LEAKED: First Official Images of the Fujifilm X-Pro2 :: See it with XF35mmF2 attached – NOW in GRAPHITE :-)



It just looks great :)

Graphite Mock-up at the bottom. The black images are official Fuji images

ATTENTION: The Russian site dphotoworld.net took our X PRO 2 leaked images and changed the watermarks. Many sites like a major rumor site, than linked to the russian copycat site.

I want to let you know that as usual I „removed“ small insignificant pics form the original image to spot copycat sites. I will soon post the original picture to proof that this images were taken from FR as they have the design change I made :)

The major rumor site so far has not answered to our request to change the link. I hope he will do it soon.

If you want, watch at the Twitter timeline, and you’ll see who posted first ;)

unedited & original version – other sites copied the edited version above


 photo mas sale_zpsdeak3wbf.jpgLAST 3 DAYS of X-mas sale

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Graphite Mock-up by FR-reader Everaldo


  • A beautiful rangefinder styled camera.

    • arhmatic

      True, if you are referring to the M9. The Pro 1 or 2 is totally missing the finesse that I’d look for, so not quite “beautiful”.
      But definitely, this is not a fashion statement. Just a camera…

  • Scooter

    Yep it will sell well and I will get one after I pay the 100-400 off. Got to have it.

  • :-) nice!

  • jibbajay

    damn this looks realy hot!! i should have waited… but i just sold my whole canon gear and bought a xt10 with 35f2 and 14f2.8…, so i will jump the xpro2 ship in 2-3 years when the body got cheaper :) fuji rocks!

    • LeGrandOrangeAndBlue

      If you’re a decent photographer you’ll be just fine without the latest kit.

  • Marc Grimm

    Damn… this will be hard to resist. If the X-T2 is equally good, I might as well get 1 pro2 and 1 T2 instead of going full X-T2…

  • Seb v. Preussen

    photos??? All I can see are 3D images ;)

  • Michael Smith

    Any thoughts on price??

  • Huub


  • Just cleared my C-card in anticipation!! Will Pre-order as soon as I can – make sure you have a UK link up Patrick!!

    • Patrick

      You’ll find the links as soon as it is available for pre-order… and thanks in advance for your support :-)

    • Everaldo


  • Ryan

    Yeah….no tilting screen…😔 having no buttons on the left side makes zero sense.
    Why is the first photo nice and high res and the rest are such low quality? I mean of coarse they are better then nothing…I’m just curious if this is how it was sent or just what happened while uploading them.

    • Didiergm

      I guess it’s because the first one is the only official fuji; the rest is mockups/ Artists view

  • It does look good. The question is, does it have a tiltable screen or not. That is one thing I don´t want to miss any more.

    • It was mentioned many times that it would not.

      • On can still have hope.

        • Johne

          Doesn’t look like it has. I use the x-t1 for street and a tiltable screen is great for this so its a case of waiting for x-t2 for me. Wouldn’t surprise me if x-t2 has a few extra features thrown in that x-pro2 wont have tho time will tell :-)

        • r2d2

          it doesnt have flip screen… already use one pretty awesome features

      • Guillaume L

        @Neonjack:disqus or rather : it was *rumored* many times that it would not. In theory, we can still hope. But I think you’re right, no tilting screen as far as I can make out on the images :(

    • Adam Spencer

      I’m with you very useful when needed and when you don’t it’s just there, no point in not having one. In fact with it, I’d buy in a heart beat, without I actually think its enough for me not too. And I really like OVF once I’ve established settings and view via EVF. Be sticking with Nikon D750 and will get a X200 or whatever it gets called for my carry camera. Shame because I really like Fuji, who knows may still go for it but it will be a compramise for no reason really, XPro no tilt, XT2 no OVF.

  • I am so pleased it is plain black on the front too with no branding!

    There will be an X100s and XT1 up on eBay within a few hours of delivery. I’ll be keeping the XP1 though. They have served me well. Very happy clients so far since 2011 dropping canon and with more and more international jobs, the weight is an advantage!!

  • SamG

    whats the difference btwn XP1 and XT1? heard that XT1 is geared towards purely photography ergonomics?
    hope XP2 is FF tho…

    • Ryan

      Xpro 1 is gen 1, xt1 is gen 2

      Xpro2 is obviously not FF. It has the 35 F2 on it.

      • Ayatollyahso

        APSC is just fine FF would require a new lens mount and lenses! The whole FF things over hyped marketing.

