Light Leak: Fujifilm announces fix and free repair service


 photo LL_zps7230069b.jpg

It’s official! Fuji Japan announced the fix and free reparir service here (translation). The affected X-T1 include the following serial numbers: from the 41002001 to 41006000.

Let it be fixed and start your long exposure shots like stockografie on 500px here (X-T1 and 8mm fisheye lens.) For his X-T1 review in German click here (translation).

This is what Fujifilm UK wrote to FR-reader Bob: “I am very sorry to hear that your camera is experiencing the Flare effect, if you can please provide your full UK address and the serial number of your camera, we can have a pre-paid special bag / box sent out to collect the camera for you. It will then be repaired with the utmost of care and urgency.”

I hope this information helps and I apologise for any inconvenience caused.”

VDG: “since saturday I am a happy owner of a leaking X-T1. I just wrote about my experience trying to put it “under a different light”. Take a look and repost it if you like! The link it this. Read more at one125 here.”

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Fuji X-T1: Amazon, Adorama, B&H, eBay

  • Dave Ingram

    Compare this response to how Nikon dealt with the defective D600 – this is exactly the reason why I decided to switch from Nikon to Fuji. Still waiting for my pre-ordered X-T1 here in BC, hope that the extra time means I get one that has already been serviced. Kudos to Fuji!

    • itsastickup

      It’s not comparable. The shutter issue is a very expensive repair. Fuji wasn’t so quick when fixing the sensor issue in the x100. They really dragged their heels.

    • LetThereBeLight

      I agree, it took a lawsuit presented to Nikon to get them to admit the issue and repair any D600.

  • romi.foto

    is that serial range for japan, only? i wonder if any of the affected customers have a letter character for the third digit.

    • Frank Guido

      Yes I’m wondering the same thing. Also someone find me a 56 1.2 in ny today. Thanks.

    • Yes, this only refers to JP cameras. For other markets, there are other serial number ranges. Those ranges have been disclosed to regional offices, who were surprised by today’s sudden change of heart in Tokyo. I reckon that regional announcements will disclose the affected ranges, but it may be worth noting that there is no “hard” serial number limit, but rather informed estimates.

  • Mguel

    At last they said something. Let’s hope that free service is for Fuji world wide and not only Japan/US… Canada… Europe… but also include us in the “sub-world”

  • Mguel

    At last they said something. Let’s hope that free service is for Fuji world wide and not only Japan/US… Canada… Europe… but also include us in the “sub-world”.

    Mine, with the leak starts with a “41A02″… not the 41002…

    Completely off topic… today I compared Bokeh between Fujinon 35mm f/1.4 and Rokinon/Samyang 85mm f/1.4 with speedbooster:

    • If it’s a known problem, it’s been free service worldwide in the past (thinking of the SAB issue here) so I have no doubt that’s the case here when they even acknowledge the problem in print.

      • Mguel

        Thanks Jonas, the only problem I see since I confirmed that on my country there is a Fuji Service, it that they don’t want to repair it since I bought it in the States and not here (Chile)

  • rr98

    Kudos to Fujifilm!

  • gallery90

    So…What about the light leak from the AF Assist Light?

  • woop. Now let’s see what Sony says about their light leak…

  • Macintosh Sauce

    Now, this is how you do a fix for manufacturing problems. Nikon could surely learn from this, as well as Sony.

    • nwcs

      Definitely. Admit it, fix it, and move on. Much better than deny, make customers pay for shipping, maybe fix it, and send it back.

      • Rick


  • Does this also apply to cameras that are in that range with letters, eg. 41M02001-41M06000? My camera falls within that range but has that extra letter not in the notice posted by fuji – I do intend to use it for long exposure photography once I get my hands on the 10-24mm.

  • marcins

    my body is afected to and i got reply from that they send me box to collect camera for free ,then free repair and urgent turnaround.

