Light Leak Problem: Fuji GER says “just a few X-T1 affected and repaired within 10 days”


 photo X-T1_zps17d2c48f.jpg

Light Leak

A German FR-reader asked Fuji Germany for a solution with regard to the light leak issue on his X-T1 (I’ve reported about this problem here). They said that the problem affects just a few cameras (“es sind einige wenige Kameras betroffen“) and they will take the camera via UPS, fix it within 10 days and sent it back to him.

[UPDATE: The German FR-reader just told me that his local reseller replaced his X-T1 (so no need to go through the repair service), but the new camera suffers from light leak too… I don’t know how reliable Fuji is when they say “just a few cameras” are affected by the light leak]

Also my buddy Andrea of sonyalpharumors writes about the light leak… but on the Sony A7 (read here)… it occurs when you use flash and the light filters into the camera even when all the doors and covers are closed. But the A7 light leak is a non issue, accoring to imaging-resource. They say that the Canon 5D Mark III leakes even more (as other Nikon and Canon cameras).

And what’s your experience with the Fuji service?

P.S: TJ Donegan via fujirumor [at] : “Just wanted to let you know that we put up a nice article explaining the X-T1’s light leak issue, where it comes from, how it compares to other cameras, and how to fix it. The secret is pretty simple, as you’d expect: Gaffer’s tape. Anyway the link is here, feel free to grab the hero image or any of the shots from the post, we just ask that you credit

First Impressions

X-shooter Sabino did the upgrade from the X-E1 to the X-T1… and he seems to enjoy it. You can read his first impressions in English here, or here in Italian: “Well, let’s start with the only thing that i would like to change on this new Fuji camera: the 4 selection buttons on the front side are definitely to small… but I will get used to… Apart from this, the X-T1 it’s one step more in the photographer’s paradise!!”

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  • Justin

    I have an X-T1 with the dreaded light leak. I am a proffessional Landscape Photographer and find it hard to work around this issue. When I called Fuji USA they were great but, at the same time not offering any remedy of any sort. I can live with waiting until an official Fuji solution. Then while shooting with the X-T1 yesterday, I went to review an image and the rear command dial is no longer functioning. I searched online and found about 10 others whom this had happened to. Called Fuji again to no avail. The solution was to send it back to the point of purchase and get on the list again:( I own the X100s and 2- X-Pro 1 bodies. I have never experienced any issues like this. Im worried that Quality Control is not where it used to be. Hoping to get my WORKING replacement soon!

    • Florence Griffith

      sorry to hear about your X-T1 Justin…but there are those of us who enjoy light leaks…thats why I use a Holga and a Diana…but if I am shooting landscapes I usually do not want light leaks…good luck in getting this remedied…you still have the wonderful x100s

      • Justin Lee Beckman

        Thanks Florence,

        Im really not all that upset about it, just a little concerned as to what my replacement will be like. Also not really wanting to be on the waiting list again. It is a great camera if everything works!!

    • Mine too…. but, one piece of electrical tape covering all three sockets, small cross cut over the mic socket so the plug can enter. Plugged in my Giga T Pro remote release and hey presto….. no leak. I tested it before and after. plenty of leakage before hand (shining a bright torch into it). and no sign of any leak afterwards. That will work for me, for the very few times I take a long exposure shot during the day. Night time shots are very unlikely to be affected due to the lack of light anyway…. but this resolves it anyway.

  • heggmona

    I have the light leak too. Not that I expect it to be a problem with my shooting, but I occasionally do night shoots. Wondering if I hsould bother with taking it back if all camers have it to some degree but may wait until I hear more about the solution to the problem.

    • Ivan

      If I understand the problem well enough, it should not affect nighttime long exposures. Apparently it might be a problem only with long exposures under bright light and open port cover. The only realistic photographic situation I can think of is shooting daylight long exposures with strong ND filter and cable remote (so cover would be opened). Is there anything else?

    • ronin

      Of course you should return it. If for no other reason: when you go to sell it, upon being asked you must be truthful to your buyer and say, yes, it has a light leak. It being out of warranty by then, your buyer will then turn and walk away.

  • romid.foto

    i’m surprised i’ve been seeing people recommending electrician’s tape or even scotch tape, like no photographer has ever heard of gaffer’s tape.

