Lightroom 4.4 Release Candidate with better X-Trans support on Monday


This is a looong expected rumor!

A trusted source told me that on Monday Adobe should release Lightroom 4.4 RC with better support for X-TRANS RAF-files! Let’s hope that Adobe finally unlocked the potential of the X-Trans-files.

  • duo

    wow. Great news. Lets hope it will do a good job.

    • M

      It’s not news, it is a rumor.

    • MikeT

      it’s up on the Adobe site now .. no longer a rumour. Go to Adobe Labs for the pre-release.

  • Very good news, I don’t mind the softness, it’s the awful colour I hate.

  • Roberto

    Great hopes then. So I was right to put on hold the purchase of Capture 1 (essentially for speed reasons)

    • Zorg

      Same here! Was quite close to pulling the trigger (still have a couple of weeks left on my demo).

  • Good news! Hope this helps. :)

  • Peter

    I’ll be curious to see how it stacks up to CaptureOne, which in my limited testing does a great job.

    But even it, apparently doesn’t unlock the full potential of X-TRANS.

  • Finally!!

  • gunzzel

    lets see….

  • Roberto

    By the way, im wondering how a demosaicing upgrade affects the old pictures in a non-destructive editor like Lightroom. Particularly if it is gling to change the color rendition.

    • MJr

      I don’t think colors will change, they shouldn’t because they’re quite accurate as they are.

      But it might improve ‘coloring within the lines’ so to say with high-iso color-bleeding, or with very fine detail where subtle colors were also lost.

      But mainly ofcourse, the watercolour effect !

    • Junyo

      Based on previous LR upgrades, one would assume that you’d have an “upgrade process” option for all of the images processed under the older engine. Then you can preview the update and accept/revert image by image, or process the entire folder.

      • Zorg

        That upgrade process applied to major raw engine changes from one version of lightroom to another rather than .x releases. I cant think of a time whe they updated the raw process for an existing model so who knows how they will treat it. I suspect it will update and rerender existing files.

  • lee

    I hope the “improvement” will not just be adding X100S/X20 into the support list.
    But I have my doubts.

  • Efner

    I assume that would be a update to ACR ?

    • MJr

      Indeed. There wouldn’t be a Lightroom without ACR.

  • Hanseberhardt

    Does that mean that Elements 11 is also going to have an upgrade re Fuji X-Trans Raw on Monday? Or was the last improvement of Elements 11 for X-trans now also being applied to Lightroom 4

    • MJr

      It’s Adobe’s Camera RAW that is getting the update. Lightroom, Photoshop, and apparently Photoshop Elements as well all use the same ACR. It’s that window which pops up when opening a raw, or in case of Lightroom embedded in the software directly. (which is highly recommended over Elements btw, because you don’t have to create a new file every time you open a raw.)

      • Hanseberhardt

        Thanks for explaining that, as I haven’t bought either yet.

        • MJr

          Lucky you, and you’re welcome. Whenever working with RAW though, make sure you have as much memory and processing power as you can get.

  • mps

    Fingers crossed!

  • nxxo

    omg thx you

  • Photograber!

    I lost my wishful thinking about better support from adobe !

  • doug

    I’ve been meaning to find a suitable Fuji user’s forum to ask this question:
    For your current owners, what in the world are you doing with your images????
    I can’t imagine anyone who would be such an enthusiast camera would NOT also shoot in RAW, for optimal image quality and total post-production flexibility.

    These cameras have been out for a while now, so what are you all doing?

    I’m keen on getting either the X100s or the EX-1 before my next big trip in the coming year. But NOT if my files can’t be processed as nicely as the RAW files from my Nikon.

    • Julien

      Out of the camera jpeg are excellent. For travel, I don’t do any post-processing anymore. You can always do some basic corrections with the camera raw conversion. I have stored Raw files for the coming LR4.4. Storage does not cost that much :-)

      • doug

        I’ve read that the JPEG output is quite nice. I guess I should have prefaced the point that I was classically trained to shoot, process and print all my own work. Eons ago…
        So, I maintain a healthy interest in fine-tuning every shot I take, and therefore love what RAW can do for me.

