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NIKON Mirrorless Camera is Coming, and FUJIFILM is Happy About it



So yes, they are finally doing it.

Nikon is coming with a serious mirrorless (FF… or even MF?) camera on August 23. And Canon will follow soon.

Unlike other occasions, where Nikon marketing terribly failed, this time I find the whole thing with the teasers a brilliant move. The only risk I see is that the final thing won’t match the high expectations, like when Nikon made all these Nikon DF teasers (and Kai made a funny parody of them).

Anyway, Nikon is confident, and promises “a leap into a new dimension that will last for the next 100 years“.

We know very little about the upcoming Nikon mirrorless camera. So let’s wait until August 23 before we discuss the camera more in-depth.

But what we can discuss now, is what Nikon’s and Canon’s move into the mirrorless world means for Fujifilm X and GFX lovers.


Fujifilm managers said here that they welcome CaNikon Full Frame mirrorless cameras, because…

“[…] having those strong brands in the mirrorless marketplace increases general awareness of mirrorless, and that’s a good thing for the whole industry.”

Many people, who currently still think that DSLRs are the only real professional tool, might start to think differently, once they see that even Canon and Nikon start to cannibalize their own high-end DSLR market in favor of their new mirrorless offering.

And this is where Fujifilm (and other mirrorless manufacturers) have their opportunity.

If the message finally passes that “mirrorless is the future” (and it is the future), plenty of DSLR users (who are mainly APS-C shooters, as Fuji Guy Billy correctly said in his X-T100 first look here) will start to migrate to Mirrorless.

Maybe many will just go to CaNikon mirrorless, but at least Fujifilm has the chance to finally attract some of those mirroless-migrants to their X or GFX systems by offering already today:

  • 28 APS-C Fujinon lenses
  • 2 APS-C MK video lenses
  • 3 APS-C flagships (X-T, X-Pro and X-H line)
  • Plenty of APS-C mid range and entry-level cameras
  • 2 Medium Format Cameras (GFX 50s and very soon an affordable GFX 50R)
  • 6 Medium Format Lenses (more to be announced soon)

It remains to see if the mirrorless-migrants will be patient and wait years for Canon and Nikon to build up a complete new system, or if, since they have to change system and change lenses anyway (unless they use adapters), they will directly switch to more established and experienced mirrorless brands like Fujifilm (APS-C or MF) or Sony (FF),


What would Fujifilm be today, without the pressure they got from Sony, Panasonic and Olympus? Probably a much worst system than it is today. So, competition is a good thing.

That’s why I hope that the Nikon mirrorless camera will be a top performing camera and very rich in features, a real flagship!

It will motivate Fujifilm (and other companies) to work even harder and to invest even more money into their camera system, and hence improve and expand the Fujifilm system even faster.

So thank you Nikon… thank you Canon… for finally joining seriously the mirrorless side of life… just please, let it be awesome mirrorless cameras ;) .

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