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miXed zone: Apple RAW X-M1 support, admiringlight and phoblographer 27mm review, comparisons and more


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Apple RAW compatibility update adds support for X-M1 here.

– The Phoblographer published the X-M1 review here: “What happens when you take the best APS-C sensor in the business that just so happened to be in your flagship camera and put it in your entry level camera? Well, you get some damned good image quality that can rival that of a full frame camera’s performance. […] The camera’s JPEG conversion engine is also worthy of talking about–especially when converting an image to a black and white. pixel for pixel at higher ISOs, the engine crushes absolutely any noise issues and delivers a superbly sharp image with film grain that looks completely organic.”

digitalcamerainfo’s review of the X-M1 can be read here: “Putting an X-Trans sensor in a plastic body is a bit like putting a Ferrari engine in a Toyota Camry. Yeah it’s got a lot of get up and go, but at the end of the day, the beige paint and cloth seats diminish the overall experience. And the handling? Not so sporty. If you’re willing to spend $800 on a Fuji X-series camera, chances are you’re the kind of shopper who’s looking for ultimate quality, both in image quality and build. So do yourself a favor: Spend a little more and pick up an X-E1. For the extra coin, you’ll get improved controls, the confidence of an all-metal build, and the same great image quality.”

– The comprehensive optyczne X-M1 review is online here (translation).

– A little bit of street photography with the X-M1 at (translation).

– A quick take of Mike Kobal’s favorite compacts: Fuji X-M1, Ricoh GR and Sony RX100II here.


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– Fuji X100s Long Term Report at “I guess it goes to show you that no camera is perfect. And no tool can be expected to do EVERYTHING well. But the X100s comes close.”

neocamera X100S review here: “The Fuji X100S is an extremely capable premium compact camera. It features a unique 16 MP X-Trans II CMOS sensor without anti-alias filter that delivers image-quality which competes with the best APS-C DSLRs on the market.”

wired posted its X100S review here: “WIRED: Compact size. Amazing photo quality. You look cool using it. – TIRED: Controls take longer than usual to master. Battery life and meter can cut a planned long day shooting too short.

Three Guys With Cameras Part II of the comparison of the X100S with the GR and Coolpix A is now up. You can find it here.

– See Florence through the eye of the X100S at

– X100 vs X100S at thevisualexperience.

– focus-numerique’s review can be read in French here (translated version)

– The Fuji X100S makes an appearance at the James Beard Awards (click here)

– A short feedback with some samples checked out here at


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– X-E1 review at photoxels here. They posted some sample shots taken with the 27mm: “The Fujifilm X-E1 inherits the DNA of the X-PRO1 with image quality that rivals and even bests that obtained from some enthusiast and top-end DSLRs. It swaps the Hybrid optical/electronic Multi Viewfinder for a very high resolution OLED EVF and adds a built-in flash. It accepts all the XF and XC lenses and, with the M Mount Adapter, can also use LEICA M lenses. If you like the X-PRO1 but can’t afford it, the X-E1 may just be the one for you.”

– Fuji X-E1 and Sigma 12-24mm samples at soundimageplus here: “Its not pretty. In fact its ugly, heavy, huge and difficult to use, but the Sigma 12-24mm takes a great picture on the Fuji X-E1.”

Leica M9 vs Fuji X-E1 at frankdoorhof here. From the conclusions: “Now when we know that most people will use the Leica on the street and that you need some speed there I think that the Leica is a great/sexy/cool and awesome to shoot with camera BUT… due to the lack of focussing speed it’s not the camera I would advise, even if it was the same price…….. However seeing the fact I can buy 6x X-E1′s for one M9 (and I don’t even talk about glass)… well I will advise the X-E1 without a doubt in my mind. Also take into account the dynamic range in the X-E1 and the much better handling of noise I’m more and more convinced the Leica is not the better choice.”

– “photo shoot: take a rapper and the X-E1” here.

– Forbes X-E1 review here.

– Some testings with the X-E1 can be seen here at thomasfitzgeraldphotography.


Fuji XF 27mm: Amazon, Adorama, B&H, eBay Fuji XF 55-200mm: Amazon, Adorama, B&H, eBay

– thephoblographer’s XF 27mm review here: “PROS: Compact size – Sharp image quality – Low profile look – Fast to focus CONS: An aperture ring would have been preferred – Macro focusing doesn’t really work out so well

– Also admiringlight posted its XF 27mm review here: “Overall, the Fujinon XF 27mm f/2.8 is a pleasant lens to use and a great option when you want the smallest possible package for your Fuji X camera. It pairs especially well with the tiny X-M1, creating a very portable package capable of very good image quality. The 27mm f/2.8 is sharp at most any aperture, and while the edges are a little softer than the center, they are plenty sharp enough for most any use. This little pancake controls chromatic aberrations and fringing extremely well, and I feel that overall image quality is quite good, though bokeh is rather unremarkable. Ultimately, if you want a very small lens with very good image quality in a nice all-purpose focal length, the XF 27mm f/2.8 will fit the bill quite nicely. I was left wanting for a few things, however. For the $450 asking price, I would have much rather seen a faster aperture, as an f/2.8 prime lens isn’t exactly a speed demon. I would have much preferred this to be an f/2.0 or even f/2.4 lens given the price.”

– The exhibition at the old hospital and the zeiss touit 12mm for x-pro1 at

– Getting close with the 55-200 at here: “The building quality is solid with an all-metal barrel construction like all Fujinon lenses and although it’s a big lens it feels really good on the camera, […] The image sharpness overall is superb, stabilisation (4x) works fine, it has smooth bokeh (!!) […]. I love using it and the image quality is superb compared to the dslr zoom lenses I’ve owned before. I can’t wait to try the 55-200 out when my kids start playing hockey again.

– And here is World Superbikes race shot with the 55-200 and X-PRO1: “All in all, a superb combination of kit. Lightweight, compact and unbelievable quality.”

First day with the XF14mm at rolandlim: “[…] f2.8 aperture is good for indoor and night shots – Although it is certainly not a macro lens, but with a closest focusing distance of 18cm, the macro ability is not bad in emergency use […]”

The Spanish quesabesde tested the 14mm here (translated version)… looks good, and it is!

The Japanese camera.itmedia review (translated version) of the XF14mm.

Fujixfiles XF14mm review here.


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rezaevol X-PRO1 first impressions here: “To be honest I would love to say everyone should buy this camera but that’s not true. The people who should buy this camera are camera enthusiasts, street photographers and or photographers who have a DSLR and want something smaller to carry around everyday with them. I would be brave enough to say that you can use this for fashion photography if you wanted. If your looking to capture fast moving action I suggest you stay away from this camera, unfortunately it’s not fast enough to capture those moments that need fast focusing.”

– X-PRO1 review at mirrorlessons here: “It still needs some improvement, but seeing how the camera has evolved in this year and a half, I really believe that the system can attain perfection and become something completely different from any other system. Not only am I waiting to become just that bit richer, but I am also awaiting a new model and new lenses, like the recently-announced 23mm f/1.4 and the 56mm f/1.2. At that point, I really won’t need a DSLR anymore.”

– Fuji X-Series Cameras For Astrophotography at Jonesblog here.

X-E1 +VSCO Film 4

Fuji X-E1 + VSCO Film 4: A Quick Review at here: