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Luminar AI with New “Adaptive Templates” to create Perfect “Cheat Photos” without to touch a single button or slider :)


Skylum presented the first of the many new features coming with the future Luminar AI (preorder here).

It is named “adaptive templates” and which are “AI powered presets”. It analyzes the image you upload and it automatically applies all necessary correction based on the elements it recognizes in the photo. You don’t even have to move a single slider…it’s a serious cheater tool :)

No, seriously… if you are a content creator that relies also on sharing often on social media, speeding up the workflow is crucial, hence I can see all this smart automatization becoming very useful to optimize your time.

Check out more at the dedicated Lumunar AI page, where you can get it with pre-order discount.

Here are some results you get with the new AI template and no single human touch.