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LEAKED: First Official Images of the Fujifilm X-Pro2 :: See it with XF35mmF2 attached – NOW in GRAPHITE :-)



It just looks great :)

Graphite Mock-up at the bottom. The black images are official Fuji images

ATTENTION: The Russian site took our X PRO 2 leaked images and changed the watermarks. Many sites like a major rumor site, than linked to the russian copycat site.

I want to let you know that as usual I „removed“ small insignificant pics form the original image to spot copycat sites. I will soon post the original picture to proof that this images were taken from FR as they have the design change I made :)

The major rumor site so far has not answered to our request to change the link. I hope he will do it soon.

If you want, watch at the Twitter timeline, and you’ll see who posted first ;)

unedited & original version – other sites copied the edited version above


 photo mas sale_zpsdeak3wbf.jpgLAST 3 DAYS of X-mas sale

stay tuned,
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Graphite Mock-up by FR-reader Everaldo