        I guess, if I had a new Fuji, I could simply shoot in RAW+Jpeg. But that would slow the processor down for multiple exposure opportunities, and still force me to wait for an unknown amount of time before I could reliably process my RAW images. Assuming this new ACR update isn’t yet up to snuff.

        It’s too bad that Fuji is using this unique technology. I fully understand the advantages, but if the entire software community can’t really support it fully, then it’s not so great. Again, nice out of camera JPEG images, aside.

    • actually, Doug, I just shoot my X-Pro (RAW only) as I’m used to do with my 5D Mk2, and import all the RAWs into LR4.x…

      I might not have the highest demand for IQ since I’m already quiet happy with the results I get (with some practice), but I think one should judge by looking at the final images, not by reading one internet review after another. are those results really that bad: ?

      I don’t shot JPGs at all.

      hope this will help you.

      • anyway, I’m not saying there couldn’t be much better support of the X-Trans.RAFs in Adobes products (I can easily reproduce that ugly “watercolour effect” in some shots). what we’ve been given right now is more or less a rudimentary file conversion that had to be programmed by a specific deadline, as it seems. so I’m looking forward to the update too – it can only get better!

      • Mat

        I agree, I do hope it gets better support but there’s nothing wrong with those images. In fact it’s hard to tell the difference against your 5D mark II images… well unless you know the certain characteristics of particular lenses etc. If you came across those ‘blind’ I doubt anyone would think that is the terrible Raw processing of the X-Trans-files in action!

    • Hgn456

      Well Adobe is really not the only game in town for RAW… I just use LR4 for final touches and cataloging….

      Capture One 7, RPP, Acuraw and Silkypix DP5 all produce great results. when handled correctly. IMO, DP5 is more advanced then all the rest in terms of its handling of X-Trans files and Fuji meta data and as a result produces the best output…

      If you do a google search you’ll find some specific fuji forums that have great resources surrounding all these RAW options.

  • Billbo

    it will be this or the d7100, depending on the results of Lightroom on Monday

  • kuishinbou

    Better doesn’t mean great, or even good for that matter. If Adobe puts out some more half-ass support, it really will be pointless. If they can’t demosaic Fuji’s raw files properly, it will likely mean one of two things: Adobe does not the resources or the will to do so; or Fuji has fallen short of their goal to make a groundbreaking, high quality camera system with exceptional image quality…jpegs are not sufficient for most serious photographers. Let’s hope some company will unleash the true potential of this unique sensor soon, as it is becoming to depressing to continuously get our hopes up to see failure after failure to mediocre raw support.

  • Hasi

    Way to go Adobe! X-trans processing getting better is always welcome. Lightroom certainly had its shortcomings, but then so did Capture One. I was able to work through the Lightroom issues and keep my catalog processing in tact. Capture One would have required a complete reworking of my workflow and a restructuring of my old catalog with many many thousands of images.

  • A good intermediate step would be for Fujifilm to add “export to 10-bit TIFF” as an option to the in-camera raw converter, then at least the five star photos I want to really work on would be accessible within LR.

    • kuishinbou

      That would be smart on their part…they should also provide a simple but excellent raw converter with each camera – like ACR, but produced by Fuji. Then users could convert the files without artifacts, make minor adjustment to exposure, white balance, contrast, and colours, and then export the tiff file to Lightroom or whatever else. Seems like a no brainer, which would be a better option than what is out now…and it wonderful ld increase customer confidence in the system and market share…I am planning to buy the next-generation x series cameras with interchangeable lenses, but I may choose something else if there are still only half-ass raw conversion options available…nobody wants to buy something that could be great, but may never be. I love the style, the feel, the size, and the potential of these cameras, and I hope they can deliver the full package soon…i will only wait until the summer or early fall, as I have been waiting for about a year now, and I will soon need a new camera. If it was already 2014, and there were perhaps full frame mirrorless options with interchangeable lenses, I would perhaps not be so patient! So hopefully Fuji introduces the next-generation x series cameras with interchangeable lenses and the new sensor by summer, as rumored to be, and there is true -artifact free – raw support by then too. There should be a larger selection of lenses by then, so the system would be a great choice by then…

    • densh

      AFAIK there is no 10-bit tiff. Only 8-bit and 16-bit.