      • SamG

        Well, arguably you can say it’s 2nd gen. However it is different. Bcuz xt1 viewfinder is in the middle and has an extra dial above the xp1’s viewfinder…
        Where as the xp2 mockup is essentially the same with a near flat grip…

        • Ryan

          It is a second gen. It has second gen processor and sensor. If you knew this then why ask! 😐

          • SamG

            LOL… specs may be 2nd gen but I disagree that XT1 is 2nd gen to the XP1, they are made differently… XP2 is XP1’s 2nd gen…

            otherwise canon 5d3 is 6th gen having digic 6 processor… doesn’t it sound absurb?

          • Ryan

            Why the hell did you ask the difference between the xpro1 and the XT1?!? Just shut up!!

          • SamG

            to know the different audience it targets by the ergonomics… but hey thanks for informing me that XT1’s sensor and processor are newer than XP1 :) i’m sorry that I misread you

  • Dominic Schulz

    please fuji put an autofocus system inside thats worthy of having that name…xt1 and x100s will be on auction then.

  • J.L. Williams

    Overall, it looks pretty much like the old one, which is good for the learning curve but means it will be a bulky beast given its APS-C format size. I could wish the grip were a bit more substantial, but I guess it’s better than what the X-Pro 1 had, i.e. no meaningful grip at all.

    Other than the stupid, hard-to-use, ’60s-style ISO dial, the one thing that strikes me as excessively twee is putting the AF illuminator behind a rectangular window, which I assume is a pathetic attempt to make it look more like a Leica. I guess Fuji can’t quite embrace its own success enough to fully kick the form-over-function habit…

    • Vernon Szalacha

      If anything, it looks like the Fujifilm TX1 (aka Hasselblad Xpan). You could argue the X100/S/T got its design cues from the Leica M cameras, but not this one.


    • Bremer

      Fuji X PRO/E series has always been Leica for the poor….so what do you expect? Having said that, i prefer the original design of the x pro1. If it is not broken don´t fix it.

  • dude69

    where’s the lens release button?

    • sidtw

      Like on the x-pro1, very close to the right side of the lens mount, so you can’t see it from this angle.

      • Gilboa

        I was about to say…

  • umad?!

    Can’t buy it!

    I want to take pictures WITH my camera, not OF it!
    That’s one beautiful camera!

  • valentin ursache

    The menu buttons look better, 8000 is there, hopefully usb charged is possible so i can attached it to a powerbank

  • herstal

    i don’t wanna be too picky but why so squared? it’s too tall. anyway, the most important thing: better AF than xt10.

  • Óscar Jökull Guedes

    The grip it looks so ugly and breaks the design, a minimal one would be better, this “plastic” part without “leather” looks very weird.

    And very disappointed with the screen, Fixed screens are worse: you can’t make photos in extreme angles and you can’t turn back the screen and protect it like the Canon 60D for example.
    If you don’t like it, then DON’T MOVE THE SCREEN, but fixed screens have less options for shooting.

  • DJ

    If you are left-eyed, rangefinder-style cameras always put the viewfinder on the wrong side.

    • darngooddesign

      Very true. Luckily I’m right eye dominant.

  • marco

    i hope they keep the push/ rear wheel, it was great and a lot simpler to use than a wheel+button solution. i can’t see a wifi button, really hope they included a good wifi support with this camera

    • Gilboa

      Yes, my X-E2 has that feature as well and it works great! But if this camera is weather sealed as rumoured, I don’t think it will. The X-T1’s rear control dial doesn’t push in I think, because its weather sealed.

  • Gilboa

    Had to do a double take with the front panel rendering. Apart from the discrete control dial it seemed identical to the X-Pro1, even the grip looks the same to me, but apparently it’s not…It’s nice but I’m more interested in an X-T2. I’m very curious to read the final spec of this new camera, as it’s going to have to serve Fujifilm for a good few years to come, in different body styles…also to see if it’s competitive with the competition.

  • jesenoveca

    I bet what we see here is a true rangefinder digital camera, not the so called ”rangefinder style” camera as the X-Pro1 was called.
    Just look at the yellow square part of the OVF. Is that really a rangefinder patch and the little window for split image? I really hope it is. Dreams come true?

    • SEQLAR

      Highly doubt it.

  • darngooddesign

    Still looks like a mockup to me for the following reason:

    The rear d-pad doesn’t match the newest cameras, and there is a defined top-d-pad button.
    The exp comp dial doesn’t have the same angle as the rest of the top plate or the surface it rests on.
    There is a raised lip around the right of the viewfinder window instead of how the X100T smoothed that out.

