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Light Leak Problem: Fuji GER says “just a few X-T1 affected and repaired within 10 days”


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Light Leak

A German FR-reader asked Fuji Germany for a solution with regard to the light leak issue on his X-T1 (I’ve reported about this problem here). They said that the problem affects just a few cameras (“es sind einige wenige Kameras betroffen“) and they will take the camera via UPS, fix it within 10 days and sent it back to him.

[UPDATE: The German FR-reader just told me that his local reseller replaced his X-T1 (so no need to go through the repair service), but the new camera suffers from light leak too… I don’t know how reliable Fuji is when they say “just a few cameras” are affected by the light leak]

Also my buddy Andrea of sonyalpharumors writes about the light leak… but on the Sony A7 (read here)… it occurs when you use flash and the light filters into the camera even when all the doors and covers are closed. But the A7 light leak is a non issue, accoring to imaging-resource. They say that the Canon 5D Mark III leakes even more (as other Nikon and Canon cameras).

And what’s your experience with the Fuji service?

P.S: TJ Donegan via fujirumor [at] : “Just wanted to let you know that we put up a nice article explaining the X-T1’s light leak issue, where it comes from, how it compares to other cameras, and how to fix it. The secret is pretty simple, as you’d expect: Gaffer’s tape. Anyway the link is here, feel free to grab the hero image or any of the shots from the post, we just ask that you credit

First Impressions

X-shooter Sabino did the upgrade from the X-E1 to the X-T1… and he seems to enjoy it. You can read his first impressions in English here, or here in Italian: “Well, let’s start with the only thing that i would like to change on this new Fuji camera: the 4 selection buttons on the front side are definitely to small… but I will get used to… Apart from this, the X-T1 it’s one step more in the photographer’s paradise!!”

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