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New Fuji X PRO 1 tests!


Our readers keep sending me more and more news about the X PRO 1. Here are the latest two:

1) “Image samples from Fujifilm X-Pro1 (not pre-production!) showing ISO-performance and center/corner sharpess of the 18 mm and 35 mm lenses:
Norwegian words:
Senterskarphet = center sharpness
Hjørneskarphet = corner sharpness

2) “I am a professional wedding/portrait/travel photographer in Canada who has been recently engaged by Fujifilm Canada to shoot some promotional images with a pre-preproduction X-Pro 1 for their upcoming product launch in Canada. They have also asked me to provide feedback about the camera system to them.
They have asked me not to share any images I shoot (yet) as they want to present them to the press/public at the product launch, however, they gave me permission to discuss my thoughts about the camera.
I have written a “working review” as I have been using the camera for a week in my studio on live client work. Fujifilm really wanted to know how the camera performs on the job, so I approached my review from that “working photographer” perspective.
If you would like to see the review (and maybe show it to your readers), you can find it at:

Thanks for sending me this!!!