NO MORE SECRETS: X-20 complete press release


x20 release


The X20’s bright optical viewfinder features a newly-developed Digital Trans Panel. This displays the shutter speed, aperture, ISO, focusing area and other shooting information perfectly clearly, even in low-light conditions. What’s more, the X20’s Advanced Optical Viewfinder synchs with the zoom lens, so that users can accurately compose shots using the viewfinder, even when the focal length is constantly changing.

The combination of a newly-developed 12 megapixel 2/3-inch X-Trans CMOS II sensor and EXR Processor II enables the X20 to capture very high quality images, with up to 20% higher resolution (*1) and 30% less noise (*2). What’s more thanks to the removal of the optical low pass filter and very powerful processor, the FUJIFILM X20 will produce clear images with minimal graininess, even at high ISO settings.

The newly-developed X-Trans CMOS II sensor has built-in Phase Detection pixels which enable the X20 to high-speed Auto Focus (AF) in as little as 0.06 seconds (*3). Additionally, the EXR Processor II offers fast responses with a start-up time of approx. 0.5 seconds (*4), a shutter time lag of approx. 0.01 seconds and a shooting interval of 0.5 seconds, providing advanced flexibility.

(8) Key Features

·        NEW Advanced Optical Viewfinder with a Digital Trans Panel

·        NEW 12 megapixel 2/3-inch X-Trans CMOS II sensor

·        Intelligent Hybrid AF in 0.06 seconds (*3)

·        Improved EXR Processor II

·        High quality fast f/2.0-2.8 lens

·        4x FUJINON manual barrel zoom lens

·        2.8inch High Contrast LCD monitor (460K dots)

·        Pop-up Super Intelligent Flash

·        Fast start-up time of 0.5 seconds (*), shutter time lag of 0.01 seconds

·        Super Macro mode (1cm)

·        Motion Panorama 360

·        8 Advanced Filters

·        Q button for frequently used menu items

·        Function (Fn) button

·        NEW GUI showing the focal distance, aperture value and shutter speed in sync with the zoom ring or command dial rotation

·        Advanced SR Auto mode with 64 shooting patterns

·        Full HD video (60fps)

·        Manual focus during video recording

·        Output for Stereo Microphone (sold separately)

·        Focus Peak Highlight function on the LCD screen

·        Available in all black or two-tone black and silver

·        4 types of shutter sounds – Lens Shutter, Focal Plane Shutter, Mirror Up and Silent Shutter

Read the whole press release here.


  • ian

    Won’t be getting shut of my X10 for this, that’s for sure. Since the sensor upgrade and firmware 2.00. Its faultless. Sure this x20 will have teething issues. My advice grab a X10 quick. While they are at a reduced price. I had the X100 and from my experience the X10 is better and faster in every way.

  • gizmon

    Ian, do I feel a buyer’s remorse in full swing there…?!

    Camera is a camera, a tool. It’s the person using it that matters so no upgrade will help your photography. That said, the X20 is a better camera than X10 by quite a bit, whether you’d like to accept that fact or not.

    And for X10 being a better camera than X100…don’t be silly please.

    • Fly Moon

      My thoughts exactly. Ian’s moments just don’t make sense

    • MJr

      Company’s simply do their best to offer the best they can at any time, because there’s always somebody new looking, that’s all there is to it. Can’t believe how people expect them to stop at the moment they’ve got one themselves. You buy one, you have one, enjoy it as much you can, because world don’t stop.

  • tikox

    So probably the lens will be same? I own X10 and I really like it but if the lens is same I don’t think so that I will upgrade. X10’s lens is great but I would like to have 24mm equivalent wide end.

    As example for me X10 is better camera than X100, it’s not all about te image quality, of course I have system too…

  • alexea

    what’s about the extreme focals ? Same as x10 ?

  • Incessant Troll

    major mistake not to go with 24mm. next.

    • MJr

      Quality above reach.

      • tikox

        Probably, in the other hand that’s good thing too…

    • brud

      I wish it went to 24mm too, as it would make a better landscape camera. I’ve been looking to upgrade my LX5 and I’m sure the IQ of the x20 will be better, but I’m not sure if I can lose the wider end.

