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Ranking The Best to the WORST Camera Rumor Websites (FujiRumors Included) by Camera Conspiracies


Little weekend fun :)

Camera Conspiracies made a ranking of the worst and best rumor sites.

I have no idea if it is an accurate ranking, as I don’t read all rumor websites mentioned in the ranking so I can’t compare them.

Also, I know it is ment to be a fun and entertaining video, so I take the ranking with a grain of salt anyway.

And yet, I feel flattered that Camera Conspiracies put FujiRumors on top of the ranking. Not because I am on top itself, but because of what he said about my work on FujiRumors, as it’s nice to hear that the passion I have for Fujifilm and the dedication I put into this blog somehow comes over to you guys.

Thanks for the nice words, Camera Conspiracies. And my wife would like to thank you for calling her beautiful :).


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