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“Fixing the X-T1’s put in front of everything else”. US serial numbers affected by the light leak


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Fixing the X-T1’s will be put in front of everything else.” That’s what FujifilmUSA told to FR-reader Wally.

And now, on the FujiUS site here you can find the X-T1 serial numbers that might be affected by the light leak problem. As FR-reader LetThereBeLight told me: “In the U.S. serial numbers 41A05201 or higher are safe and anything under that is possibly affected.

Kaizen is fine, the firmware updates even to discounted cameras are great (even though it means sacrificing sales earnings for customer loyalty as a Fuji manager told us here), but it’s when things go wrong that you seriously test the customer service. And now, only days after the problem arose, we have an official fix. Fuji is really rolling up their sleeves to get things right as quick as possible (as with the flawed X-PRO1 firmware fixed withing days too).

As always, feel free to drop your own considerations and experience in the comments.

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