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First X PRO 1 review from Norwegen. And plenty of more image samples!


The norwegian website Fotomagasinet (Click here to read the english google translation) posted: “After testing a few hundred cameras in my life, I have become quite spoiled, but the X-PRO1 impressed me. There are of course some things are not quite optimal – we can imagine a better electronic viewfinder, sealing, image stabilization in camera body and of course, better battery life. However, compared with the positive – a camera that is relatively small, discreet, quiet, with stunning picture quality a unique viewfinder and ergonomics that work, the weaknesses quite small in comparison.

ePhotozine posted image samples taken with all three diferent lenses: The 35mm f/1.4 (Click here to see), The 18mm f/2.0 (Click here to see), The 60mm macro (Click here to see). Also Photographyblog (Click here) posted a set of photos. A hands-on review has been posted at Amateur Photographer (Click here).