XQ1: compact camera with X20 sensor to be launched too! (trusted Japanese source)


 photo fuji_zpsc1ac088b.png

the Indoesian site now removed the X-E2 and XQ1 from the list

This comes again from the trusted Japanese source, so do NOT take it with a grain of salt :)

Fuji will launch a compact camera with the same sensor of the X20 but smaller body. The name could be the one spotted by a FR-reader at the Indonesian registration site: XQ1!

Looks like the next 2 X-series cameras announced on October 18th will be:

1) X-E2
2) compact camera with 2/3 X-Trans sensor II. (XQ1)

Compact size and amazing IQ! Sound a bit like an XF1 replacement to me, which I suppose didn’t sell well because of the relative complex handling of the camera. But as you can imagine I’m tirelessly working to find out more.

One more thing: no trusted source could confirm the rumor (of an anonymous source) about the X70 until now.

Stay tuned via facebook, twitter and RSS feed on October 18th! Spread the word… and don’t worry to quote the source of this rumor ;)

have a great start in this new week

  • i have a feeling that the x-e will have alot more features than just the xtrans ii.. the upgrade from x100 to x100s did not require it to change its name to x200 but for the new x-e to change to x-e2 i feel it will be a big change.

    • jon

      My gut reaction is a change similar to x100 but with WiFi. The release of a compact with a small sensor makes no sense, sensor size needs to be increased, mobile phones are taking over the compact market.

      • tim

        An update to the XF1 would be welcome, especially if they can get the design perfect. Even so, Fuji UK sell refurbed XF1 for a good price.

        X20 is kind of an ugly camera, just my opinion on seeing it in the flesh. Could be great looking, but looked too boxy.

        There is more than a sensor to a good camera these days. But Fuji seems to focus on pumping out the models, just like they did with their cheaper cameras, so one should not have too high expectations other than a sensor bump and a few odd’s and end’s.

        • MJr

          You’re right, there’s more to a camera than its sensor. Personally love the look of the X20, but more importantly the controls are just about the best you can find for any compact camera, proper spacing/layout/functionality etc. and a awesome lens.


          The sensor could definitely be better, but if you’re not looking to make posters, the output (color/contrast) is very nicely Fuji. And that viewfinder, man o man, you wouldn’t think it could be so clear, zoom, ànd feature a digital overlay. So it scores very high in the ‘pleasure to use’ department, sometimes people forget how important that is. Basically, if they manage to put a bigger sensor in there and update the lens, it’d be a masterpiece and probably get to be as popular as the x100 (in it’s own way), or of course the rx100.

          • jonnie

            A larger sensor is not the be all and end all admitted but other than just resolution, increases in high iso ability and dynamic range come with a larger sensor also better subject isolation can be achieved. I would love to see fuji version of the ricoh gr. With mobile phone image quality increasing all the time and the new sony mobile add on offerings, developing a new compact with a small outdated sensor seems illogical to me. But im no expert, maybe this will buck the trend in tumbling compct sales and fly off the shelf.

          • MJr

            Well it’s not the awesome jpg processing that makes the Ricoh good is it, and definitely not the lens of the RX100.

            I was just confirming the “more than a sensor to a good camera” part and respond to the fact that he never held or even seen one.

            No such thing as be all end all, but clearly 2/3″ can not compete with 1″, and apsc would simply be much much too big a lens unless it’s a prime, but then it just wouldn’t be a X20 anymore … so 1″ is the way to go imho.

          • I happen to love the lens on the sony rx100, and the output is really good in decent light. The area the x20 excels in is the overall handling and design … It’s bulkier and really sort of in-between the sony and the xe-1, but the daggone sony is just so much more time consuming to work with in a hurry. I’d purchase the x20 just to have the ergonomics … The sensor does fine in reasonable light.

    • Jon R

      I’m not too sure about that since there was a much longer gap in time from the update from the X100 to the X100s. I think there was around a 2 year gap between that update. Don’t get me wrong, I am hoping for a big change as well.

  • Gary

    I understand Fuji has much more on their plate than the XPro1 to deal with – but it just seems like why bother with releasing 20 other lower end cameras and still not fix the issues with the XPro1?

