’t see any pixelation. I am not sure how this is much of an improvement.

    • Arnold Newman

      Until we get to the point where we can look through the viewfinder and think it is optical, there is room for improvement. Some of the difference has nothing to do with spatial resolution and pixel density but some does. In the current X-T1, Fuji is taking a small EVF and magnifying the heck out of it. I have no doubt that including a larger EVF would make a great viewfinder even better. That said, this is not in my top ten list of desired hardware improvements. In fact, I’d rather see an improvement in noise at low light levels than spatial resolution—but that’s me.

  • Remember that when you buy a camera, you buy it because you like it and it fits your needs. New models don’t make bad all of a sudden. If you can’t bear seeing new features added, get a Rolleiflex… and ask yourself why you bought the camera in the first place!

    • Arnold Newman

      EVERY camera is a compromise for me. I’ve never bought one that wasn’t. So the question isn’t whether a body fits my needs but rather whether it represents the best set of compromises. When a new model comes out that represents fewer compromises, it is not unreasonable to feel like that would be a better fit.

      Now obviously this is going to happen but when it happens within a month of purchasing an older body it is reasonable [rational] to feel disappointment at the unfortunate timing.

  • Greg D

    This just doesn’t make sense. Why even bother?

  • Dan S

    And this is why I haven’t pulled the trigger on a Fuji body.

    I want to spend a bunch of money, I really do. I’m lusting
    after Fuji’s fast primes but haven’t been motivated by any of their bodies to
    act on that lust.

    Fuji, if you are reading this: Get your Sh!t straight!

    Until then I’ll be staying with my X100S.

    • nwcs

      Or pursue a different strategy. Wait for the newest release and buy the older release new (but discounted) or buy one used. There’s always a new camera body/gadget/toy around the corner. Can’t let that stop us from getting cool images today. That’s the trap of consumerism.

      • Arnold Newman

        That is a very good strategy, nwcs. I’ve never really taken that approach coming from Canon. With the 5D series, you know it will be refreshed every three years so you can buy it at the beginning of the cycle to be up-to-date as long as possible or buy it halfway through the cycle and save $1,000. You also know when not to buy it. Fuji users have to adjust to a different paradigm and your suggestion is a good way to maximize value.

    • Kimba

      I don’t get it. If you want a fast prime, just buy it and any body that is good value at the time. Upgrade the body as it becomes economical. No point waiting because buy any camera now and you can create great photos.

  • LeFred

    If you look at other rumors sites you will see that Samsung is rumored to release a camera (nx1) with a better viewfinder than on the xt1.
    This makes me think Fuji will try to stay the leader by upgrading what is currently the best viewfinder on the market.
    This might explain this sudden and unexpected move, which doesn’t make sense otherwise.
    Contrary to Sony, Samsung as a good lens line-up, they are a dangerous competitor.
    These are only rumors, the gain of salt its required…

    • nwcs

      And Samsung has a reputation for copying others. Not saying it’s good or bad but they do. But it really doesn’t matter in the end. All the cameras on the market now are excellent overall. Most issues are nit picking.

      • LeFred

        Image quality is excellent.
        Autofocus, evf and above all ergonomics / user experience still have room for improvement, driven by competition.
        We are living interesting times. :-)

        • nwcs

          Definitely camera-rich time. It’s never been a better time to be taking pictures — as long as it is picture taking we’re interested in :)

          • LeFred

            Fully agreed. :-)

    • Brossard

      That could make sense… except I don’t think anyone sees Samsung as a competitor.

      Not saying their products are bad; they just don’t have any traction on the market (yet).

      • LeFred

        That’s true. I should have written potential competitor.
        They have a good lens line-up, not as interesting as Fuji, but it its there and is what takes the longest to build. What they lack is a good camera. If they get it right this time, they can harm Fuji market share.

  • Sinjun

    Why bother is right…. What the X-T1 really needs is an upgrade to correct whatever is creating the waxy skin tones. Can this be accomplished with a firmware update or will it have to wait until the next generation X-T1 comes out?

