New X-T1 Firmware ver. 4.0 Announced :: A COMPLETELY NEW CAMERA to download in Late June!


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Here we go guys, the FW has just been announced, exactly on May 11, as predicted here on FR back in April.

Now all you have to do is to read the list of improvements, enjoy it and find a way to somehow manage your impatience until late June, when the firmware will finally be available for download!

“This update follows on from a previous major functionality improvement for the X-T1 introduced on December 18th, 2014 and shows that Fujifilm continues to listen to customer feedback to boost the performance of X-Series cameras, ensuring many years of continued use.

Here is the list of improvements:

(1) New AF system with Zone and Wide/Tracking modes for effortless capture of moving subjects
(2) Improvement of AF accuracy (The built-in phase detection pixels have the detection range of 0.5EV, an improvement from the previous 2.5EV, delivering phase detection AF performance that enables fast focusing in low-light conditions and on low-contrast subjects.)
(3) Eye Detection AF
(4) Auto Macro mode
(5) AF improvement in the Movie mode

Other Improvements

(1) Improved Shutter Speed Dial operation
(2) Exposure Compensation control in Manual.
(3) Finer lines on the framing grid enhances visibility
(4) Name of Silent mode changed to avoid confusion

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Thanks Daniel!

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  • a9udn9u


    • Victor

      This pretty much sums up my reaction to every firmware update from Fuji, and I don’t even own an xt1.

  • veryhairbaby

    No bracketing improvement :-(

  • d333squs

    “array of other improvements that reflect feedback from users” wonder if that includes HSS support for Nissin i40 flash

  • Mark

    And I’m just sitting here with the Fuji X100s with it’s original firmware. (Not buying another Fuji for a while anyway, and this is one of the reasons…)

    • Raist

      This is absurd. Fuji didn’t promise you firmware upgrades for your camera. At the time of purchase that wasn’t a bullet point on the box, was it? You decided to buy an X100s with the feature set it had. If you did it, then you can only blame yourself.

      Moreover, look at which other manufacturers are giving any upgrades like these at all? I can really only think of Ricoh.

      • Robbo Kiv

        For X100s is absurd, but for X-E2? Same sensor, same processor… It’s awful fo Fuji for that..

        • Goran Djurin-Markovic

          Robbo: You are wrong. The X100s has the same sensor, same processor as the X-T1.

          • You’re both wrong. Neither of X cameras have a processor. They all contain flocks of pigmy Japanese macaques (AKA snow monkeys) trained in painting.

          • Didiergm

            Hence the “painterly effect” ?

          • You got it right.

          • Robbo Kiv

            sorry. it especially doesn’t excuse a fuji

      • Eric Duminil

        It’s not absurd. At the time the X100s went out, Kaizen was pretty much a given for Fuji, and they used it as a marketing argument.
        I love my X100s, but I bought it new in order to thank them and give them the possibility to keep on improving firmwares.
        As you said, Fuji was the only manufacturer giving upgrades, and that’s the reason why many of us bought Fuji cameras.

      • Mark

        Well, Fuji used Kai-Zen as a marketing thing. So yes, I very much consider it to be a “bullet point on the box”. And yes I do consider it to be a sales “promise” that was not fulfilled.

        This was THE thing (There where more, but this was the most known “thing” for Fuji camera’s.) for buying into the Fuji landscape of camera’s

        Now, for me, it feels like a let-down. That’s all.
        Yes the camera is still great, it simply feels like Fuji decided to ignore X100s owners…

        So, I’m still satisfied with the camera, I simply will not be buying something else from Fuji anytime soon because of this feeling. Buying stuff is all about feeling ;-)

    • Soli

      I owned all of the X cameras, but bought non of them for what they could be in the future but what they were when I purchased them.
      Never expected this update for my X-T1 and a big thanks for Fujifilm for doing this.
      I also have the X100T and if it will never receive an update I still die happy.

  • Just look at the video of the new AF, wow….. this is looking really good. Can’t wait to try it out!!

    • James

      The video just killed me! hahaha

      • It maybe only 2mins long but I’ve been watching it for the last half hour! hahaha

        Now time is going to drag until it’s release!

  • MJr

    Man, this is just the best firmware update ever .. !

  • Xpro10

    Ya, wow, awesome. Except I don’t put my subject right smack in the center of the frame for every shot. But I guess we can all start doing that now! Ya, sooooo excited. Whooopie!

  • gk1128

    No update for X-E2 ? then say good bye to fujifilm !

  • Ok Fuji, how do I get into beta testing program? ))

  • Vim

    Nice updates, but as a manual focuser I’m wondering:

    What do you guys think is the chance that the next X100 iteration will have distance markings on the lens instead of the screen? (I.e. not fly-by-wire).

    • Zero.

      • Vim

        Why do you think so? Is there some kind of incompatibility between a ‘real’ manual focus mechanism and the X100 internals?

        • No, not really. But for some reason I’ve never seen a decent mechanical AF/MF on a lens that costs less than $1,500. Lesser helicoids kinda work, but highly impractical for anything except zone focusing a seriously stopped down lens.

    • MdB

      Latest Leica X does.

  • umad?!

    Now look what Fuji added with Firmwares (especially Vers. 3 and 4) to the X-T1.
    For other camera manufacturers this would be 2 new camera iterations – at least!

  • Manikandan Krishnan

    It is great news for X-T1 and future Fuji Camera bodies. I will be really happy when i buy X-T2 :)

    • cppguy16

      I doubt there will be an X-T2 soon after a major firmware upgrade. Maybe next year.

      • This is an X-T2.