    • Typically, an electrical tape is thinner than gaff, so it will allow the lid to close.

      • +1 Nice low profile and doesn’t interfere with the door closing properly. I used a very good quality electrical tape that sticks firmly in place.

        I have to say, I don’t believe it’s only a few that are affected. This seems to be a design issue which would mean all would be affected. Too many people affected over a large geographical area.

  • zither

    how can I know if my xt1 has leaking problem?

  • EPJB

    It’s hard to accept the criticism for some of the most hard-headed fanboys… but this is now how Fujifilm works. First release, then think and redesign. I bet they can’t solve this issue by a FW-update ;-). Well for all those that just couldn’t wait and wanted to be a first wave buyer of this new Fuji… I hope you’ll have more success with the Fujifilm after sales service than I had. It took in my case more than 2 months to replace a bad XF35mm. Toys for boys, I keep on repeating it.

  • Dave Ingram

    Still waiting for an X-T1 on pre-order in Canada and I’m really hoping that Fuji has this figured out and a fix is already in place. Gaffer tape or electrical tape doesn’t really cut it as a solution – maybe as a temporary fix, but seriously … if you can live with a camera with light leaks, save your money and like Florence suggested get a $50 Holga or a Dina.

    That being said – a 10 day turn around isn’t too bad. It took more than a year for Nikon to step up and deal with the problems I was having with a D600 and I had to live with having no camera for upwards of 5 weeks several times when it was being serviced. Note that Nikon finally did resolve the situation to my satisfaction. And I no longer own a D600. Release, think and redesign – you could put Nikon in that camp as well … D600 to D610.

  • Damn Oly

    i got other problem the XT1,.probably for some people ,.its no big deal,.but its really annoying me;
    – The 4 Direction button /D-pad button is difficult too depress
    – The front and Rear dial also is bit difficult too operate,.
    – because of the poor design of D-pad button,.,It is very difficult for me to move the Af-Point ,[FYI] i have E-M1 and E-P5 also Nikon D700,.
    – The ISO button,.is too stiff and i have to really press the top button,.-I wished that Fuji can see the example of E-M1 button with pen-lock button on top .

    I wished fuji can release a firmware for XT-1 to fix a problem about AF -point by enabling the Front and Rear Dial to move the AF-point instead of using the POORLY DESIGN [ BIG FAILURE ] Direction button / D-pad button

  • Mguel

    Finally received mine. And I can confirm it has the LIGHT LEAK. I would bet that all the first shipment (at least to the US) has the problem and that the “JUST A FEW” is a communicational strategy. I bought it in the States but live in South America, so the “send it to Fuji and in 10 days we will fix it” is not an option to me.

    Had it a couple of hours but some initial impressions:

    The D-pad is AWFUL!!! and the front/back dials are also difficult to move and feel… all buttons really.

    Found another bug: the focus area size can’t be modified while on manual focus (you can select the focus point, but can’t move it). Why one would need this in manual focus? To use AF-L as back button focus, and for the same reason the focus point selection is already there in manual focus (but they missed add focus area size).

    The viewfinder is ok (haven’t used any EVF before, so maybe that’s why I found it ok, and nothing more).

    In the dual display the area to focus is extremely small and is of no help IMO (or for me at least).

    The remote app worked on 2 android devices: Google Nexus 4 (running Android 4.4.2) and Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (running Android 4.3)

    • Damn Oly

      If Fuji also can Fix the D-pad button with something more THICKER- or Responsive,.it will be great

    • Jorge

      Here’s a thought: STOP pointing a bright light source into the camera.

      • Mguel

        Here’s the thought you should be able to get to: Everyone should STOP taking long exposure photography with a brand new 1700 USD cámera?

  • Damn Oly

    honestly,.i putted a high hoped with this new upcoming XT1,.but turned out I began to grew cold toward this camera,.[probably ] generally with FUJI,.i used to have the XE-1 last year, played with it only for two months. loved with the form factor,.and i ditched after i got E-P5,.is a combination of Retro,beauty, simplicity, and fast menu to navigate in a real life shooting,.it doesn’t have much dedicated button,.like the XT1 but on E-p5 all button working great like it supposed to be,.

