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Top 10 September Articles: New Firmware Updates, X-S10 Rumors, Why Sony A7C does not Kill APS-C, Fujifilm X-H2 Breaktrough and More


Here are the top 10 articles for September.

Looking back it seems we had a fun month. But you know what… I have the feeling it will just get better from now on. ;)

And what about this… a fun experiment?

Write in the comments what you think will become the top 10 articles of October. Let’s see who will come closest to the real deal ;).

  1. Firmware Updates for Fujifilm X-T4, X-T3, X-T2, X-T1, X-H1, X-Pro3, X-Pro2, X-Pro1, X-E3, X-T20 and X-T30 Released
  2. Fujifilm X-S10 New Mid-Range Camera is Coming
  3. Fujifilm X-S10: Fuji’s First APS-C Mid-Range MILC camera With IBIS
  4. Sony A7c Full Frame vs Fujifilm X-E3 APS-C, or 7 Reasons why the New Sony A7c is Not an APS-C Killer
  5. Fujifilm Manager: GFX Triumph and Full Frame Attack Strategy, Shrinking IBIS, AI Future, Fuji X-H2 Needs Breakthrough, COVID and More
  6. Fujinon XF 10-24mm f/4 Mark II Coming Soon
  7. Viltrox 56mmF1.4 vs Fujinon XF 56mmF1.2 First Image Quality Comparison
  8. Fujifilm X-S10 Coming October 15
  9. 4½ Great Reasons Why the Fujinon XF50mmF1.0 Exists (NOT Shallower DOF) and Differences to 56mmF1.2 (APD)
  10. 2019 Mirrorless Camera Market: FUJIFILM is Solid Third with 500k Shipments Behind Sony (1.65 million) and Canon (940k)

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