        • Yeah, most other manufactures would have saved this for a new camera release…. *cough*… SONY ;-)

          • Didiergm

            Don’t blame Sony w/o mentioning Nikon, Canon and friends :)

          • aki

            Canon doesn’t have any friends

          • Didiergm

            rofl :)

        • cppguy16

          Apparently it’s like downloading a new camera for free.

  • Joe

    Hope this improved AF system comes to the X-T10, too. Otherwise I consider to buy a used X-T1.

  • Konrad Sarnowski

    Kaizen my ass… *X100s owner*

    • AceFlibble

      ‘Kaizen’ doesn’t mean what you seem to think it means.

      • mike

        Kaizen means “continuous improvement” – the X100s has not continually been improved.

        So actually, it seems it’s you who doesn’t know what Kaizen means, pal.

  • Felipe

    I really hope they fixed the focus in backlit situations, so hard to lock focus in those cases.

    • It has more to do with the contrast of the scene than with AF algorithms.

      Keep in mind, in severely backlit scenes most SLRs were unable to perform any AF at all up until (relatively) recently.

      • Felipe

        Well, I’ve found that even in high contrast situations it still struggles. I’ve tried everything including changing AF point sizes and going for intersecting areas but it still hunts a lot.

      • Felipe

        I guess they did it fix it, from the press release:

        “The built-in phase detection pixels have the detection range of 0.5EV, an improvement from the previous 2.5EV, delivering phase detection AF performance that enables fast focusing in low-light conditions and on low-contrast subjects”

        • Holy cow, that’s a huge improvement! Yes, most likely that’ll fix any low contrast issues, including backlit scenes.

          • Felipe

            Yah, I certainly hope so. I also really like the Shutter Speed Dial change, I shoot in Manual a lot and scrolling from the top is not ideal when you have a better functioning wheel at the back. Also from the press release:

            “When the Shutter Speed Dial is set to T and the Shutter Type to Mechanical + Electronic, you can use the command dial to set a full range of exposure times from 30-1/32000sec. Previously, this was limited to 30-2 seconds. This means you can change the shutter speeds across a broader range without having to change camera position.”

  • Vidar

    Why did you buy a X-E2 in the first place???

    • He didn’t.

    • Yeah, the “Self-Entitlement” is strong in this one ;-)

    • luke_j__

      Because he didn’t want to ram his nose into an LCD screen and wanted the latest tech after the XT1’s release?

  • Didiergm

    Wow – they have been really busy in the R&D department. Well done!
    And as always, well done Patrick too!

  • What really bugs me is that every time Fuji releases an update for the X-T1, we get a sea of moaners who have a different camera making out that Fuji have stolen their firstborn/are evil, actively hate them. How about you guys buy your next camera as is, rather than expecting miraculous firmware updates that no one promised you. I own an x100s, it is awesome. If there is a firmware update for it at some point I’ll be really happy, but I don’t *need* one just because Fuji are updating their flagship model.

    • Like kids on a Christmas morning…
      What, there’s no gift for me?! Waaaaah! I hate you mom! I hate you dad!
      …Sorry crybabies, you are adopted.

      • prankhet

        it’s great that fuji marketing has defenders for their bait and switch. god knows everyone needs a helping hand

        • Do you have a tinfoil shortage in your area?

          • prankhet

            you’re just,. rich.

      • luke_j__

        Trolling Trenton.

    • luke_j__

      Look I understand yours (and others) point of view. But I bought an X-E2 just after the announcement of the X-T1. I bought it at full price. I did this because I preferred the form factor. Up until that time, Fuji had not so obviously focused their Kaizen philosophy on a single camera and unlike the X100s, my X-E2 is not discontinued. I don’t think this argument is a stupid or self-entitled one.

      • Alex

        If Fujifilm make X-E2 as good as T1 how T1 will be top of the line camera? :)

        • luke_j__

          Because it’s weather sealed and has a really big viewfinder?

          • Alex

            WR and bigger viewfinder will not be enough to justify the price difference, also many people prefer rangefinder style. Fuji just sacrifice X-E2 to sell better the more expensive T1. What can I say with my X-E1? I don’t complain.

          • Didiergm

            How exactly is many; Since the X-T1 was introduced, it seems that it has been a best seller for Fuji; The “many” might not be enough to maintain the X-E line

          • Alex

            I’m starting to count :)

          • Didiergm

            nice one – i have got a x-e1 on top of the X-T1; do I count for 1/2 ?

          • luke_j__

            It was enough to justify the difference at launch (as well as the extra buttons and knobs, ability to attach a battery grip, etc). Any other price difference has been artificially created after the fact by Fuji enhancing one camera and not the other. Things like the stop metering really should be fixed I think. If Fuji is willing to admit “the way we originally implemented this is obviously stupid” (it is; who the hell would want to regularly not meter for the thing they are focused on) then you would think they would be compassionate enough to remedy that error in any model they are currently selling).

  • AceFlibble

    Sounds good, though if the AF speed isn’t improving, I don’t see any of this as really making the X-T1 “a completely new camera”. I rarely have a problem with Fuji AF accuracy but very often have a problem with Fuji AF speed. Cut single shot AF times down and then we’re talking about something that makes a real difference. More tracking options is nice, I won’t say no to ’em, but they’re not a revolution if it’s as slow as it currently is.

    • 5x improvement in phase detection resolution (0.5 EV vs 2.5 EV) means that this is gonna be one bulldog of AF. The rest, I guess, is up to the lens motor.

