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Merry X-Mas…. and 5 Big Thank You to…


SD-card ready? Fully charged battery, too? Is your X-camera updated with the latest firmware? If the answer is YES, YES and YES, then all that remains me is to wish you, and to the people you love, a merry X-mas and happy holidays… and take some great shots with your X today ;-) .

And… I also would like to grab the occasion to say 5 highly deserved “Thank You” (in no particular order)

The 5 Big Thank You

  1. Thank you to all sources, from the anonmyous to the trusted, who shared correct information. I’m really greatful to have you on board of FujiRumors. You guide me safely through the stormy Fuji waters and allow me to share this exciting ride with all the fellow X-shooters out there. I hope we can keep up this journey also in 2017 :)
  2. If FujiRumors is always the first site to break the news, then it’s because of every single one of you guys, who spotted an interesting news, rumor, deal, review, curiosity, and shared it with me. I can’t find all these information alone… so your contribution is vital to keep the blog updated super-fast in real time.
  3. This year I started a new guest post feature. I’d like to thank everybody, who invested his/her time and shared his/her story… and also for the patience and cooperation in those cases, when we had to sort out some plug-in bugs.
  4. FujiRumors would be a lonely place, if there wasn’t such a huge community around it. And therefore I’d like to say thanks to everybody, who participated by sharing a guest post, commenting, sharing on social media, voting the Polls, or simply stop by here and check out the content.
  5. A blog can not run with only heart and soul… at the end of the day I also have to pay the bills generated by the growing costs of this site. And I frankly could close FujiRumors tomorrow morning, if there weren’t some X-shooters out there, who decide to support FR by purchasing their gear via FujiRumors shoplinks (BHphoto, Amazon & Co), click on the banners or make donations. Thank you!

Merry X-mas
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