  • Rich

    It would be nice to think that we are going to get some sort of quantum leap, but I’m not holding my breath. Capture one threatened a significant improvement but turned out to be equally as useless as LR.

  • well today is monday… any news or do we have to wait until US timezone?

    • Hanseberhardt

      No news????

    • admin

      wait a bit…

      • MJr

        Capture One 7 is now officially released …
        You sure the source didn’t confuse that one with Adobe ?

        • MJr

          The ‘Express’ version that is.

        • patrick

          As written in my C1 Express 7 post, the source didn’t confuse LR with C1… LR 4.4RC should be released on Monday in the USA, and Tuesday in Europe, so, if you are located in Europe, you can go sleeping, and tomorrow you should be able to download it. Let’s hope so ;-)

          • MJr

            Ahh, wrong side of the planet.
            Usually that only means a little later in the day.
            Oh well, I’ll try and manage my curiosity a little longer. :D

  • Billbo

    Why so serious? WHY SO SERIOUS?????

  • paul

    why doesn’t fuji make a DNG converter?

    • MJr

      DNG is still raw. It doesn’t matter what container you put it in, the data doesn’t change. If it did it would defeat the purpose of raw.

  • perhaps now that Fuji has given them the trade secrets, Adobe now wants them to write the upgrade into Lightroom for them, I mean, just saying, ya know :)

  • I have not found any other information on the web about a new 4.4 release candidate from Adobe. Maybe you did mean Capture one 7.:(

    • patrick

      As I said to MJr the source didn’t confuse LR with C1… LR 4.4RC should be released on Monday in the USA, and Tuesday in Europe. You won’t find infos in the internet about 4.4, apart from Fujirumors. Let’s wait for tomorrow, if you are located in Europe, and if my source is right, you’ll be able to download it soon

  • Tailwagger

    Hmmm… Monday, after 5PM EST. No update available at the moment. No that I’ve fully lost hope yet.

  • lim

    I was really hoping there would be an update. :(

  • 5:59 P.M. Business day is over on the U.S. East Coast. No sign of a release. So?

    • Dr

      So, said source has successfully scammed fujirumors :)

  • Kelly C.

    Lightroom 4.4 Release Candidate with improved support for the X-Trans sensor is now available:

  • Mike

    Apperantly it’s live now! With improvements to X-Trans sensors!! Have to wait to get home to download it. Hope it works.

  • Dr
  • Yup, it’s online now, can’t wait to see first results!

  • Mike

    I guess it’s the Release Candidate and not the actual final update. Better than nothing I guess.

  • Tailwagger

    I’ll never doubt you again! :-)

  • Shane

    My initial impressions are positive. The big difference for me is how well the images now respond to sharpening.

    Previously a light sharpening of +25 was enough to introduce ugly squiggles; now I only see those above +100.

    That said, it does seem that RAW files are a touch softer than JPGs from camera without sharpening. Whether its the fault of LR or that the cameras still apply a touch of sharpening, who can tell.

    Whatever, I am contented that my LR + PS workflow is preserved.

  • Pdf Ninja
  • Glenn

    Shane, I am seeing the same thing. Big difference. It will take me some time to figure out how to get the best out of the high ISO files, but in general, I am VERY happy now. Makes the camera complete for me.

  • Jorge

    I’m no processing expert but last night I used the Silkypix that came boxed with my Panasonic LX5 on a XE1 raw file and it did an amazing job =- much better than my LR 4.3.
    I’ve only shot about 120 images with my XE1, all in JPEG+RAW because we all know that someone out there, in time, will upgrade/develop an app that will unleash the full potential of the X-tran sensor.
    Hopefully it’s LR, as I keep my 140,000+ D3, D700, D800, and Mamiya MF stored there.

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