It’s coming: XF23mm delivery estimate October 30 at AmazonUS!


 photo 81gAdD1VWBL_SL1500__zps05c540ea.jpg

The first bunch of XF23mm lenses should be delivered as expected in the next days. FR-reader Roger just told me that “Amazon has just posted delivery date for the lens I ordered upon announcement. It is 2 day delivery so I assume they will ship on Monday. [UPDATE:] Looks like they actually have first shipment as status has now changed to PREPARING FOR SHIPMENT which indicates that it in packing. ”

BHphoto expects to have it available in 2 days, on October 28th!

Fuji XF 23mm: [shopcountry 16128]

enjoy your weekend
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tz Santos’ camera strap + Paul’s X-PRO1 musings


tz Santos (website)

Hi Patrick!

A months ago i bough a keychain that i improvised to be a camera strap, last week, i decided to buy the lanyard version of the strap, is the same but longer… today i saw through facebook that the company developed a real camera strap from the same concept.

here is my improvised one.

 photo 1396579_10200702031969449_639554361_n_zps91646d16.jpg

and here is the one they created.

 photo 52_zps86ce2582.jpg

It costs only 10€ and i can assure by my improvised one that is is great!

heres the link to the online store and facebook page. /

Have a great week!!

tz Santos

[Patrick: and what camera strap do you use?]

tz Santos (website)

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Hi Patrick

Love the site, and all the great info you put up !

Here’s some X Pro 1 musings,  info, and pictures to illustrate – feel free to use any or all of it…

Fuji’s X Pro 1 – some thoughts from a Professional user.

Much has been written about this great camera, which has many foibles, but Fuji’s firmware upgrades seem to be sorting them out gradually.

I love it’s style, weight, low light capabilities, very quiet shutter, image quality etc. but from my personal perspective as a professional photographer I wouldn’t be able to stop using my Canon SLR’s, as there’s too many situations where the Fuji wouldn’t cope – but it’s a perfect compliment to the Canons, and goes everywhere with me.

Here’s a few specifics I’d love to see amended with future Firmware upgrades.

– Flash firing in continuous shooting mode –  that’d be a useful function, and there’s times you don’t mind if it doesn’t fire, as there’s then the option of available light too.

– File numbering and playback in continuous shooting mode – I’m baffled as to why the file number prefix changes from DSCF in single shot, to SOO for pictures shot in continuous mode – which  then appear at the end of the image set when downloaded and viewed on screen.

Also, in playback, on the camera, the sequence of continuous photo’s appears in a small sub window, and to view the burst, you have to use the down arrow to look at the pictures !

– Pictures can’t be deleted in playback mode when either the + or –  zoom buttons have been pressed – you have to return the image back to it’s original size first.

– Autofocus in low light still isn’t great, even after the latest Firmware upgrade. I was at a gig in a dimly lit pub and it often failed – that said, I was then at a festival shooting under stage lighting and it produced superb results !!

– In OVF mode with the 55-200 lens, the view finder only shows  framelines up to about half the lens’s focal length – not an issue in EVF though !

– Following on from previous posts regarding batteries – always carry a spare – they do die SUDDENLY !

There’s some hardware ‘issues’ that’d be great to see sorted

– No built in eyepiece correction – I had to buy screw in Diopter correction lens – my Canon G9 has it, as does a forty year old Russian FED 4 rangefinder !!

– The battery charger shows a green light whilst charging, which goes out when fully charged – why not have red or orange when charging, followed by green when fully charged ??

And here’s some practical notes about grips, cases, and lens adaptors, that I’ve bought to go with the camera.

Grip – via Ebay
[shoplink 15967 ebay]Metal Quick Release Plate Camera Handle Fuji X-PRO1 Tripod Ballhead[/shoplink] £48.00 via ebay UK

 photo IMG_3194_zpsd4b945de.jpg

To my mind it’s better designed, and more useful for larger hands like mine – I bought a Fuji grip, and took it back, as for me, it was too small !!

