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New Cactus V6II Firmware adds Support for Metz M400 for Fujifilm, TTL Group Metering, TTL Ratio and More!


A new Cactus X-TTL firmware for Fujifilm (version FUJ.1.002) is available on the Cactus V6II. They have added TTL Group Metering, TTL Ratio, support for Metz M400 and more (full list below).

Learn more at the dedicated Cactus X-TTL webpage here.

Cactus V6II: BHphoto, AmazonUS, Adorama.
Metz Mecablitz M400: BHphoto, Adorama, AmazonUS

Full Update Details

Firmware FUJ.1.002 (Released on 03 Jul 2017)

Bug fixes:

– Fixed various sync time and power output issues with Canon system flashes.
– Fixed the problem in controlling zoom with Fujifilm EF-42 and EF-X500.
– Fixed the inaccurate flash power of off-camera flashes when being triggered by
test button pressing on the V6 II TX.
– Fixed the broken sequence in <GROUP SEQUENCE> mode.

New functions:

Group metering: In group metering, the through-the-lens metering is executed
separately for each off-camera group. To turn on group metering, press [MENU].
Turn the selection dial to <CAMERA & FLASH SETUP> sub-menu, press [OK]. Turn
the selection dial to <GROUP METERING> and press [OK]. Turn the selection dial
to <ON> and press [OK]. Group D will be disabled when group metering is turned

TTL Ratio A:B: The required TTL power level to achieve a proper exposure will be
distributed in a specific ratio to group A and B. To switch the control panel to TTL
Ratio A:B, make sure that the group metering has been turned on. Press [MENU],
turn the selection dial to <POWER SETUP> sub-menu, and press [OK]. Turn the
selection dial to <FLASH MODE>, press [OK]. Turn the selection dial to <A:B
RATIO> and press [OK].

  • Press and hold [A] while turning the selection dial to adjust the TTL
    compensation of A:B group.
  • Press and hold [B] while turning the selection dial to adjust the A:B ratio
    from 8.0:1 to 1:8.0.
  • The flash mode and power level of group C can be controlled separately.
    Group D will be disabled.

Master control on Fujifilm cameras: In the group metering mode, control the off-
camera flashes in A, B, or C group on <FLASH FUNCTION SETTING> menu of the
Fujifilm camera and the V6 II TX will communicate with the RX units on behalf of
the camera.

Flash compatibility:
– Added support to Metz M400 for Fujifilm.