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miXed zone: XF90mm Review at Riflessifotografici :: From Nikon to Fuji :: How to make Great Music Images & more!


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By FR-reader Tomas:

I made a few sample images, shot mostly wide open or stopped down to 2.8 showing bokeh, sharpness and edge performance. The photos has been shot in raw and I did not do any editing except improting to lightroom and publishing to flickr.

The sharpness is great at 2.0 and awesome at 2.8, no need to stop it down more. This applies across the picture. Bokeh is good, great for street photography, good enough for portraits. One thing that ppl tend to forget is that this lens minimum focus distance is only 35mm so you can get very close and that way manipulate the DOF to compensate the max aperture which is just f2.0.

The lens price is a steal for what it is.
The size and weight? Barely noticeable, feels like a little bird that you can hide in your hands.

The standard lens hood is this time plastic, which I didn’t like at the beginning and was searching for a metal replacement. But it’s really minimalistic, keeping the profile of the lens as small as possible and not obscuring the OVF on my XPRO1. So although it’s plastic I’ll probably keep it.

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1.4x Teleconverter
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XF90mmF2 WR

XF90mmF2 review at riflessifotografici
“till today I am still astonished at how Fujinon is able to make all these high quality lenses.”

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eBook: Get in The Loop: How To Make Great Music Images: How to get started, to prepare, what to bring, what to put in the bag, contracts and 46 images analysed incl. tech details… and all with X-series gear :)

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