  • Fabio Amodeo

    Hey,of the lenses I have only the 18 is listed in the demo clip, and only for single point focus (which I think already worked with any camera). Am I supposed to sell 14 (never!), 18, 27 (never!) and 35, and get some of the super $1000 and overweight lenses?

    • Don’t think so. The video says “recommended”, which most likely means that on these particular lenses you’ll see the most pronounced effect. Every single Fuji lens should work with every AF mode just fine. However, 56/1.2 might be sluggish compared to 50-140 when it comes to tracking AF, because it doesn’t have such powerful motors. Same applies to other AF modes and other lenses.

  • Sid

    The only thing more annoying than not being able to get my hands on this update immediately is all these people complaining how older models are getting the same treatment.

    Let me ask y’all something –

  • Sid

    The only thing more annoying than not being able to get my hands on this update immediately ( because it’s not out yet and i don’t have an XT1 ) is all these people complaining how older models aren’t getting the same treatment.

    Let me ask y’all something –

    1) Did Fuji include Kaizen as a feature in the spec sheet? Did the salesperson promise you that Fuji would bombard you with updates till your current model magically transformed into a mark II?

    2) You’re clearly not satisfied with what the camera can currently do because you’re whining about updates. Why did you not buy something else if it wasn’t suiting your needs? There’s a huge variety to choose from. If We’re all here on FR because we want Fujis and we want them to be as good as the best. Let’s try to be patient and give the system some time to mature and not complain all the damn time? About how a mobile phone is better than a Fuji or how you need a bazillion MM focal length on the X to do wildlife.

    Never saw anyone complaining about how a 10K usd Leica needed AF. If you know how to work without that on a Lecia, surely you can manage with a Fuji.

    3) Instead of appreciating what Fuji does, why do you have this feeling of entitlement? Fuji doesn’t owe you anything. The camera was sold as is, take it or leave it. They’re improving through Kaizen, which i appreciate. I don’t see any other manufacturer doing that honestly. People are ok jumping from a Canon 50D to a 60D, shelling out extra dough for 2 features but most of you don’t appreciate the FREE updates you’ve received for your Fujis.

    You do realize Fuji is a business and not a charity? They’re in the game to make money? How many of you photographers send freebie photographs to your clients months after you close a project? Do they come to you demanding additional content because you owe it to them? Then why expect that from Fuji.

    Jesus, people these days can’t get enough of wanting everything for free.

    Just go out and shoot some damn pictures. Your camera isn’t the limitation, it’s you. For the sake of your own peace and the sake of ours, if you don’t like Fuji then get whatever works for you.

    PS: I am not a fuji fanboy. Just annoyed seeing everyone ranting about how Fuji screwed them over by discontinuing Kaizen for their older models. I have an x100s. I didn’t get classic chrome but it’s not classic chrome that will make my pictures worthwhile. Yeah?


    • Didiergm

      You’ve put in writing my exact feelings.

      • Tankerman

        Mine too.

    • Jb

      Mine too! People complain too much!!!

  • Great news, Patrick! My brand new XT-1 bought from Japan will be a hi-speed performance machine, coupled with the outstanding XF 16-55mm F2.8. Among the zoom lenses I have worked with, or tested, this Red Labeled XF lens is by far, the most powerful one. Simply, the best! And yes, there is a worderful life without OIS (especially up to 55mm).

    • Tomáš Tuček

      It already is a high performance partnership – totally agree with the OIS-less life.

  • Jano

    Great update! Awesome for Fuji and all X-T1 owners!

    But wow, lots of you X-T1 owners are real idiots. Sorry, but that has to be said. Instead of supporting your fellow Fuji shooters you keep insulting and dissing them. I would have loved, loved, loved to see your cry-baby reactions if Fuji had come out with the 4.0 update only for the graphite-silver X-T1 because it’s more expensive and so it’s “higher-end”. Oh, you expected a FW update for your black X-T1? Why, did Fuji write it as a bullet point on the box? Didn’t you buy the camera for what it has instead of what it could be? Entitled are you?

    Why is it that makes you people think you’re better than us? Are you better than us because we prefer the X100 form factor or can’t afford an X-T1 (with lenses)? Why can’t we X100S users not just be happy for those who get a FW update (I am)? And especially: why do you X-T1 users need to fight against the “lesser” Fuji shooters instead of supporting us in asking for a better firmware? We bought into a system when the whole usability thing was still pretty mediocre. Fuji was touting Kaizen and we hoped that our money would help finance future Kaizen that would bring the software on par with the wonderful hardware. It’s also our money that financed the development of your X-T1, you know that, right?

    The X100S is just over two years old. It’s not like we’re asking for an update to a Nikon F3. The new price for the X100S was the same as for the X-T1 (granted, without lens). We simply feel like second-class citizens here, even though we payed pretty much the same taxes. Any X-T1 user out there get that? We don’t have a right to all those new features. But Fuji has gotten the whole usability thing right now and we’d like to have some of that cake, too. I’m not throwing away (or selling) a terrific body only because I can’t customize the AE-L button and don’t have direct access to the AF points. Sorry, that’s not worth hundreds of €, it’s a freaking setting that should have been there from the start!

    So, let me rephrase:
    “This update follows on from a previous major functionality improvement for the X-T1 introduced on December 18th, 2014 and shows that Fujifilm continues to listen to customer feedback to boost the performance of only X-T-Series cameras, ensuring many other customers are pissed off for being treated like thin air.“

    • Sid

      Maybe Fuji should stop putting out updates all together. We just can’t live in harmony. So much wanting going around everywhere, it’s so ridiculous. I don’t get why you would make this a X100s user group vs the XT-1 user group issue? Don’t see why you would let a damn update or a damn XT-1 user make you feel like a second class citizen, my friend? There’s more to photography than firmware upgrades. I am pretty sure back in the day when there we no upgrades, people still made good pictures. Isn’t it?

