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Message to Anonymous source with Nick-Name


Fellow FR-readers, this message is not for you, but for an anomyous source with nick-name, who just contacted me via rumor box and asked some questions. Since I do not know, how to reply to the source, I’ll do it via Fujirumors. Thanks for your understanding.

And now the answers:

  1. Yes, it’s absolutely enough if you use the same nickname. Some of my very best trusted sources do exclusively contact me anonymously and use a nick-name. I don’t need more than a nick-name to know it’s from the same source.
  2. I’ll only share what you allow me to share. If you want me to keep things confidential, I’ll not tell a word until I have your expressed and clear permission. But please note: as soon as I get the same information for example from a trusted source, and this trusted source gives me the permission to share it, then it will be very hard for me to still keep it secret. It therefore could be useful if you’d contact me via email (also using a fake email account, if you feel more comfortable), so that I can drop you an email as soon as somebody else confirms your rumor. You would be the first to know it, we could talk about it and we could organize, together, the leak.

Important: please specify in the rumors you share, what can be published on FujiRumors and what not.

And last but not least, thank you :-)