    Lets hope the diopter wheel isn’t on the side there where it can get bumped easily in my bag. Shame it can’t take an extended eye-cup.

  • Anthony

    Yeah, but can I make a phone call with it? lol, just kidding.

  • Andrew Hope

    Yeah, just confirms that I’ll be waiting on the XT2 in the summer(although I’m happy with the XT1. I really don’t see why this took so long, but hey….

  • Ryan

    I’ll take a flat finished graphite gray! The silver is too flashy

    • Is the graphite really going to be offered? It seems the black body images are Fujifilm but the graphite is a mock up by Patrick. “Graphite Mock-up at the bottom. The black images are official Fuji images”

  • Ryan

    This seems like a very incremental update to me. It looks like EVERYTHING is riding on the sensor and new processor.

    • Marc Grimm

      Joystick, ISO dial, command dials, weather sealing. Dude you better read the rumors ASAP. Else, all you write here is bullshit.

      • Ryan

        You can tell it’s weather sealed from these pics? I’m on here everyday. I’ve read the rumors. As if right now there is no info about the EVF or solid info about the sensor. That iso dial doesn’t look useful. I’d rather a touch screen vs joy stick for moving the AF point.

        • umad?!

          then why even considering a Fuji in the first place?

          Aren’t there enough manufacturers that only count on specs (of the body) and not quality?

        • Felipe

          I’d rather use a joystick that I can use without removing the camera from near my eye and slowing me down.

          • JF

            . Just fyi, you don’t need to remove your camera from your eyes to use the touchscreen on Olympus or Panasonic models for example. You can look in the viewfinder while moving your finger on the screen and use it to move your focus point freely.

    • Gilboa

      I’d say! This camera lives or dies (maybe too severe a word) on the quality of those two things! I’m really anxious to find out about those…I hope I and others are not disappointed.

      • Ryan

        I agree. I hope fuji brings the goods.

    • Mr

      Incremental it may be compared to X-T1 tech, but compared to the very first X-Pro1 just about everything has been vastly improved, and add to that the X100T viewfinder.

      But of course it should really have a new sensor and processor indeed.

      • Ryan

        It should Have something better vs the x100T! It needs to have full frame lines for the 14,23,35,56 AND 90mm in the OVF.

        • Mr

          You’re worried about the framelines .. ?
          The X-Pro1 has those already.

          • Ryan

            I didn’t realize it had full OVF adjustment frame lines for the 56 and 90.

          • Mr

            It’s a display that is projected in the OVF, they can put anything they want on there.

          • Ryan

            So, you put the 90 on there and it gives you a full OVF view?!? Or a tiny square?

          • Mr

            The 90mm is 135mm equiv. that would be tiny yes. It’s possible the Pro2 has another magnification factor that is slightly bigger.

          • Ryan

            That what I mean. I’m hoping it’ll have 14/23/35/56/90 in native magnification! Lol! Guess I didn’t know how to properly explain.
            If it did, that would be impressive! That’s something this camera needs. Along with that add in the x100T goodies with a better EVF!

          • sidtw

            Native magnification for each lens (in front of the camera) would mean that you actually need as many different lenses inside the OVF!
            I guess you already know that the X-pro1’s OVF has 2 levels of magnification, one for wide angle, one for normal lenses like the 27/35/56.
            I assume it would be technically difficult to support native magnification up to 90mm, because that would require to build in a lot more lenses into the OVF. If you want a native 90mm magnification, just use the EVF! The OVF is not meant to be the answer to all problems, a.k.a. lens combinations.

          • Ryan

            I know that it would be difficult for them to implement. But it would be cool as hell either way. Sure it could be impossible. But unless you ask for something you’ll never get it!

          • Ryan

            Why is it blasphemy to hope and want more. It’s just progress. 🤓

            I’m done replying to this.

          • Mr

            More more more, it’s not ‘just progress’, there are choices and limitations. We’re still using primes and not superzooms for very similar reasons.

          • Ryan

            I personally use prime lenses for the faster aperture and they are usually sharper. If I could get a 16-300 1.4 zoom that was super sharp and the size and price of the 18-55. I’d take it. The Sigma 18-35 1.8 is progress.
            Having 18/23/35/56/90 in mag. options would be extremely impressive progress. 18/35/56 would be just progress.

            Now I’m done.