      Also, i’m a fellow x100s user and don’t own an XT-1.

    • ddayan

      Personally one of the reasons I was happy to pay for the fuji premium was because I thought fuji cares about their customers and would update and support the camera as long as they can. The whole fw update thing was one of the selling points that I used to praise when I convinced my friends to buy into fuji… but I guess I was wrong…. unlike the two year cycle between the x100 to the x100S the x100T came out after a year and a half. And while there is a fw for the x100s with classic chrome fuji decided to hold it back :/ I don’t think that fuji should expect people to buy a new camera to get a better fw the x100T has a better hardware and that should be the only difference. Imagine if apple would hold back ios updates between the iphone 5 and the iphone 5S….

    • George

      100% agree. Most X-T1 users (also here) belittle, ignore, understate and play down users who ask for same updates for their cam, i.e X-E2, they behave like self-centered egoists who got the lollipop and shout “this is only for me, no one else should get it!”. Fuji community is most devided and users most self-centered compared to Nikon, Canon, Pentax, Olympus, Panasonic and Sony community. Fuji also wins in numbers of fanboys and PR workers whose role is only to undervalue any critique and thought against Fujis marketing or product, and shout only “Wow, wow, wow!”. Fuji pushes hard X-E2 users to move for X-T1/X-T10 by not giving same many, many apdates that X-T1 got, thought X-E2 has same platform and was announced almost the same time as X-T1, therefor X-E2 users can feel winded up and outfoxed by Fuji, what of course X-T1 users do not see because they see themselves only. Sad.

      • Fuji community is most devided and users most self-centered compared to Nikon…

        Because Nikon is so altruistic in their firmware updates. Always introducing new features – like disabling third party batteries and lenses, for example… Nikon users rejoice in their grievances.

        • Jano

          I’m not usually the one to defend George but in this case he was talking about the users, not the company.

          I can’t say he’s right in his analysis but indeed I have never seen anyone bashing other Nikon users for awaiting a D400 by claiming Nikon never promised a successor on the D300S feature list and therefore calling them entitled. Instead the D800 users lift their voice in support of the D400-seekers.

      • Didiergm

        George I think you’ve got the wrong end of the stick. It is not the fact that my fellow X100S/X-e2 shooters would like to have some kaizen love that is irritating.

        What is irritating (big time) is that they DEMAND upgrades, some say that they have decided on Fuji based on the kaizen history. that is Wrong, is a big mistake, or wishfull thinking of the worse possible kind.

        Fuji has explained countless time what their kaizen philosophy is but NEVER committed to it as a right for their customers, never made false promises, never guaranteed that it would happen.

        Upgrades are a bonus, not a right and should be treated as such. (I am personnally /grateful/ for the upgrade and do NOT feel like it was due to me)

        So to sum up it is not the fact that X-e2/X100s owner are disappointed (and I am for them too) which is wrong, it is the way it is expressed, the way they gambled their purchase decision and turn around to Fuji to explain how silly they were and Fuji should do something about it otherwise they will buy a Sony or whatever.

        • George

          Completaly disagree with your arguments, your “sum up” seems completaly blind because you really do not see that Fuji rewards only X-T1 buyers and pisses other users. Sorry, are you blind? You sound like saying “X-E2 users were stupid buying this cam and not waiting for X-T1”.

          • Didiergm

            Sorry, are you daft ?

            That’s NOT what I said – breathe slowly and reread what I wrote, may be you’ll get it, or not.

          • supertezza

            Don’t think anyone gambled on Kaizen, and no-one is demanding specific features.

            What annoys people is the artificial 2-tier treatment (maybe not for AF if hardware does not permit, but for other features clearly yes) when they paid full price for a camera which was marketed in the same segment and at the same time as the X-T1 (3 months difference).

    • Bob

      I pre-ordered my X-E2 because it was the top of the X line!
      It did not expect that it will be an end of life item about six months later!
      Very disappointed!

      • brickemu

        They never announced it was end of line 6 months later.

        They haven’t even officially announced there wont be an X-E3. I just think X-Pro2 is their focus for that form factor right now.

        X-E2 got an update over a year after its release date.

        I think you are greatly exaggerating!

        • supertezza

          He is exagerating to some extent but there is a point that FUJI has not quite lived to the Kaizen expectations it had set through marketing.

          This is reinforced by the magnitude of the difference in features applied through FW update (E2 vs T1) in comparison to the very close release dates of both cameras (3 months), launch prices, and similarity of specs at launch.

          • Didiergm

            The fact is that we /assume/ (ie we don’t know) that the hardware is the same. Lanch prices were quite different ($300 : 25%)
            The $300 price difference at launch cannot be put entirely on WR and EVF-may be there are other hardware differences

          • supertezza

            Ok let’s assume the hardware can’t handle the AF update, i still stand by the fact that many of the December X-T1 firmware updates could have been applied to the X-E2, and FUJI deliberately decided not to, which is their choice.

            It does not make my X-E2 any worse or better, i always have and still really enjoy it.

            It just pisses off early adopters… and this is hard to argue with.

          • Didiergm

            Oh I agree and fully understand the disappointment and do not really understand Fuji’s decision to concentrate the upgrade solely on the X-T1 (or so it seems).