    • nwcs

      It’s aggressive noise reduction at high ISOs. Solution is to use lower ISOs or use raw format and process in another tool.

      • Sinjun

        Yes, thank you for the reply…. That is what we have been advised by Fuji, but it would be really great if they would come up with a better solution – and sooner rather than later.

        • edesten

          If there is a problem with ISO….then FUJI just has to fix:

          NR completely off “feature”
          base ISO 50 or 100
          better bracketing

          and be honest with the ISO settings no cheating…..they do

          • nwcs

            Did you know that all ISOs are effectively algorithmically derived except for the native ISO of the sensor? It’s not like the silicon is suddenly more or less sensitive to light. It counts the same number of photons and then math takes over to approximate different sensitivities.


          • HF

            Exactly, there are even so-called ISO-less sensors out there, the Nikon D7000, for example. I like clarkvision, too, and often read his articles.

      • carpandean

        I wouldn’t call “use lower ISOs” a solution. That’s like saying “use slower shutter speed” or “use smaller aperture”. RAW is, of course, an option. However, wouldn’t setting NR to -1 or -2 be an equally effective choice for JPEGs? I’ll have to try it when I get a chance, comparing both the skin tones with an without NR and the resulting noise levels (do I still get an ~ 1 stop improvement over my E-M5 still?

        • Sinjun

          Setting NR to -1 or even – 2 doesn’t help much. Turning it completely off might work better but there doesn’t appear to be a way to do turn it off.

        • nwcs

          Sometimes you can’t do lower ISOs. No question about it. But often we just resort to higher ISOs when a tripod or faster lens is the right answer. Or artificial light.

          I wasn’t saying my solutions were perfect or preferable, either. But they are solutions to a problem.

  • PRL

    My guess is that Fuji knows that a stack of customers bought lenses during the discounting but have yet to buy a camera. So, adding more usability to an existing model should hook more of them in. However I feel that many are going to wait come what may for the XPRO 2. Sure aint easy selling cameras these days.

  • mrgecko

    Here is a thought: Most seem to agree that the service and support is industry leading, I for one love how Fuji is listening. I think that Fuji should just make all the improvements in a batch (light leak, buttons, and viewfinder) and just make future units GEN2 starting with a specific serial number. Any person that bought prior to that can send in their camera and for, say $100 plus shipping, and they can get all the upgrades. This really addresses the issue they have where people are waiting for the next model or to see what bugs may arise. Now that I have the X-T1 I would prefer that to saying OH SHIT! if I had only waited 3mo.

    • Freaking Fries

      Since the X-T1 is only available for less then three month they should make the upgrade available to ALL people owning x-t1. Not only to those that have bought it in the last week ;)

  • MeInMinny

    Just a crazy thought, but is there a chance the rumor source is only partially right with this 4k thing. Maybe they are looking at a second X-T1 model with 4K video ability, not a 4K viewfinder. That would make more sense to have a new body to have upgraded video capabilities. Just a thought.

    • 078Adam

      I’m wondering the same, one of the big guns at Fuji recently said that they had a lot of feedback from Pro’s requesting a much better video experience. I know it’s not popular with al, but for those who shoot video, me included the poor video experience led me to selling my XE1 and not replacing it. I still have a couple of lenses 35 and 18-55 and am watching what Fuji release.

    • Brossard

      Why not both? :D

  • justsaying

    2.36 mp, not 2.36k it really is not the same.

    So next XT-1 vf will be 4mp not 4k.

  • dcisive

    If they really wanted to make the X-T1 essentially perfect, they don’t need to add a whole lot. Just add 1/320th to the flash sync, add a 5 shot HDR mode with wider stop ranges, increase focus lock speeds a tad, slap on a higher bit rate codec for Video for clean 60P, add a 2nd SD card slot and magnesium door instead of the plastic and extend the shot in RAW ranges to the full range at the high end and they would have a more than killer camera hard to compare to.

  • Lance Mahuna

    These upgrades are nice and all, but if someone is thinking about getting into the fuji system i imagine all the price fluctuations and minor upgrades to “new” models make it tuff to determine when is a good time to dive in. 4k viewfinder in July……and then a XT-1P.2 with better bracketing system in December…..Faster shutter speeds in February ?

