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New Picktorial X-Pack Adds Fujifilm Film Simulation Profiles – Download Now


Back on April 4, we reported about the release of Picktorial 3.0, with proprietary Fujifilm X-Trans RAW support. Now, just as rumored, Picktorial released an update which adds Fujifilm’s film simulations profiles.

You can get the latest Picktorial version here, and then get the X-pack here for $15 (Note: Requires Picktorial 3.0.4 or later)

FIRST LOOK: Picktorial X-Pack First Look by thomas fitzgerald

Full Press Release

Picktorial’s new X-Pack film simulation color profiles offer further appeal for Fuji RAF users

Jerusalem, Israel – August 16, 2017 – Picktorial Innovations, Ltd. is excited to announce its latest offering to the Fuji community with X-Pack, a package of pitch-perfect film simulation color profiles for Fujifilm RAF files. With this unique add-on to Picktorial 3, the simple yet powerful non- destructive RAW photo editing platform for Mac, Fuji photographers can enjoy the renowned look of the Fujifilm Film-Simulation yet retain the capability and latitude of the X-Trans sensor output.

Already a favorite within the Fuji community due to its superior X-Trans RAW support, Picktorial has added the X-Pack with 14 color profiles reproducing the Fuji Film-Simulation modes found in- camera when shooting in JPEG format. These profiles, based on the original films, are considered one of the most beloved features in the Fuji X-series digital cameras.

Picktorial continues to develop new features in line with its mission: providing intuitive, pro-level tools to every photographer, expanding creative opportunities while saving editing time. Since its launch in April 2017, Picktorial 3 has received rave reviews from both leading publications and users alike.

Included in the X-Pack are the following profiles:

  2. Camera ACROS
  3. Camera ACROS+Ye
  4. Camera ACROS+R
  5. Camera ACROS+G
  6. Camera Velvia/VIVID
  8. Camera PRO Neg. Hi
  9. Camera PRO Neg. Std
  10. Camera ASTIA/SOFT
  11. Camera MONOCHROME
  12. Camera MONOCHROME+Ye
  13. Camera MONOCHROME+R
  14. Camera MONOCHROME+G

The camera profiles are compatible with Fujifilm X-Trans(TM) RAF files.


Picktorial 3.0.4 or later

About the Company:
Picktorial is an Israel-based startup, founded by three entrepreneurs with diverse academic and industrial experience. Picktorial is committed to making innovative technologies accessible to the photography market, through the development of user-friendly products powered by state-of-the- art image-processing infrastructure and algorithms.

Picktorial X-Pack Film Simulation for Fuji X-Trans RAF