          • Mr

            Great. Sigma’s 18-35mm F1.8 is a 28-50mm F2.8 optimized for APSC. It’s backwards from a FF 24-70mm F2.8. Great lens, but it doesn’t cheat physics, just finally managed to take APSC seriously.

            Same rules apply to a VF. Making it a superzoom means it will get darker, fuzzier, distorted, and smaller, and of course say goodbye to the EVF and information overlay with frame lines because there is no more room for the 45° angle prism. That is a choice they won’t make for its many limitations.

          • Ryan

            Except it’s a 1.8 lens. You get the speed of 1.8 and DOF of 1.8. You trying to rationalize things with me is not going to work. This is a no win conversation for you. I’ll always come back and say something. Because I’m just stating something I’d like to see/want. People are allowed to want something that isn’t rational to you, but perfectly rational to them. It’s impossible to know how the OVF is. I would personally be happy if they added a 56mm magnification. The lens combo needed internally is unknown. It may have it and you would be wrong about this entire thing. If it doesn’t. Then I’ll go on hoping the Xpro3 has it!

          • Mr

            It’s F1.8 at reduced focal length, meaning actual aperture size and glass needed is the same as F2.8 at the equivalent focal length on FF. No mistake there, just rational indeed. The Speed vs DoF argument certainly is flawed to say the least. I’m not trying to ‘win’ at anything here, but that you apparently do explains at lot. A 56mm magnification only should be possible.

          • Ryan

            What I mean by full frame lines it like how it uses different lenses to zoom to the FL. Not the framing square getting smaller… Like how the 18mm looks on the xpro1. It gets a full view.

          • Mr

            Frame lines are frame lines, there is no such thing as ‘full’ frame lines. I’m guessing you mean magnification. If you don’t want the frame lines but the image to fill the frame i would recommend a DSLR !

            Having frame lines and ’empty’ space around it is the whole point of this camera of course. The OVF of a rangefinder type camera is just not meant to be used with long lenses.

          • Ryan

            Are you purposely being difficult? Full magnification then! Geez guy. They COULD make it work with there 90mm.

          • Mr

            Geez me? Geez you. The hell kind of response is that.

          • Ryan

            ….the only thing I’ve been saying this entire time is I hope the make it so the magnification on the XPro2 will cover the 14/18/23/35/56 and 90. 5 different magnification changes so the view in the OVF is full. Not a tiny box. I think that would be a significant advancement in the OVF. Obviously it wouldnt Completely fill the frame so it can correct parallax.

            This is all that I wanted to say. I haven’t used the xpro one for 3 years and I just couldn’t find the word(magnification).

            I’m done now. 😩🤐

          • Mr

            Yes, a *matching* magnification.
            None of that is going to work man.

            Get a DSLR.
            (being difficult now)

          • Ryan

            I can ask for what ever the fuck I please. If they can match the mag. with 18 and 35 there is no reason to not hope for more out of a company. If I wanted a DSLR I would buy one. I am just simply wanting more out of a camera then the OVF that was released in a camera a year ago. Maybe you should raise your expectations. Fuji made a lot of promises for the XPro2. They were waiting for certain tech. I’m just stating I hope they do something. I would like match magnification at 18/23/35/56/90
            If the manage 18/35/56, it’s still better then what they had in the xpro1!

    • t_linn

      I just hope Fuji doesn’t start out behind the technology curve given how long it has been since the last sensor update.

  • ciro

    what about the sensor? the most important equipment is missing!!!! :D

    • arhmatic

      it’s behind the lens, can’t see it in the photo…

  • nathanphotographer

    Looks great! While I love my X-T1, I don’t like the too small round buttons for most controls. I prefer the larger dedicated buttons of my X-Pro1. I hope the variable diopter works well (I own 2 for my X-Pro1, one works perfectly for EVF but not for the Optical, and the other works perfectly for Optical and OK for EVF). Hopefully the sensor, focus speed and electronic shutter option are all improved, and included.

  • Chomiq

    Somehow that focus assist led looked better on the original X-Pro1

    • But this one looks more like a real mechanical rangefinder, which is half the reason the X-Pro 1 is so lusted after by ‘true photographers’.

  • sidtw

    No mic – no video.
    A photographer’s dream has come true!

    • Gilboa

      Oh yeah! I didn’t notice that. Not such a big loss on a camera such as this. They’ll probably save the video features for the X-T2…that’s if the lack of video is the case here. Maybe the rendering’s just don’t show the mic’s?