            It is just that some (repeat some) have bought a body which obviously was not what they wanted or needed banking on a future upgrade. IMHO it was a Bad Decision ™ on their part. And they are now crying that Fuji let them down – not a very mature attitude.

          • supertezza

            I follow your point but fail to find on this page anyone falling in the category you describe: “have bought a body which obviously was not what they wanted or needed banking on a future upgrade”.

            I think it’s more about the point we agree on.

          • Didiergm

            I have got to opt out for the moment as I have an emergency at work which I need to attend to. I’ll come back to you later

    • supertezza

      Well said, some (not all) X-T1 users seem like little brats not wanting to share the honey pot … not really in the spirit of the community !

      Sure i would support other cameras receiving the updates, how can people be so selfish !

    • Slartibartfast

      I would like to see the upgrades for the X-T1 also appear on the X-E2 and even the X-M1/X-A2. I understand that the X-Pro1 is probably too old to receive some of these FW upgrades.

      However, once a product is discontinued, aside from bug-fixes, FW development should end. That’s just the way it is. Users are not buying cameras with anything like the churn of five or six years ago, and delivering firmware upgrades that turn prospective buyers of new equipment into legacy keepers of old equipment is a great way of turning a financially viable company into a ex-company. And I say this from the position of an X100s user who would love to see some of the updates seen on the X100t filter back to my camera.

      In addition, this change in firmware restricted to the X-T1 does create a distinct good/better/best hierarchy of both camera design and operation that is a key component of Canon’s and Nikon’s success story. The IQ from camera to camera doesn’t change significantly in Fuji’s line-up, so the differentiator between the lines has to come down to the ergonomics, and the performance. There is now a clear delineation between good (X-A2/X-M1), better (X-E2) and best (X-T1) that matches the price structure, and allows a potential Fuji owner an understandable set of reasons why one product costs more and is better than the others. That being said, the X-T10 potentially wrecks that hierarchy, by offering a better feature set than the X-E2, and I think the FW of the X-T10 and X-E2 should be brought into line. That seems fair.

  • DM

    I’m so excited!! I was thinking I may soon upgrade my Nikon D610 to a D750 just for the better AF that I now need.

    I wonder how the manual mode exposure compensation will work. Will it just change the light meter to influence how you set the parameters?

    • MdB

      It will likely affect the ISO.

    • brian

      It will presumably exactly the same as manual exposure compensation on the X100T:

      Before auto manual exposure compensation (X-T1 today):

      • Aperture: f/2.0
      • Shutter speed: 1/125s
      • ISO: Auto
      • Exposure comp: does nothing at all

      Now with auto manual exposure compensation (X100T, and soon X-T1):

      • Aperture: f/2.0
      • Shutter speed: 1/125s
      • ISO: Auto
      • Exposure comp: adjusts exposure by changing ISO

      Probably not a good name for the feature, since if you have ISO set to auto, it’s still auto exposure, even if you’ve set a specific shutter speed and aperture…

      Depending on how you shoot, some people will never use this, but for those who do, this is a big deal, and something many people have been asking Fuji for for a long time…

    • I own two D750 and two X-T1, and IMO the D750 has the best AF in any camera I’ve ever used (and that’s saying something). I doubt this update is going to put the X-T1 over the top.

      • Guess we’ll see it when we’ll see it. At least Fuji is the only company that is brave (or reckless?) enough to publish the data about operating contrasts of their AF system (and CFA spectral characteristics, by the way).

      • nwcs

        I doubt it would put them over the top, too. I had a D750 for a while. But it doesn’t have to. If it even gets to D7000 level AF it would satisfy the needs of a great many people.

      • DM

        I’m not saying I expect it to be as good as the D750, but considering the jump from the D610 to D750 costs a fair bit of money. The fact is that my D610 is not that old, Nikon choosing to cripple it so it doesn’t eat into higher camera sales, I’d rather get my X-T1 free firmware and then decide whether Nikon are deserving of my money! If it’s a decent improvement, it’ll be enough.

    • Arnold Newman

      It’s no different than EC in in any other mode. It looks at the meter reading and biases it in one direction or another based on your setting. The difference is that it is changing ISO instead of shutter speed or aperture.

      • DM

        Yea I guess I thought manual meant full manual, including ISO as I am used to using.

  • MdB

    So will the X100T get some of these upgrades?

  • gr

    I was hoping to finally be able to completely turn the noise reduction off. : (

  • Johannes

    Fuji just updates their Bestseller. Nobody buys a new x100s with the x100T on the market. I have a x-e2 and its the nice camera. i think it is in everbodys interest that fuji grows in marketshare and the best way to do this is to have a competitive camera out. Everbody complains about af and now the af of their best selling camera is better. nice one thx

  • JAM005

    Why not simply focus then recompose? It works for me.

  • Knick
  • Александр Туманский

    Fuji ,бLяTь, why do not you release a new firmware X-E2 ???

  • supertezza

    Being an early adopter X-E2 owner (full price) i think these are poor marketing tactics from Fuji: pushing X-E2 owners into a forced upgrade when many of the ‘updated’ firmware features could trickle down from X-T1 (which was only released 3 months later) to X-E2.

    I am very happy for the X-T1 owners, this is a hell of a free upgrade (or seems to be).

    The argument that X-E2 should expect nothing more than what they bought is just no valid when (i) FUJI has been openly marketing the Kaizen philosophy, (ii) aggressively applying it to the X-T1, and (iii) X-E2 / X-T1 share a common platform (sensor, image processing software, etc.). Any X-T1 owner saying the opposite would be making quite a selfish comment.

