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REVIEW of the SIRUI 50mm Anamorphic Lens on Fujifilm X-T3


We already told you in this article, that Sirui has launched its new 50mm anamorphic lens on Indiegogo.

Now Cinema5D reviewed this lens used on the Fujifilm X-T3.

An anamorphic lens for $700… is this too good to be true? Here is what Cinema5D says (video below).

  • X-T3 does not have a build-in way to de-squeeze the anamorphic image
  • he is deeply impressed by build and image quality of the Sirui
  • picture retains sharpness even wide open. Sometimes it is even too sharp
  • for $700 only, there is nothing like the Sirui on the market
  • minimum focus distance of 85 cm (33 inch) is a big limitation
  • also he wishes it was a 35mm lens, and not 50mm
  • Sirui announced they will try to make a lens with a wider field of view
  • it’s an APS-C lens
  • it’s a 1.33x times lens, hence it’s perfect for 16:9 sensors
  • the flair is settled and relaxed
  • bokeh works well too
  • focus breathing is very minimal

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