  • Dabbi

    In my opinion it would perfectly make sense if Fuji introduces a X-T1 Video Edition with 4k Video, improved viewfinder and other video related features. The X-T1 users won’t care about and the video guys may think of buying Fuji instead of Panasonic or Sony.

  • Flagship_seeking….


    Have you heard sth, about the X-PRO2? When will it probably be released…at photokina 2014?

    Could you still summarize agin briefly what you know about the specs/features of the XPRO 1 successor (flagship of the x system) and about the appox. releasing date?

    Will it be weather sealed as well like the XT-1 or not?

    Thanks in advamce!

    I think a lot of fuji readers and users are interested /excited about waht you already know about the flagship…

    Please as present for a nice weekend…..

    • ricardinho

      Oh yeah that would be nice……me too

      my vote +1

      • ciro

        Please @Fujirumor:disqus do it….

        Dont be shy, be brave ;)….even it is not confirmed… specs of the flagship….

        • roger

          +1 me too

          We dont want to hear anything more about the Xt-1P or s or how they gonna name it in the end….

          We wanna know more about the KING, the best of the best , the leading fuji cam, the flagship….not about the second highest fuji cam xt-1psbede or whatever label it will have….

          Who wanna have the second place/cam, lower features etc….

          the second is already the first loser!!


          • Lance Mahuna

            maybe you should start a XPRO-2 rumor site Roger

          • Paul Kunz

            ok forgive me for my ignorance as I am new to the X series. Is the Pro Series supposed to be Fugi top of the line camera body and not XT series?

          • edmilson3

            yes….earlier on…..only not if they want the xt1 series to be “the dslr like model!” meaning the only weather sealed body…..

            hopefully not would be a huge bummer

            we want the xpro 2 weather selaed and to be the flagship of the fuji x system….!!

            PLEASE FUJI DO SO!!!

          • Paul Kunz

            Hi edmilson: I love the rangefinder look of the Xpro… but I just love the dial controls on the X-T1 body. It will be interesting to see where Fuji goes with these two bodies – and if one of them becomes Fuji’s “flagship” body. I don’t really know enough about the two to make any guesses myself.

          • ronin

            But Fuji is the “company that listens to its customers,” and obviously customers have made it clear that weather sealed lenses are stupid.

        • nwcs

          Well, if you’re just wanting a rumor that isn’t confirmed, here’s an email I can send to FR as a new source. Maybe it’ll satisfy you.

          24mp x-trans processor, APS
          More PDAF sensor locations
          Faster exr processor than in X-T1
          2.44 dot EVF, same OVF
          8 fps max burst shot mode
          Tilt screen (90 degree one way, 45 the other)
          New battery design that’s higher density for more shots on a charge
          Will be introduced with the 35mm 1.4 Mark II lens
          Larger write buffer
          UHS II compatibility

          In all likelihood this probably isn’t far off.

          • quick_nick

            Thanks nwcs….not sealed??

            still missing major innovations or reduce the arguments still not choose the fuji x system (other competitors offer!!!):

            should have then

            # 4.0 dot evf of the xt-1p not the old one of the xt-1 why cost reduction??? we want the best features in the flagship….state of the art not what was popular 1 year ago….
            # weather sealed body as xt1 /xt1 p
            # 1/8000 shutter speed
            # 1/320 flash sync
            # double sd card slot uhs II
            # gps in
            # fully articulateable (swivel) display
            # (af) touchscreen like omd em1
            # base/native iso 50 or 100
            # 16 bit tiff in conversion
            # NR (noise reduction) to switch off completely “feature” not real a feature should be a given logically
            # panorama (stitching) mode
            # better, wider exposure bracketing functions
            # better exposure compensation
            # better white balance bracketing
            # integrated flash
            # better diopter adjustment
            # long exposure up to 60s (like omd em1)
            # headphhone mic jack 3,5mm port
            # better video / frame rates…(fully manual controls)

            so it seems not very ambitious, innovative, selected features from fuji for their new flagship….

            hopefully they surprise us positively…..otherwise huge bummer….only time will tell…

          • JL Williams

            … and a flux capacitor so we can go back and get those great shots we missed the first time…

          • si

            no tilt screen :)

    • d

      Agreed ~ I am looking forward to this as well. All of the rest of the cameras are too small for me – the X-Pro 1 is just right, and the OVF is very useful in bright sunlight conditions.