    I will certainly not be bullied by Fuji into buying an X-T1 or X-T10, and for now will focus on taking pictures with my excellent X-E2 :) . I don’t think i will spend more $ in the system either, it is a very nice travel camera and will stay this way.

    Just a shame to know some quirks and AF could easily be improved but won’t happen anymore… especially with the X-10 around the corner which now put the X-E2 in all but the discontinued category, albeit remaining an excellent camera with it own quirks…

    • FUJI has been openly marketing the Kaizen philosophy

      I nominate strawman as man of the year.

      • supertezza

        Yes i stand by this (and many others will), so what is your point ?

        With your one line irrelevant comments (not demonstrating anything) you are not adding much to the debate.

        • And great many people will stand by “Saddam has no WMD”, so what? It doesn’t make this statement factual. Do you know the difference between facts and factoids? How about the difference between facts and statements?…

          • supertezza

            Someone ran out of ideas.

          • Look at all the wonderful fucks I give.

          • LeFred

            Community websites have been openly marketing the Kaizen philosophy.
            Fuji has been less straightforward : “Yes, the cycle is getting longer. We want to create devices that you can use longer. The firmware updates will continue.”
            But since Fuji released cameras with so many quirks, and released so many updates, I wouldn’t blame anyone for expecting further updates. Fuji cameras are clearly not finished yet.
            Now I have a hard time understanding why so many people want Fuji NOT to release updates. We are all Fuji users, we should all ask for updates for every half-baked Fuji cameras.

          • If there was a perfectly baked camera on the market, that would’ve been the end of it, don’t you think?… All cameras can be called “half baked”, no matter what brand or era.

    • Arnold Newman

      Your logic is sound if you are correct that the hardware between the X-T1 and the X-E2 is basically the same. If it isn’t, then Fuji’s decision is a pragmatic one that is easier to understand. That doesn’t make it suck any less if you are an X-E2 owner, of course.

      • supertezza

        Even when you accept as a hypothesis that the AF may not be the same, many of the software features could have easily been applied to the X-E2 etc…

        Agreed makes no difference to the existing camera either way :).

  • Gr

    Looks good but I was hoping they would finally include turning noise reduction completely off. We have been asking for a very long time now.

    • Didiergm

      I have read somewhere that with the so-called isoless sensors, this is not possible being hardwired into the sensor

      • Jano

        I think he’s just talking about the waxy skin NR. That one can most definitely be turned off.

        • Didiergm

          aaah ok

    • Like I said many times before, waxy skin has [almost] nothing to do with NR, it’s a different feature altogether (Fuji calls it “Image Intelligence”). But yeah, I’d love to see an option to turn it off.

      • kalvin

        Me too! this was not present on early Xe-1

        • George

          Pana GX-7 offers 5 -/+ levels of NR and it works great. This was probably the biggest and most repeted request of Fuji users in X-cam history, and Fuji stayed deaf on it. Truly Kaizen.

          • sir_c

            I guess they use the same noise filter on our comments. All smooth today… no complaints, sir. Snafu

  • wilbur

    I’m an X-Pro 1 user, and it’s been a while since a firmware update has been released for my camera. I’ve noticed something, however. When the X-T1 gets a firmware update that doesn’t apply to the X-Pro 1, my camera still works as it did before.

    • Shawn S

      It’s amazing! My XE-1 has the same amazing property!

      • Interestingly, both X-E1 and X-Pro1 have no waxy skin phenomenon. We can only dream of such update, and you already have it!

        • Shawn S

          I really like my XE-1. My hope is that if they do release an XE-3, it’ll be unwaxed.

          • I’m afraid that this won’t be the case. Sometimes Japanese companies display illogical obsession with some useless gimmick (remember Sony’s memory schticks, I mean, sticks?))… I think something similar happens now with Fuji and the “Image Intelligence”.


          • Shawn S

            You are probably on to something there. Maybe I need a post processing de-waxing filter. Either way though I suspect I would buy an XE-3 if they make one.

          • Oh, I’ll definitely buy one, as I much prefer the “RF” form factor. As long as Fuji keeps their wonderful colors, I’m in.

          • sir_c

            But only the wonderful colours please. Not the peach/salmon skintones at high ISO. They’re bloody nasty to correct.

          • nwcs

            Seems every generation of camera goes through another generation of jpeg optimization. So when the X-Trans III image pipeline is announced I’m sure there will be another set of optimizations to jpeg which will no doubt make some people happy and move cheese for another group. I suspect that the jpeg properties that people don’t like in X-Trans II are baked into the hardware and things like noise reduction are red herrings.

          • Jano

            The waxy skin is NOT baked into the hardware. Fuji’s ISO 6400 is actually 1600 pushed two stops in post (exactly the same RAW data).

            Try it: take an image (of skin, preferably with lots of detail) at ISO 6400. Then take the same image again but underexpose two stops using ISO 1600. Now push the second image two stops with the in-camera RAW converter. Tada, you have a beautiful JPEG at the same brightness as the 6400 file but with all the detail you want.

          • nwcs

            I know how the sensor works. The jpeg converter on board is almost certainly baked in. All I’m saying is that the jpeg parameters and conversion algorithms are very likely not changeable. The noise reduction thing is just a way to influence the built in converter.

            Of course, it’s not my desire to do super low light photography of people and expect great results. Nor is it my desire to do strictly jpeg out of camera as my only option.

          • Jano

            With all the options you have with the in-camera converter I’m pretty sure Fuji isn’t very limited in what they can do in software (they can even add a new profile like CC).