You can also access the battery and memory card without removing the grip from camera – unlike Fuji’s version, and there’s  also a tripod screw under lens axis too, as per Fuji’s own version.

It’s also designed for mounting to AS interface ball heads on tripods, and comes with a piece on the side for upright mounting – which is removable.

[shoplink 15968 ebay]Canon FD lens to X Pro adaptor[/shoplink] – £24.00 via ebay UK

 photo IMG_3202_zps08c07a5c.jpg

I bought this to use my 30yr old [shoplink 15969 ebay]Canon FD 100mm f2.8 lens[/shoplink], that now fits perfectly on the X Pro 1 with this well made adaptor, and has manual aperture control too, with a stop down control, so now have a 100mm manual focus lens, that with my set of extension tubes, also offers a macro facility too !

Camera case – £20.00 via Amazon UK

 photo IMG_3204_zps065d46d0.jpg

This is a copy of Fuji’s own [admin: the original Fujifilm X-PRO 1 Leather Case can be found [shoplink 15970]here at Amazon[/shoplink] or [shoplink 15970 ebay]here at eBay[/shoplink]], operates the same way, and comes complete with a strap and lenshood case.

As it’s a lot cheaper than Fuji’s own brand item, there’s not the worry about damage either.

I use the bottom half of the case for holidays – and the grip for day to day use. – check out my website ! – For regular updates of my work.

Press, PR, Social, Corporate, Commercial, Conferences, Golf Days, Editorial, Weddings, Awards Ceremonies, Graduations, Interiors & Food Photography…and more…


Paul Sherwood

– Press Photographers Assoc. of Ireland
– National Union of Journalists
– Dun Laoghaire Chamber of Commerce
– British Irish Chamber of Commerce
– Irish Professional Photographers Assoc. (1996-2013)
Linked-In Paul Sherwood Photography
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Twitter – paulsherphoto


First Look: Fujifilm XQ1


 photo Xq1_zpsd9d44566.jpg


X-E2 – USA: AmazonUS / BHphoto / AdoramaDigitalRev / Pictureline / EUROPE: wexphotographicUK / DigitalRev / Fotomundus24 GER / PCHstore /

XQ1 – USA: AmazonUS / BHphoto / AdoramaDigitalRev / EUROPE: wexphotographicUK / DigitalRev / PCHstore /

Did you know that…

… that you can support Fujirumors by purchasing your gear through the links shared on this blog? If the X-E2 or XQ1 is the camera you need, it would be a great support for this blog if you buy them using the shoplinks on FR. It won’t cost you a single penny extra, but FR get’s a small commission. This will help to keep the site running and allow me to continue to bring you the latest rumors, news, reviews, deals about the X-series. Thanks in advance to those who decide to support Fujirumors.

And if you own an X-series camera and want to read a lot of tips and tricks, you should consider also to purchase Rico’s NEW book (print or DRM-free eBook/PDF): Mastering the Fujifilm X-E1 and X-Pro1 (use code FUJISAVES30 to save 30%!). Firstly you’ll do yourself a favor, the book is really very useful, and secondly you’ll support Rico’s work here on Fujirumors.

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… and now enjoy another great (p)review of Rico Pfirstinger!

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First Look: Fujifilm XQ1

by Rico Pfirstinger

Talk to Rico (open forum for questions & feedback)Rico’s Flickr sets – XQ1 Sample Images Set – Expanded X-E2 Sample Images Set –  Mastering the Fujifilm X-Pro1 reading samples (65 free pages) – Order my NEW book (print or DRM-free eBook/PDF): Mastering the Fujifilm X-E1 and X-Pro1 (use code FUJISAVES30 to save 30%!)

Size does matter: Succeeding the stylish Fujifilm XF1 point&shoot camera, the full-metal XQ1 is even smaller and more lightweight than its already very pocketable predecessor. Solidly built, the XQ1 comes in either black or silver, and it features the same 2/3″ X-Trans sensor as in Fuji’s bulkier and more retro-styled X20 compact camera.


