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Mastering the X-E1/X-PRO1 30% discount + price for the XF 23mm raised to $899 + X100 firmware


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Mastering the X-PRO1/X-E1

The new book of Rico Pfirstinger just went to the printer and is expected to hit the market in late October. Rico shares his deep technical knowledge and lots of useful tips and tricks with you. Make the best out of your X-PRO1, X-E1 (and the rumored X-E2 ;) ). You can grab it now with a discount of 30% at AmazonUS here for $21! At Amazon you can also look inside the book! I’m sure everybody, from the Pro, the enthusiast to the not so¬†well-versed photographer will find this book very useful.

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X100 firmware

Don’t worry, it will come. A couple of days ago the French site focus-numerique posted a leaked press release with the announcement of the XF 23mm and the X100 firmware. Well, I think that Fuji originally planed to announce the firmware and the new lens together but then realized that they needed a bit more time to sort out the last bugs. It’s just a matter of time… let’s begin the countdown again. I hope I can give you a new release date soon.