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Medium Format Fuji :: To Be Launched along with 3 Lenses! (with POLL) – Source Right in the Past


Medium Format Fuji

Medium Format Fuji

Before we talk about the Medium Format Fuji, let me say just this: it’s undeniable, Hasselblad caused a sensation with the Hasselblad X1D, the first “compact” Mirrorless Medium Format Camera.

It’s great to see a company, that many declared as dead, come back with such an awesome product.

It’s also great to know that the future Medium Format Fuji will have a strong competitor. The X1D has set the bar now. Now it’s up to Fujifilm to beat Hasselblad’s MF offer.

And speaking of Medium Format Fuji, I have an update for you today, coming from a source, who was right in the past.

The source says that, at the moment, Fujifilm plans to release the Medium Format Fuji along with 3 lenses.

Keep in mind: early rumor, grain of salt, you know the story… but enough for us to have fun speculating :-)

Which 3 lenses should Fujifilm launch?

I’ll share a Poll now, but just a very vague one, asking you how many primes or zooms you’d like to accompany the MF Fuji. Drop your vote and then feel free to specify the desired focal length and speed in the comments.

To keep it simple, express your wish in FF equivalent terms.

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Which Medium Format lenses should Fujifilm launch along with the MF camera?

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