    The E-M1 is much more easier to operate in a field compared to E-P5,.even-though it looks to serious and bit unattractive,.now,.i have the XT1,.the form factor and how Fuji placed the all the Button had made me fallen in love .This camera is gorgeous,.is even more appealing than my E-M1.

    i understand , that not only Fuji , also Sony with their A7/r have their issues,nevertheless also Nikon with their Df and D600.

    I guess i have to keep my EM-1 and E-P5 .even though they use small format,.but Olympus is really serious and they carefully design with their product.

    i know it sound silly,.but i just want to be honest here.

  • Jane

    I would say this exact same comment if any manufacturer of any products that I bought, so don’t go getting all upset. Anyone who suggest putting gaffers tap on something to fix it, when it has an issue brand new, right out of the box, is an idiot.

    Whether it’s a Fuji camera with a light leak, an iMac with burned-in screen images on monitor, or a Toyota with a motor issue – the simple fact remains that I could have chosen ANY product, so if said company can’t refund my money or offer to replace (with a non-defective model), then they should get their head examined.

    Don`t expect a customer to shell out their hard earned money, but can’t receive a flawless products from day 1.

    • EJPB

      Well… looking back at my X-Pro1 adventure, I’ve never owned a camera with 14 FW updates to cope with a lot of design errors and make it work with all newly released lenses. Never had a camera with an AF and FW working so quirky, lost his paint after a short time, having a back LCD display that scratches while only looking at it. Welcome to the Fuji realm! While others mess up something sometimes, Fuji seems to make a complete culture of it – I knew this X-T1 wouldn’t also be perfect.

  • gallery90

    The suggestion to “solve” the problem with gaffer tape is just plain idiotic. For Fuji Rumors to repeat it and link to it is double idiotic. The adhesive on gaffer tape is not waterproof. If you go to and look at the picture of their “solution” you see a failed 2nd grade crafts project.

    Fujifilm needs to get off their corporate backsides and start communicating. They haven’t even informed their dealers in the U.S. Remember how long they were in denial with the X10 Orbs? (Which, by the way, were not confined to night shots and were VERY easy to produce in a variety of shooting situations.)

    Fuji: Get cracking.

    Fuji Rumors: Don’t post drivel from “sources” like

    • Patrick

      Fujirumors solution: sent it to the service, get it fixed and start you long exposure shots.

      No gaffer’s tape (I don’t pay $1300 and then have to put a tape on a brand new camera), and don’t change your camera with a new one… it could have the same problem.

      For the gaffer’s tape solution… just take it easy, as the home-made solution for a flip screen for the X-E1 of another FR-reader in the past. Sometimes a link to some do-it-yourself solution is nothing to get nervous about. But I agree, I should have put a “smiley” after the “gaffer’s tape link”, so my intention would have been clearer. So, sorry for that :-)

  • Andy

    Mine has the leak. This doesn’t look like any kind of manufacturing fault as Fuji are implying, it’s clearly a design issue that they didn’t think about in the first place. Not impressed, especially as I’m finding this a hard camera to like.

  • Stef

    Light Leak Problem here too (Germany). Wondering wether there’s a fuji solution already. Gotto call them t’morrow.

    • ankro

      Hi Stef,
      i have also the X-T1 light leak Problem (Germany). Please give me a short feedback, what Fuji Germany says. It’s actual not a big problem for me, but if you will sell the camera in the future, I’m sure, that every potentional buyer will ask for this Qualityproblem of the first series.

    • ankro

      Hi Stef,

      i have also the X-T1 light leak Problem (Germany). Please give me a short feedback, what Fuji Germany says. It’s actual not a problem for me, but if you will sell the camera in the future, I’m sure, that every potentional buyer will ask for this Qualityproblem of the first series.

  • Jorge

    I haven’t tested mine yet but I’m not about to shine a freakin’ flashlight into the ports of the camera.

  • chris

    I have no problem, I received mine yesterday, using a bright torch to check it, same as the guy in YouTube, no leak, only my pocket leaked :o) Those are bad luck only.

  • Andy

    Just spoken to Fujifilm UK, they say this is a design issue and that a new part has to be fitted (takes 5-10 days). If this is correct then I would guess all of the first batch of cameras are affected.

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