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Local Store lists Fujifilm GFX 50s for “about €8000” :: More Fujifilm GFX Hands-On Reports


The 3,500 members of the Fujifilm GFX facebook group are very active. Some had the opportunity to test the GFX and shared their feedback for example here, some other guys are fighting hard to get their hands on as first on the GFX, like E. Bouvet and J. Apruzzese here, and more feedback and images can be checked out also here.

So you see… the group is very active and sharing stuff that fast, that I simply can’t keep up with it on FujiRumors. So, if you are interested in the Fujifilm GFX, then I recommend you to join the Fujifilm GFX facebook group.

Now, there are still many questions open regarding the Fujifilm GFX, and one of the hottest is for sure about its price. I’ve reported in the past, how an official Vietnamese store and Fujifilm showroom listed the GFX (+ lens) for sale for $8500 (€7,700).

Another hint has just been spotted by GFX facebook member Boerckel here. He noticed the flier of a German Store, where the Fujifilm GFX 50s price is said to be “about €8000“. It’s not clear if they mean body only or with GF63mm lens. The image shows the camera with lens, whereas the product description does not mention the lens.

Some reactions from the comments here:

  • J. Lindalen: “kids won’t be getting christmas presents this year, I need to save up some $$
  • M. Kuhnreich “Ha, my kids aren’t even allowed at the dentist this year. Daddy’s portraits are going to look awesome, though!”

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