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XQ1: compact camera with X20 sensor to be launched too! (trusted Japanese source)


 photo fuji_zpsc1ac088b.png

the Indoesian site now removed the X-E2 and XQ1 from the list

This comes again from the trusted Japanese source, so do NOT take it with a grain of salt :)

Fuji will launch a compact camera with the same sensor of the X20 but smaller body. The name could be the one spotted by a FR-reader at the Indonesian registration site: XQ1!

Looks like the next 2 X-series cameras announced on October 18th will be:

1) X-E2
2) compact camera with 2/3 X-Trans sensor II. (XQ1)

Compact size and amazing IQ! Sound a bit like anĀ [shoplink 12885 ebay]XF1[/shoplink] replacement to me, which I suppose didn’t sell well because of the relative complex handling of the camera. But as you can imagine I’m tirelessly working to find out more.

One more thing: no trusted source could confirm the rumor (of an anonymous source) about the X70 until now.

Stay tuned via facebook, twitter and RSS feed on October 18th! Spread the word… and don’t worry to quote the source of this rumor ;)

have a great start in this new week