  • ISO 3782

    I’m quite excited. Mine X-T1 is gone with UPS on Monday. They sent me an voucher for UPS and they pickt it up.
    we will see how long it will take Fuji Germany to repair…

  • Jorge

    My serial number is 41A05xxxs. Is this affected? I don’t think so? Anyone?

    • Jorge

      Just answered my own question after calling Fuji in Edison. YES it is affected.
      I have to say I absolutely thrilled with Fuji! I also own Nikons and they are a pain in the butt to call Melville. Plus usually Nikon doesn’t know what they are talking about. However, I just got off the phone with Fuji and it is ALWAYS a pleasant experience! I’ve been to the Edison facility in the past when I used to shoot with the Fuji S Pro series of dSLR’s. Never been disappointed. They are currently waiting for parts to do this fix and they took my name and email down to email me when the parts come in as I will just drive up and have it done while I wait.

    • Your camera is probably not affected, but I can’t say for sure, since you chose not to disclose the number after the 5. I am good, but not that good. ;)

      • Jorge

        Thanks Rico, see my subsequent post below. I called Fuji…

    • LetThereBeLight

      In the U.S. serial numbers 41A05201 or higher are safe and anything under that is possibly affected.

      • Mike

        That is amazing. I have that serial number!!! Amazing and I can confirm it does not leak

        • MarcosV

          I am glad that Fuji was able to nail it to a specific SN range, suggesting they have some enough process control in place to be able to improve the process reliably. Unfortunately my SN starts with 41A03 and I got the leak. Bought it from Amazon. Hopefully the replacement I will be receiving from Amazon doesn’t have the leak.

  • Tuesday

    Hi, not sure if my camera is affected and I’ve started to look at my previous shots…. and yes it does have light leaks! Or am I wrong? My SN is between 41M02001-41M06000. Please help!

    • Tuesday

      Here it’s a lot more obvious….

    • Bengt Öberg

      Just tested and my camera leaks through the microphone contact. It has number 41M02480 and is bought in Sweden.

      • J.S

        Bengt, just send fuji a mail and they will send you a shipping Bill from Posten and they will fix it for you. I will send mine in this following week.
        Fuji in Sweden has been awesome so far.

        • Bengt Öberg

          Thanks. Or I let Scandinavian photo do it. I’m still in LA on vacation and premiere test with the camera so I will fix it on monday.

  • TimoB

    My SN starts with 41M03. I tested my X-T1 today and it’s affected…
    That’s reaaly really annoying… I’m really pissed ’cause i mainly do
    long exposures. This why i bought this camera…

    Maybe i will keep anyway and work around with the remote app… dunno…

    Don’t even got the nerve to send it in ’cause last year the sensor of
    my X-Pro1 has been exchanged by Fuji service in Europe and it came
    back with a not working OVF/EVF. After sending it in again it came
    back with missing screws and damaged rubber coating. So i send
    it a third time to Fuji… After that i had to send in my 18-55 nad they
    send me back a XF18…. i’m really afraid now of the european

    Fuji service…. They really FAIL!!!

    • Mguel

      It’s very dissapointing!
      I’m afraid of sending mine to service… even more here in South America.
      About using the app, I have bad news to you… currently you won’t be able to use the app for exposures longer than 30 seconds even in bulb mode!! I’m hoping they’ll fix it.

    • MarcosV

      My SN starts with 41A03. Just tested and I got the light leak bad. Requested a replacement from Amazon. Hopefully the replacement doesn’t have the problem. I don’t have a backup body. Would be painful to have to go back to the 5D3 while waiting for Fuji Service to fix the camera.

  • X-proof

    Oh yes, Fuji is quality minded. I had a clear manufacturing issue with my 35mm (metal scrap in my lens). It took about 2 months and a lot of discussions to replace it. That was done by the shop, getting desperate by Fuji’s response. Not sure this guy ever got a new lens back, but I’ve bought really a lot of gear in this shop over the years, he had a reason to do something extra. A sad, sad experience, nobody listening at the other end of the line, a non-existing service org. That’s one of reasons why I started having a different look at Fujifilm. See my other posts, I don’t have a ‘waw’ feeling at all from the X-series, why I’m using back for 90% my DSLR and 10% the X-series, has a very profound reason. The best system on the planet… is still wearing the Nikon-logo for me and if had to redo my decision, my money would go to the Nikon 1 V3.