Since many customers took issue with the manual zoom mechanism of the XF1 (and its unconventional on/off switch), Fuji equipped the XQ1 with a more conventional electronic “fly-by-wire” zoom and a standard on/off button.

The manual zoom ring has been replaced with a multifunctional “lens control ring” that can serve many different purposes. One of them, of course, is zooming the lens, so those of you who actually like to zoom in and out the “old fashioned” way can do so by setting the lens control ring to serve as a zoom ring.

In its “smart” standard setting, the control ring will assume different functions depending on which mode the camera is operating in. For example, in P exposure mode, the control ring handles the exposure shift. In aperture priority mode, you can use it to set the aperture. If you want to manually set the control ring function, you have a choice of controlling either exposure, ISO, white balance, film simulations, drive mode or zooming. In its default “smart” setting, the control ring offers even more variety, like picking an effect when in the Advanced Filter mode, or choosing a scene mode when the camera is set to Scene Position (SP).

Like in the XF1, six of the nine buttons on the back of the XQ1 have a second function layer that can be user customized. This basically gives you six different function buttons that can control any of the following features: face detection, intelligent digital zoom, ISO, image size, image quality, dynamic range, film simulation, white balance, drive mode, photometry (exposure measurement mode), AF mode, focus mode, focus area or wifi. To access this second button layer, simply press the E-Fn button.

A notable change is the camera’s new NP-48 battery, which is smaller (but not less powerful) than the NP-50A batteries previously used in the X10, X20 and XF1. The battery can be charged inside the XQ1 with a simple USB connection. The camera comes with a power supply and USB cable, but you can just as well use any existing USB (aka smartphone) charger. You can also use the supplied cable to connect the camera to the USB port of your laptop, or any car/airplane charger with a USB outlet. So if you travel with your smartphone or laptop, chances are you can save weight and space because you don’t have to bring an extra charger or power supply specifically for your XQ1. Of course, those who prefer to charge their batteries outside the camera can always purchase an external Fujifilm or third-party charger.

** CLICK HERE to Read the Rest of the Article **

Did Fuji stop the production of the X-PRO1?



I tell you, Fuji is doing a great job in keeping this secret. But I thought it’s time for an update to what belongs the X-PRO2. Here is what I can share with you for now:

Some FR-readers hunting for the X-PRO1 in stores all over the world told me that they were not able to find it because they were told by the stores that Fuji is going to replace it with the X-PRO2 next year.

If true, the aim of the stores now is to empty the X-PRO1-stock as soon as possible before the replacement hits the market in 2014. So I wouldn’t be surprised if we see some price drops on the X-PRO1 in near future.

But the big questions are: 1) When it will be announced and 2) what are the specs of the X-PRO2?

This is the complicated part of the rumor. The feedback from new / anonymous sources to what concerns the specs and release date is very different. So I’m right now trying to triple check everything with my trusted sources.

Therefore, take everything with a grain of salt until I get some reliable information from trusted sources.

I’m tirelessly working on the specs and the release date. Any help to dig up the truth would be appreciated. You can share rumors via email at or anonymously via rumor box.

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X-E2 – USA: AmazonUS / BHphoto / AdoramaDigitalRev / Pictureline / EUROPE: wexphotographicUK / DigitalRev / Fotomundus24 GER / PCHstore /

XQ1 – USA: AmazonUS / BHphoto / AdoramaDigitalRev / EUROPE: wexphotographicUK / DigitalRev / PCHstore /

 photo d_zps613842de.jpg


Iridient Developer 2.3.1 update with X-E2 and XQ1 support


 photo re_zpsd3a820fa.png

Brian just released Iridient Developer 2.3.1 with official support for the new Fujifilm X-E2 and XQ1 models! This release also includes a bug fix for the handling of a couple of the auto dynamic range modes for the X20.

The new version can be downloaded here:

The full release notes for this and all previous version are available here:

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