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Jonas Rask: The Fujifilm GFX is Clever, ACROS is Magic and X-T2 or X-Pro2?… and a Lecture About Streetphotography


We had so much rumors and gear talk lately, that sometimes it can give the impression that photography is more about the gear than about the image. So I thought it’s time to bring the FujiRumors-Universe in the right balance again, and share something that brings us back to the real heart of photography: the image.

And I’d like to do this with Jonas Rask’s ( lecture about his Street photography. He shows some of his amazing images, talks about composition and shares his take on photography in general. But he also talks about vintage lenses and what can we expect of the Fujifilm GFX. You can find the video at Fujifilm Nordic.

The video is 1:10 hours long. I’ve watched and enjoyed it all. The best part is when he talks about how he took his shots and the reasoning behind each of them. But it’s difficult to sum it up in short here on FujiRumors, so I will just share a few excerpts about more gear related thoughts.

  • X-Pro2 or X-T2? Jonas prefers the X-Pro2, because it fits his style better, especially due to the hybrid viewfinder (he shoots mainly street photography) – starts min. 31:40
  • ACROS: Jonas is a big fan! It’s impossible to emulate in Lightroom in post, because what it actually does in camera, is that it analizes the highlights of the image and adjust the grain there, then it analizes the midtones and adjust the grain there, and the same happens with the shadows. That’s why Jonas, when shooting BW, he just uses the ACROS JPEG. – starts 36:40
  • Fujifilm GFX: Jonas just tested it briefly at photokina. It’s lighter and smaller than the Nikon D810. The lenses are bright, and you could probably do documentary stuff with the GFX, because you can have fast shutters speeds because of the fast aperture, reducing shakes. The GFX has 12 electrical pins, which should make it possible to adapt many old lenses, including leaf shutter lenses (very clever) – starts min 52:38