    • LetThereBeLight

      Where are you buying your gear, sounds shady… You should switch completely to the Nikon 1 v3, You will love it and all those fast lenses!!! ;)

      • X-proof

        I’ve done everything to love Fuji, but it remains a brand you only buy once. They have a complete history of making things that nobody wants after a very short time. It lets me think of some cars that I owned: after only one year being for sale in masses and worth really nothing on the second hands market. No, where I buy my stuff it’s not shady, it’s someone I can fully trust. Very different from all those indeed shady and cheap internet shops precisely that saved me in this case. But I’m still very pissed off. All those fantastic stories about the X-series, well, where are we – the ones that have been suffering for years of the first wave of Fujifilm prototyping in the X100 & X-Pro1 and the according lenses that were released? The crappy 60mm? The ones that have been suffering of a decent RAF support even after two years, to be honest, still not fully there where it should be? If Fuji would change my X-Pro1 for an X-T1 and my XF60mm for a 56mm I would maybe with a lot of hesitation reconsider my criticism – but really, the camera I got had hardly passed the prototype stage and I lost all my confidence. I’m sure there are thousands of first wave X-series photographers out there, thinking exactly the same. The image is quite OK when it’s a perfect day, with bright light so the AF can be more or less OK, when the crappy firmware is in a perfect mood and nothing around you causing moiré or pixel errors in the post. Using flashes,… well (severe stomach ache). That’s quite a challenge, isn’t it? Look what the X-series are worth on the second hands market, take also a look at the competition: end of story. I would have sold everything if it wouldn’t have been a complete disaster… who wants a second hands X-Pro1? A XF60? One day you’ll remember my posts and say Ì was right. What you love can easily turn into hate when you’ve been betrayed. Again, all my Nikon stuff has always been 100% reliable for many years, perfect partners, and when I sold it, still bringing in enough money for a next jump towards new stuff. With Fujifilm, you can as well give it for free to someone buying you a beer. It’s completely ridiculous when you look at the prices X100’s, X-pro1’s and X-E1’s go and of course, there’s a reason for it, not one that I invented just on the fly…

        • Justin Walker

          I’ll buy you a beer for you x-gear… Happily. :)

    • Dave Ingram

      Took me over a year to get my D600 problem resolved to my satisfaction. and that was dealing with Nikon Service directly. Maybe it depends on who you get on the other end of the line.

  • LetThereBeLight

    Just got off the phone with Fujifilm US and they are mailing me a shipping label and the issue should be taken care of soon. I am almost considering not sending it back b/c the light leak issue has no effect on me and how I shoot but I figure it should be addressed now so resale in the future is not affected. This is really a small issue and things could be way worse, like oil spraying all over the sensor while I shoot!

    ***In the U.S. serial numbers 41A05201 or higher are safe and anything under that is possibly affected.***

    • Dave Ingram

      Done the oil over the sensor thing – it’s no fun, even after the shutter replacement (which in my case didn’t fix the problem).

  • ste787

    thank you for the beta testers, your testing will not be forgotten by the community.

  • Pete

    I sent my X-T1 in for the light leak issue as it has affected my type of shooting. Very disappointed at this point. Fuji has had my camera for 12 days, and just now they have checked it into the system for repair. I called today to find out why they are just now getting to it – “no idea” was the response. They told me another 10 days plus shipping time. So it’s possible that they will have my NEW camera for over 25 days to fix this issue. When I called originally, they told me it was a 10 to 14 day turn around at the most for this fix. If it doesn’t affect your shots, you may want to consider not sending it in. I’m very unhappy at this point, and Fuji customer service was not helpful. Sorry to post a negative, but needed to vent.

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