      However, it better be released (in addition to higher resolution and dynamic range; 1/8000th of a second shutter speed; and a brighter, larger viewfinder) with the ability to convert the files to 16-bit TIFF in-camera, or with a bare-bones converter (perhaps as a plug-in to Adobe) produced by Fuji, as the only thing I am frustrated with the X-Series cameras is the compromises we are subject to with raw conversion. The in-camera converter produces the best results (which is not surprising), but is limited to saving as lossy jpegs, which is not optimal.

      It is an easy fix, so get it done Fuji!

  • xcm

    haha…. we want 4K video recording not 4K viewfinder res but do not mind after 4K video with full manual adjust.

  • JL Williams

    I wondered how Fuji was going to finesse the need to fix stuff on the X-T1 without blowing its reputation for “listening to the customers” (which seems to be based on releasing firmware updates to fix stuff that should have been fixed before release. We’re told “kaizen” means “continuous improvement”… what’s the expression that means “get it right the first time”?)

    Now that the viewfinder update has been rumored, I admit it’s a very good way of handling the situation. Simply fixing issues on the X-T1 without any other changes would annoy the early adopters and trigger a rash of people sending in their otherwise-perfectly-fine cameras for “the fix” (something that apparently is happening already on a small scale with the D-pad issue.) And issuing a basically similar “fixed” model with only a name-suffix change would both confuse and annoy.

    A viewfinder upgrade is the perfect fig leaf. It’s a big-enough-sounding improvement to justify a new model. Yet it’s not enough to make current X-T1 owners wish they had waited or make them want to dump their current camera; I’m sure almost all of them will say, “Nice, but I’m perfectly happy with the viewfinder I have, so I’ll stick with it.”

    The possible downside is making buyers gun-shy. For example, when/if the X-Pro 2 eventually appears… will you spring for one? Or will you think back to this experience and decide, “No, I’d better wait a couple of months for the X-Pro 2P…”

    • ElMasquadero

      I’m already reluctant to buy an all new model before getting at least a few reviews that points out the sortcomings. That, and the fact that waiting only a few mounth will allow me to get it for a cheaper price.
      But I guess no matter what, there will always be people who don’t care and will just grab the latest shiny toy, because they can and they want ;)

      If have had more money than needed I would grab the X-Pro2 as soon as it’s released, for sure.

    • Kimba

      I assume the issue you refer to is the light leak? Then just return it and get an immediate fix.

      The soft pad buttons seem to of been a silent release.

      They are not releasing an upgrade to discretely fix issues. Since they have already fixed them,

  • Mardock

    Assuming all of this is true, then I find the viewfinder upgrade and the moniker of ‘P’ interesting.

    What it says to me is that this new model is — at least loosely — being designated for professionals (P).

    A higher res viewfinder (I would guess with better refresh rate and cleaner signal under low light conditions, too); improved buttons, and possibly a few other tweaks as well (e.g. more robust SD card door, etc.).

  • I won’t purchase a new Fuji before they release a new sensor (I already have the X100s), but that’s becoming pretty tempting, if true… with the new 18-135 WR, it can be a super versatile powerhouse.

  • ronin

    A few small feature changes passing for ‘innovation,’ and voila, a new model, fully capable of taking the every bit of the same quality images as the XT1 and the X-E2 and the X-E1 and just about every other Fuji of recent years, revolving door models with the same sensor and same output quality. Oops, did I say “new model?” In these pages we like to call it a “hardware upgrade”

    I’m more interested in the *next* X-Tn model that comes out after these first two, the one that will be out in yet another five or six months. What are the rumors on that one? And what about the fourth X-Tn model, the one that will come out a year from now? Can we get a new sensor by then? And since Fuji is “the company that listens to customers,” can it at least be friendly to popular raw editing software?