  • Dr.S

    The status DRAFT is already changed to ENTRI

  • Renato S.

    isn’t anyone going to put some competition against the RX100’s 1-inch type sensor in the high-end compact market?

    • Jon R

      The only thing I heard is that Nikon might introduce larger sensor cameras like a camera with 1″ sensor size within the Coolpix line. However, I don’t know if they’re actually willing to do that if they want to protect their Nikon 1 cameras.

    • MJr

      Sure they will, the X20 just isn’t due for replacement yet. First things first. The X-E2 and then the X-Pro2. I guess that one will be really special, or they would have done it before or together with the X-E2. Probably new sensor, maybe even new hybrid-vf tech. :)

  • shadowc

    No,NO,NO, where is the X-S2?

  • gorgon Empire

    X-S2? I thought they killed the X-Sx line..

  • Carlos Lacroze

    What about the rumored X30? When are we going to have it then?

    • Wisdom Woz

      Didn’t the X20 only get announced this year in Jan? So it’s not really due for a major update. An X20s maybe, but I doubt an X”30″

      • Carlos Lacroze

        Though Fuji would know better how many new X lines would be necessary for their strategy, I seriously doubt they would forget the compact fixed lens line, that should be the most fought segment.

  • Mike in VT

    There was a pretty serious rumor that the X30 would be announced this fall with a 1″ sensor. I’m thinking they may scrap that line if they’re moving to replace for the XF1. What a shame. Unless the XQ1 is a combo of what the X30 and XF1 improvements would have been.

    Along with this rumor was that the X-Pro2 would be announced in Dec. 2013/Jan. 2014.

    Only if Fuji came out with a new X100s in a black model, 40mm lens, deeper exposure controls (like the Sony NEX 7, but with better AEB range), 24mm accessory lens, I would be all over it.

  • peevee

    What makes XQ so different from XF that they needed to make another line?
    And what is really needed is X-S2, with OSPDAF and no white orbs or sagging lens.

    • Probably an entirely new camera body design. Maybe getting away from push/pull lens power system.

  • nicejj

    Where is the x100 firmware…… where is it!

  • David

    I really can’t understand why manufacturers are still releasing quasi-enthusiast cameras with such small sensors when the rx100 exists. I have the rx100 (and an X-Pro1 rig) and while the controls on the rx100 suck, there is no beating its image quality with anything else you can put in your pocket. If I am willing to take a bag, or carry something on a strap, I will take an interchangeable lens system. The jeans pocket really is the limiting factor for compact cameras, either it fits or it doesn’t. Then the question becomes what is the best camera you can fit in that pocket, and over a year later it is still the rx100. I was really hoping for some competition to Sony, but with better controls and user interface.

    • jonnie

      My sentiments exactly, the 1″ sensor of the rx gives great image quality, if fuji could couple this with good handling it would be superb. I used a ricoh gr a month ago and the handling was simply superb, although it is a fixed 28mm lens it is pocketable, the handling of this campact sets the benchmark as far as im concerned and fuji should make something to compete. Cheers jon

      • me

        Fuji can manufacture a much worse sensor in a crippled camera body and still sell a lot.
        Sony will never be able to compete with Fuji because Fuji does not manufacture cameras, Fuji manufactures marketing statements that are not backed by anything and a great deal of customers that will believe anything they hear as long as it makes them feel good.

        • David

          That is an odd reply, given that I stated I am both a Fuji and a Sony user. It never makes sense to me why people would so hate any brand. It’s just a brand, don’t buy it if you hate it that much!. It makes even less sense to then go to a forum dedicated to that brand to make a negative and subjective statement that for most people (and especially the intended audience of this forum) doesn’t comport with reality. People who behave as you make life more odious — congratulations.

          • MJr

            Never mind the troll.

        • kuishinbou

          Hahaha! Sony will not be able to compete with Fuji until it makes a balanced system with a set of high-quality, fast primes. I give them credit for producing a full frame mirrorless camera with interchangeable lenses (soon to be released NEX 9), but it is questionable whether they will support it with high-quality, fast primes that are reasonable in size.