    • Michael

      Use your feet and back up a few steps ;)

  • duo

    Fuji has the XF-1 covering 25mm wide. They’re going with Canon’s approach, keeping G series at 28mm, S series at 24mm. It’s disappointing to landscape enthusiasts, but i suspect this will not change any time soon.

    That 460k LCD needs to go.

  • W. C.

    I think they should have come up with a 1″ X-Trans sensor instead of 2/3″ (which is really a 1/1.5″ and not much different to 1/1.7″ sensor in established compacts). The camera size can definitely house a larger sensor. But lens quality and speed may have taken a hit. But perhaps not, if they really wanted to make it work. They could make the lens 2.5x or 3x instead and keep it fast. But then it would become too “niche” or enthusiast oriented and Fuji would lose sales to cameras with 4x or more zoom. Tough job being a camera maker, isn’t it!

    A 1″ sensor would have psychologically as well as technically taken the fight up to Sony RX100. But let’s wait and see anyway. I hope the new 2/3″ X-Trans can match the Sony for IQ and even exceed it in some aspects. I much prefer Fuji’s images to Sony’s.

    With optical VF, built-in grip, good manual controls including manual zoom, and hotshoe, X10 and now X20 is a better value camera than RX100, which has no possibility for an eyelevel VF, no hotshoe, and no grip (you have to buy an aftermarket grip accessory). Obviously RX100 is pocketable whereas the X10/20 is not as pocketable. But for some, including me, ultimate pocketability is not important. I would rather have a good ergonomic camera that handles like a traditional camera with manual controls and a built-in VF. I know many others would too.

    • EPNLEX

      Valid points.

      Also, since the sensor is so tiny you better stay at low ISOs for good IQ. I hope the new sensor can deliver images with less noise at ISO800.

      In the most of the cases one can resort to max. aperture to stay in sub-800 sensitivities. Maybe X20 could be good enough for good daylight. For low light shooting I’d still use my NEX-F3. There isn’t any fast & sharp zoom lens for E mount :(

      Somehow, RX100 doesn’t make me exited—it lacks the feel and controls of these Fuji X cams.

      Hopefully the reviews are coming out soon.

    • Milan

      The thing is that in order to have a pocketable camera, one can give up on IQ and ergonomics. But once the camera is not pocketable, it doesn’t make a big difference whether it’s a bit bigger or not, while ergonomics and IQ will matter.

      Don’t get me wrong, the X20 is surely a great camera, but it’s not more portable than a mirrorless camera with much bigger sensor and interchangeable lenses.

      I think the X-F2 with the same upgrades to the sensor and processor might be a better option, since that one is truly pocketable, and the lens start at 25mm eq. and f/1.8.

      • EPNLEX

        Do you mean “X-E2”?

        I would have bought a X-E1 if I had got the money. Ended in buying NEX-F3 – paid only £300. You can get a X-E1 body for less than £700 in UK. Add a lens and you’ll pay £1000+…

        X10 and X20 have an excellent EXR feature that can give you a great DR boost. Here’s a good article on it:

        This is something you cannot find in any other cams. Well done Fuji!

  • ryan

    no….the xf-2. the xf-1 is the newer point and shoot.

    • kernel_panic

      I think the x20 ditches the whole EXR = HR/SNR/DR scheme, now that it gets the X-Trans sensor.

      Up to a certain point, the X-trans sensor combines all three advantages in a single sensor:

      – Since it doesnt require an AA filter, the Xtrans sensor offers higher resolution for a given sensor size, compared to other sensor technologies, not to mention that the EXR-HR mode wasn’t that good because of the CFA layout (AFAIK). This would be related with EXR-HR mode

      – Since for the same resolution, pixels are bigger (it needs less pixels to offer same resolution, see previous point), then DR is improved compared to other cameras with the same sensor size and pixel count. This would be related to EXR-DR mode.

      – Given the randomness of the X-Trans CFA and the processing techniques required for developing the RAW file (or generating them also?) it is possible to achieve less noise, just like the EXR-SNR mode

      Let’s see what that baby can do and how much will it cost and how does it compare, performance and pricewise to m4/3+decent lens and then we’ll know if the x20 is worth it

  • Martin

    So no 24mm :(.
    I’m very happy with my brand new x10! no need to go for a x20

  • karriaga

    Why I can’t access the real announce or new in Fuji’s UK website?

    I searched for this press release but it seans that doesn’t exist. I follow the link and also is a “broken page”.


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