    • d

      It is “friendly” with popular raw conversion software. The issue is not on Fuji’s side, but rather on the external raw conversion software side.

      What people fail to realize is the fact that Adobe has never had a great raw converter in general. When I used to use a Canon DSLR, Canon’s raw conversion software – though it sucked for most purposes – was a far better raw converter than ACR: ACR did something weird to the files, which was evident even in the discrepancy between the histogram in ACR compared to that in-camera and in Canon’s DPP. The same goes for my friend’s Nikon files – unsurprisingly, Nikon’s raw converter produces better results as well.

      The same goes for Fuji’s files. Irrespective of the poor results from ACR/Lightroom and the fact that Capture One is pretty good (among all of the raw converters that I have tested, including Iridient, Photo Ninja, and Adobe, it produces the best results), Fuji’s in-camera raw converter produces better results than any of the external raw converters.

      This is precisely why I have been trying to wake Fuji up, as they have been sleeping on the most important thing – output (image quality). Fuji needs to either provide the ability to convert the files to 16-bit TIFF in-camera, or with their own bare-bones raw converter, like the one in-camera.

      The only reason why we can achieve exceptional results from the Sigma DP Merrills is because Sigma provides their own RAW converter. And, while Fuji has done the same by providing an in-camera raw converter, which produces the best results for Fuji files, it is shockingly still limited to saving as lossy jpegs.

      If Fuji doesn’t provide the ability to convert the files to 16-bit TIFF in-camera, or provide their own bare-bones raw converter (perhaps as a plug-in to PS/Lightroom), this weakness, which they could easily resolve (and is shocking that they haven’t done so already), will factor in to my decision on whether to buy the upcoming X-Pro 2.

      I am not going to replace my X-Pro 1 with a new Fuji camera until there is an improvement in image quality (dynamic range and resolution), 1/8000th of a second in shutter speed, and a brighter, larger EVF/OVF. And, even with those improvements, I will not likely get another Fuji camera until they provide the ability to convert the files to 16-bit TIFF in-camera or their own bare-bones raw converter, as the only thing I am frustrated with my X-Pro 1 is the raw conversion compromises that we are subject to, which Fuji could easily resolve and has disappointingly continued to ignore to date.

      Hopefully they do so before something better comes out, because I love shooting with my X-Pro 1 and it produces great results, which are sadly limited to saving as lossy jpegs.

      • D

        absolutely agreed… waiting for a Bayer verison of T1…

        • ianalex

          Me too…..I’m also waiting for the Bayer sensor, hopefully the Sony 24mp.

  • Ivanhoe

    I suspect that the primary reason this uppgrade will come, is to improve the buttons on the back. But to not upset previus buyers, and be forced to fix all previous x-t1, they also must offer something new, so they can make this a “different” version of the camera.
    – Enter the new viewfinder…

  • si

    may be new EVF for increased sensor :)

  • Joe Pow

    Why cant they make a perfect one like LX-3 back then, model stays many years till LX5 !

  • TomV

    Please improve video quality, must add 24p – I will buy it. I personally don’t care about 4K video, but if that is added too, will certainly ensure greatly increased sales – win for everyone. This will take nothing away from the photography purists out there which are already well served by the Fuji approach. Some of us video shooters like manual controls and simplicity / elegance of design too.

    • agreed Tom! 2k or even better 4k video would be great! Id be very happy to sell my Nikon gear and keep my Xpro 1 & new X T1 for the rest of days shooting!

  • Well, lets hope since they are upgrading camera viewfinder to 4k that they also upgrade the bloody video features too!!!! Can’t someone make a DSLR that shoots both HQ stills and video!!?? Its the only reason l went out and bought a Nikon for video, coz Fuji Xpro 1 has no manual control and a shity codec for video, X T1 isn’t much better. Come on Fuji!

    • dennis

      Oman go buy a video camera

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