            But it doesn’t matter whether the algorithms are baked in or not, the algorithm we need is already present in the camera. Fuji just needs an option “Image Intelligence Off” that pretends ISO 6400 files were ISO 1600 (which they are) and pushes them in the same way the in-camera converter does. No magic. It’s definitely possible and already in there.

        • mikeswitz

          Better sensor. If you get rid of PDAF you too can have wax free skin.

  • Sinjun

    Nice update. Imagine what the XPro2 and the X-T2 will be capable of with these enhancements plus next gen processor and sensor. (Does anyone have any info, other than likely to be 24mp, about what the next generation sensor will be like in terms of low light performance and image quality?)

  • Martin

    And again no improved exposure bracketing to -2…+2 … This should be so easy… Does anyone know what the strategy behind this is not to update this….?

  • Project95

    I’m curious if any of these new AF improvements help with tracking a toddler running around using the XF16-55mmF2.8 lens? I didn’t notice any of the new AF improvements help that specific lens.

  • nwcs

    I’m pumped. Can’t wait to load this on my X-T1. I wish my X-E2 could share in some of the love but I understand why it won’t. Makes me feel even better about staying with Fuji for the long term. Some of my frustration using the 55-200 and 50 macro might finally go away. :)

    • I think Fuji will release 4.0 goodness for XE2 too, but much later. That’s a typical corporate sales logic fallacy – most likely they think that downplaying XE2 now will improve figures for the XT10.

      • Ryan

        I hope the xe2 will get it. I hope the x100s gets some love as well.

        If the xt -1 didn’t get the update I wouldn’t expect my xe2 to also get it. But given the same hardware. I would expect it to receive a similar update. Since it’s not a discontinued product. Unless the xe2 being a rf type is inferior in the production line some how.

      • nwcs

        Possibly, it’s really hard to guess outside of Fuji headquarters. I also suspect more firmware updates to the E2 but not as many. I think the problem is that a lot of differences between cameras (thinking mainly mirrorless, but some dslr) is totally firmware driven and not hardware. Most of the boundaries between models is arbitrary from the beginning. I can see why people get disappointed that their camera isn’t updated to the max level possible but it’s so impractical and not cost effective for Fuji to do that for every model.

        • I think it’s pretty simple, even primitive.

          1. Fuji is about to release an XT10, rocking the brand new AF algorithms and shiny features.
          2. Since XT10 is a cheaper version of the XT1, Fuji must update the XT1 too.
          3. XT10 is released just in time for the season of weddings and vacations, when a lot of people are buying new cameras “for an occasion”.
          4. XT10 is aimed more or less at the same niche as XE2. Updating XE2 now will tremendously undermine XT10 sales (“analysis paralysis”).
          5. Most likely we’ll see a 4.0 update for XE2 just before announce of the X-Pro2 (to restart a Kaizen buzz).

          • luke_j__

            That actually makes a lot of sense and I really hope you’re right about that.

          • Arnold Newman

            I completely agree with your logic on #1 and #2. And there’s no downside. You lose me on #4 because I’m not sure there’s much analysis paralysis between the X-E2 and X-T10 with their different form factors. Maybe Fuji would prefer an X-T10 sale over an X-E2 sale simply for support purposes down the line. Not sure. I would bet the real issue is hardware differences, however small, that makes work on an X-E2 upgrade cost prohibitive due to low sales numbers. I would be happy to be wrong but if I had to bet I would bet against the X-E2 seeing this upgrade.

          • Decisions are made (or at least heavily influenced) by the sales/marketing department, and their goal is numbers. Sales numbers. Number of sales of XT10 to be exact. Why is that so, I can only speculate; maybe there’s a new team at play?…

          • Tomás

            God hear you ! otherwise I start to look outside fuji …

          • DM

            Crazy analysis as only you could Trenton, I like it!

  • nwcs

    The continuous improvement took the form of the X100T.

  • TimoB

    Sounds great!

    But i’m a little dissappointed…

    My X-T1 now suffered several times with dead pixels on the sensor.
    A re-map function (like Olympus and Panasonic) would be fantastic!

    I don’t want to send my camera to Fuji every month for re-mapping!

    What will happen when my camera runs out of warranty? Do I have
    to pay for re-mapping? That would be very sad and I will leave
    the Fuji train…

  • There’s no strategy. I personally know a few official “Team X” shooters, and they all, on different occasions, described a process of Fuji collecting their feedback. It seems that there’s a great deal of data collection, but no effort goes to prioritizing. Which means, it’s a lottery of sorts.

  • Jano

    Yeah, in the same way that Apple is close to filing bankruptcy because my iPhone 4S is able to run the latest OS and gets all the features that the hardware is capable of.

    Giving products a long life creates trust and allows people to update more often because the used prices are high. Many companies don’t get that and argue with the same pseudo arguments that you quote. That doesn’t make them true though.

    • nwcs

      In principle I agree with you but there are differences. At the time when released the iPhones are top of the line hardware at very high premium prices. So the future potential is higher to start with. Also Apple’s stated measure is 2 OS releases. Possibly more but the expectation is 2. Most people find the second one is too hard for the hardware. Not many people are happy running iOS 8 on a 4s. They also generally speaking produce 1 (and now 2) models only.

      Now if Fuji re-engineered their cameras to be top of the line hardware and only produced 2 models every year this could be more doable. But the state of camera technology changes much slower than smartphones. So I doubt a camera company could survive on 1/2 premium models per year plus 2 major OS updates after.

    • Slartibartfast

      I’m sure if Fuji was getting the kind of sales Apple gets for every new iteration of iPhone, we’d be seeing FW updates that apply to the latest model reach back to predecessors.