          Could we see some of your photos? I am betting that they are even less inspiring than your pointless comments…

  • Edwin

    X20 with the sensor of x100x. That would be an ideal camera! X30?

  • palmer

    Great news…

    XQ instead of XF probably means that this new camera won’t have manual zoom anymore… Hope it will be a 24-120 f1.4-2.8, as Pana’s LX7 or Samsung EX2F already have.

    Adding the X20 sensor and processor it would produce an astonishing image quality, maybe even better than RX100 (sensor size and resolution are not the only points), for the same compactness…

  • palmer

    To me, XQ1 launched in october may announce a X30 coming at the beginning of 2014, like XF1 revamping X10 technology last year and X20 launched in january…
    Obviously, XF/XQ and Xx are not exactly aiming the same market!

  • Damn, enough with the new X cameras! They’re watering down the brand. Focus on a few high quality models at price points that make sense for the target consumers, not every possible derivative of the concept.

  • Carlos Lacroze

    Certainly, the camera you can fit in a jeans pocket is a benchmark in itself, but not the only one. Its also about the IQ depending on the sensor size and type, and the lens speed, as well as the experience, meaning good handling and a reliable viewfinder.

    Aka as the fixed zoom lens compact X30 some of us have been waiting for a long time now.
    Bigger, better sensor. Faster zoom lens. More LCD resolution. Overall speed. Same quality built and desgin. The X100s seems to be a dream, but only one fixed focal distance lens is too retrictive.

  • Mark L

    David & Kuishinbou….when a troll talks drivel he is speaking his native language. And the truth is merely an alternative reality.
    You wont see his pics or his cameras. Pop over to Zacks tumblr site and see a statement by a remarkably similar guy. Perhaps even the same guy. Zack shoots him down. Maybe one day Sony will recall these people.

  • X-E2 doesn’t interest me. X-Pro2 would. XQ does not. Looking more and more like Fuji may replace entire camera line up with X-series. Shame to water down the product line. Only hope the rumor of so-called “Super X” proves true. Would love to see medium format X-Pro or X-GS proves true this spring. So tired of all these X-M/X-A/X-E and p&s cameras.

  • Aleste

    Ever since the X100s, Fuji hasn’t released anything particularly exciting. As Kuishinbou pointed out, all eyes are on the NEX 9 right now. I hope something else changes on the X-E2 other than the sensor.

  • LCN

    First I thought the X-Pro1 and X-E1 were some kind of couple, but clearly, Fujifilm has a different scenario in mind otherwise we would have seen a triple release this time. Reason enough to believe there is something very important going on in their R&D, to postpone the X-Pro1s/X-Pro2 release until 2014. Will it have that magic organic sensor? Will it also provide a dynamic range, resolution, sensitivity and color accuracy never seen in a digital camera. It is a wildcard but if Fuji does release a top notch camera like this all competition will vaporize at an instance. The only one ready for this kind of tornado is Sony, working on the same technology but forget all the others. Again, they might do it, there’s evidence in a lot of stuff, rumors, patents, I’m sure. Another thing I consider as very strange, there has been no recent update of Fujifilm’s lens roadmap. What do we have to expect, are there surprises underway, maybe FF-glass?

    • Calking

      “It is a wildcard but if Fuji does release a top notch camera like this all competition will vaporize at an instance.”

      wow man — that’s pretty heavy~! :*/

      “there has been no recent update of Fujifilm’s lens roadmap. ”

      There’s an as-yet unreleased 10-20 WA and 56mm f1.2 prime, giving Fuji users 10-20, 16-50, 18-55, and 55-200 zooms. There are 14, 18, 23, 35, 56 and 60mm/macro, as well as the Zeiss 12mm and 32mm primes for Fuji x-mount.

      Given that most DSLR users shoot in the 14 – 200 range with crop and full-frame glass I think Fuji has covered lenses well.

      Short of a longer tele-prime (300mm?), longer macro (105mm?) T/S (24mm?) I’m not sure what you consider you’re missing in lenses.

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