Now or never: last “crazy X-deals” days. Save up to $1000


 photo deal_zpse2d3cc37.png

Good deals can’t last forever. So the “crazy X-deals” will soon be over. Everyone who’d like to join the Fuji X-series, should seriously consider to grab this occasion.

I know, many of you are waiting for an interchangeable lens camera of Fuji, with all that great innovations introduced with the X100S and X20 (X-Trans sensor II, EXR II, phase detection + contrast AF and more). But consider this: If you purchase, for example, the X-E1 bundle with a $1000 rebate, you’ll actually just pay the lenses and the X-E1 is in fact for free (as it costs $999 which corresponds to the rebate).  Then, the day a X-PRO2/X-E2 will be released, you’ll already own a lot of lenses and you just have to buy the X-E2/X-PRO2 body. You can then sell your X-E1 or use it as a backup camera.

Here are the deals:


Click on “buy together and save“, and you can save up to $1000.

Adorama deals: X-E1 (black versionsilver version) / X-PRO1


There are 9 options for bundle savings at BHphoto. Until March 31 you can purchase the X-E1 with different lenses (X-PRO1 with XF 18-55) and save really a lot of money. There are many lenses in offer, but if you’re looking for the new XF 14mm, this is not included in any of the bundles.

Just click on “Buy Together and Save” to check the different bundles (you can save up to $914).

BHphoto deals: X-E1 (in blackin silver) / X-PRO1


Until March 31 you can enjoy that super Fuji deal at Amazon too (Click here). Depending on the combination you want to buy you save up to $525 (Click here to see all possible combos).


And finally also UK/ROI citizens can save a lot until 30th April 2013! And the 14mm is included in the bundles! Here they are:

X-Pro1* + 3 lenses = £350/€400 cashback
X-Pro1* + 2 lenses = £300/€350 cashback
X-E1* + 3 lenses = £250/€300 cashback
X-E1* + 2 lenses = £200/€250 cashback
X-E1 Kit + 1 lens** = £30/€35 cashback
* Body only. **18mm/35mm lens only.

Check the approved stores here.

Fuji X-E1:, DigitalRev, eBay
Fuji X-PRO1:, DigitalRev, eBay

  • b3j4

    so i take it x-pro2 will be released sooner than expected? otherwise why is this discount?

    • Tim

      Something is around the corner. Perhaps Fuji will kill the E1 and release an updated Pro1 only? I never understood the E1 other than its cheaper … but as we now can see Fuji has quite a bit of price margin to play with which could be used to bring the Pro1 down in price (and perhaps down in size too).

      This market is getting crowded, and rather small perhaps, not sure if it makes sense to have so many cameras … when really what people want NOW is lenses and in year or two this low-end market will go FF anyway – regardless of if it is necessary/good/desirable or not.

      Then Fuji can get better price differentials between models. But right now the E1 and Pro1 are basically the same, so why not just make one for this small and competitive market.

      BTW Fuji, if you are reading … a “trade up” program to any new variant on the Pro1 would be welcome!

  • hyper

    The Deals are not working?

  • Duke

    Xpro2 has to be around the corner imo. It’s a good deal if you get a couple lenses and you are happy to get the xe1 or xpro1. If I really needed a camera would have tempted me but I can make do with the mod for a couple months!

  • TheKrisms

    i just recently switched from dslr to compact. fuji’s sale cannot come at a more opportune time for me. saved $500 with the x-e1 + 18-55mm & 35mm package. the x-pro1’s next iteration ‘speculatively’ may be coming along late this year or early next year but i think i still have at least a good one year (even a year and a half) to enjoy my x-e1 til the ‘s’ or ‘2’ comes in the market.

  • kuishinbou

    Hopefully this is sign that the X-Pro 1s will be introduced next month…I am impatiently waiting for them to do so, as I am expecting it to be a great improvement over the original – the hybrid AF and manual focus features will be very useful; and I hope they introduce minimum shutter speed settings for auto ISO as well. If it has an APS-H sized sensor, that would be fantastic, and would justify the price above the X-E1s..

  • Marcus

    X-PRO2 will not be here anytime soon.

    • kuishinbou

      The X-Pro 2 may not be introduced for a while, but an update to the X-pro 1/X-E1 with the new sensor and features in the X100s is undoubtedly just around the corner. If they don’t update them, they will surely lose in potential sales, as many people are waiting for those changes. It makes no sense to have a fixed lens camera superior to interchangeable lens camera, as the interchangeable lens cameras drive lens sales. And, those updates will drive sales far greater than the current x series cameras have, as the updates will overcome most of the performance issues.

      • James E

        Have you tried the xpro and x100s side by side? I have and the differences are minimal. I do not want or need another x body I want new lenses!

  • Fernando

    I don’t find these deals very tempting.
    If you check on Ebay, the X-E1 is available from $729 and $1018 with the lens kit.At Adorama you start with $999 for the body plus $499 for the lens. So you need to buy many lenses to start seeing some savings and by no mean these savings are worth $1002. Not compared with the real market.
    I know, some would say that what you get in HK is black market but I read many reviews and except one person, others that went to different Fuji facilities worldwide for some repairs and they got their equipment repaired so it should be original.
    Anyway, I’ll wait for the XE-2 which roadmap published here says it is expected for September 2013 (not 2014) and the Pro2 for June 2013.

  • Lorper

    Can’t wait for the XE-2 with X100s-ish updates. But black marks to Fuji for using their loyal customers as XE-1 beta testers paying for the priviledge.

    • Peter

      So, what should they have done in your opinion?

      You “can’t wait for the XE-2”. Why? Is the XE-1 such a bad camera? If so, why aren’t you happy that Fuji comes with an improved model so soon, saving you the agony of using that flawed XE-1 for any longer?

      Quite frankly I don’t understand photographers moaning about Fuji’s relatively fast development.

  • emergenic

    Could not resist…It was either X100s or X-E1 with – XF 35mm F/1.4 for half price!….I am now waiting for my new X-E1 kit to be delivered tomorrow…I am so weak, but so happy.

    I will still hold on to my trusty Canon 40D -cause I keep my cameras till the shutters fall off!…lenses, well that’s another matter all together.

  • shiftyz

    It’s pretty simple, get as many lenses out there as you can. Once people have those they are somewhat committed to that system. It also helps clear any extra inventory of the x-e1’s. I was able to buy an open box x-e1, 35mm, 60mm and 18-55 for 1900 us dollars. Not too bad.

  • Aleste

    Believe it or not, I am seriously considering cancelling my X100s pre-order and get this instead, I still think I am paying too much for the X100s.

  • taxpayer

    I’d like to remind everyone that paid an effective federal income tax rate of whopping 7.9% between 2008-2010.
    Please take that into consideration when posting links to different vendor’s sites and when buying your equipment.


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