      But I don’t think any company is getting millions of people buying cameras now, so we need to be more level-headded about this. Also, a camera’s life-cycle is not related to whether or not it gets the latest firmware. I still use an X100s. Surprisingly, when it didn’t get the Classic Chrome emulation, it completely failed to explode or stop working. It is still a good camera. It’s just now a camera that has been superseded. It will likely continue to be a good, but superseded, camera for some time.

      If I were to sell it now, I’d get half what I paid for it. If there had been a Classic Chrome firmware update and I were to sell it now, I’d still get half what I paid for it. And I’ll sell it when I’m done with it, a date which will not be greatly modified by new FW.

  • dhs4006

    When I bought XE2, XE2 is almost an XT1 in a smaller body. XT1 is only about 250 dollars more expensive. But now, FUJI tells me XT1 is another camera, and XE2 is nearly abandoned. A little sadness…Maybe I will have enough money when FUJI releases X Pro 2…

  • nwcs

    Sure, the AF tracking will help. They did list that lens in the video but they only highlighted lenses that would probably benefit most. Other lenses will also benefit but perhaps not as much.

  • This doesn’t seem to be an improvement to low-light AF speed, so my Nikons aren’t going anywhere yet.

    • nwcs

      Hard to say until we actually see it. And things could change in the month or so until release. But I’d be OK with the lower speed AF in lower light if the accuracy is higher. A slow but sure lock is better than slow but unsure lock.

    • MarkG70

      not so sure…

      The built-in phase detection pixels have the detection range of 0.5EV, an improvement from the previous 2.5EV, delivering phase detection AF performance that enables fast focusing in low-light conditions and on low-contrast subjects.)

  • Brad

    Did anyone notice that a recommended lens on the AF-C Wide tracking feature was the 16XF 1.4R ?

    • explorer76

      “delivering phase detection AF performance that enables fast focusing in low-light conditions and on low-contrast subjects”

      They clearly mention that phase detect AF will now work at lower light levels delivering faster focusing in lower light levels.

    • MrGecko

      Yes, and a few lenses such as the 23 were not included????

    • karinatwork

      I’m pretty certain that this doesn’t mean it won’t work on other lenses. At least… one could hope. :)

    • Chris

      I think this is more like an ad for the newer lens.

  • karinatwork


    • Arnold Newman

      That’s exactly what I was going to say — but it doesn’t seem strong enough!

      • e_stern

        How do you know that?

  • R Leung

    The crazy zone tracking looks like what the Sony A6000 does.

  • AceFlibble

    It means to try to better what you have using what you have, rather than starting over. It does not mean ‘to infinitely update the firmware of’, nor is it some ‘secret sauce’ that means any given update is better than it would otherwise be. It is simply shorthand for a philosophy to get the most out of what you’ve got before you go changing to something else.

    If you, or anybody else, thinks the casual use of the term is some sort of promise that your hardware will always be updated alongside every other update for every other piece of gear, and that there will never truly be a final firmware update, and that Fuji somehow owes you more free updates long after your piece of kit has become obsolete, you are quite simply delusional.

    Oh, and by the way, I’m an X100S owner. In fact I (perhaps stupidly) bought an X100S mere months before the X100T was announced (which is why I learnt to start checking this site more often…). I can’t say I feel at all cheated, lied to or let down. I paid my money for an X100S and I got an X100S. On top of that there were already a couple of firmware updates that had been put out which meant Fuji had already improved the camera beyond what it had begun life as by the time I bought one. Would more free updates by nice? Of course. But if the X100S never gets updated ever again, I’ve still got what I paid for. Fuji still supported the camera after launch, even if I only became a user after the fact.

    They updated the X100S a couple of times, got about as much out of it as they could*, then moved on to the X100T. That is entirely ‘kaizen’. Continuing to update the 100S alongside every other camera, after the X100T has been released, would not be ‘kaizen’. That would be called ‘a waste of R&D and completely stupid’.

    *Okay, yes, they could still put Classic Chrome on the X100S, but that’s really about the only ‘improvement’ they can make. It’s not like a firmware update can put in the little focusing screen from the T. And you can put Classic Chrome on the X100S yourself if you care that much about it.

    • Konrad Sarnowski

      I don’t care for Classic Chrome – they missed really important features, which are “default” for other manufacturers AND they are present in X100T AAAND they are strictly firmware features – not hardware. I’m using my ‘S every day, pushing it to the limits and I really hate moments when I’m hitting the wall and missing the shot, because of stupid lack of exposure compensation when Manual+AutoISO (just an example). The difference between S and T is just not worth the money or effort to switch (sell S, get more money, buy T – there’s really not enough crazy people in Poland to pay so much for such camera :/)

  • Wolf Ticket

    God this complaining children.. Why the f did u buy this camera?? I dont need this firmware update. Just be fucking thankfull that they care and dont make a new camera with this features instead like most companys would have… humans…

  • Jano

    “Surprisingly, when it didn’t get the Classic Chrome emulation, it completely failed to explode or stop working.”

    Why do some of you always have to pretend like we say anything like that only because we would like new firmware? Of course it doesn’t break my camera.

    And yes, Classic Chrome wouldn’t have gotten you a higher used price. But CC, customisable buttons, customisable Q-Menu and much better AF would surely have kept the use price up higher than what it is now. Let’s face it, *probably* everything except for Wifi and the updated HVF could have been added to the X100S through firmware.

  • Kinu Grove

    If this works as well as it does in the video I will be really excited. This has to be one of the areas I hoped to see improved in an update !!!

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