      • sidtw

        Maybe. My judgement is based on the picture above. If the real thing has a mic, then I was wrong.

        • Ryan

          It has a mic, look infront of the hot shoe

          • sidtw

            Thanks, Ryan. If that’s true, then I was mistaken.

    • Beda Tse

      I am no pro, but I do use my X-T1 to take videos, and taking lot of them. At one point X-T1 is my primary video camera with a Zoom H5 for audio.

      Reason? Fuji lenses are amazing, with metabones and Contax, it get you even further. And I didn’t need to spend bucks on another camera and lenses or carry extra weight.

      Do I welcome the change which X-Pro2 will not come with video capability? HELL YES! But will it really come without video capability in the final version? I doubt, and we will see.

      Disclaimer: I have switched from Fuji to Blackmagic Pocket for video shooting. Fuji should not include video capability until they can save with prores / 4:2:2 with 13+ stops dynamic range. Having sub-par video capability is not like something Fuji should be doing.

      • sidtw

        Product diversification. Think about it.

        I’m not saying Fuji shouldn’t build cameras with video. I’m for product diversification.

        Not everybody likes Latte, some like espresso.

    • arhmatic

      Wrong, I’d never buy a camera without a mic and video. Even though I make a living as a photographer, video is always useful to have.

      I can’t believe people being against video, since it’s really just a software item. Same camera otherwise.

      • Ryan

        There are mics, right in front of the hot shoe

      • sidtw

        Product diversification. Think about it.

        Fuji already has many products with video. Get one of these. Why do you complain?

    • Narretz

      Are they really doing that?`This is imo the wrong kind of “feature”.

      • sidtw

        I’m not sure. And as Ryan pointed out, maybe there is a stereo mic on top in front of the hot shoe. If that’s true then I was mistaken. But anyway, I wished it hadn’t video.

    • Trev

      Hey there. I did a job the other day photographing xmas lights of a house for my client on my XE1. It was a windy day and the led lights were waving around in the wind a bit causing a bit of motion blur. Despite this the pics turned out well enough and the client was pleased. However using the video mode I managed to get various footage of the house using the cameras video function. Was it super amazing quality, no. But they didn’t care they loved it and told me they have nearly ‘worn out’ the video. Video is another tool a camera should have. The camera is a tool and the better the functionality of the tool the better the opportunity for you create in a more diverse fashion.

      • sidtw

        Hi Trev, long time no see.

        I totally understand what you are saying. But I want more product diversification. Fuji already goes into this direction, building different flavors of the same sensor-technology combination.

        Excluding video in the x-pro2 would be a bold step into more product diversification, assuming that Fuji would definitely add video to the x-t2.

        I’m not saying Fuji shouldn’t build cameras with video anymore!

        Why is product diversification a bad thing? It would give us customers more options, right?

    • josh

      totally agree sidtw.

  • What if the front wheel adjusts the ISO. Could the ISO display be an OLED like on the Zeiss lenses? That would be a cool little feature.

    The lock button is just for in and out of ‘a’ shutter speed mode.

  • Beda Tse

    My only concern is that….
    Is it still going to take NP-W126?

    I have 6 genuine NP-W126….

    • Tolga Tuncer

      genuine question :D

    • Jonathan

      A newer battery is a better battery…which is better for Pros. No real point in discussing, since the die is already cast

      • Narretz

        Hm, no, there are many exampels where a new battery has little to no advantages and was only introduced for reasons unrelated to capacity.

        • Jonathan

          I step back a little…in my experience with developments of Canon 5D(c) to 5DmkIII, newer battery = better battery. With Profoto Pro7b, newer battery = better battery. With Broncolor Move1200 battery, newer = better. With Quantum Turbo 3, newer = better. With my MacBook Pro 17, newer battery = better battery.

          Currently my fujifilm X-cameras’ primary weakness is that battery life is insufficient by at least 50%. Not a characteristic I consider to be ‘professional.’

          If the X-Pro2 runs on a new battery design, I can only hope it would be a longer running battery. To my mind, that would justify the Pro moniker…unless the camera is 30% more efficient, which a higher-resolution sensor might not necessarily permit.

  • Pablo

    I’m going to wait for the X-E2s..

    • Didiergm

      What’s so disappointing ? Based on a few mockups, rumored specs and one front image … ? I am stunned by such a quick decision

      • Pablo

        I wanted to say, that it isn’t what I expected from a design point and I want to wait for the X-E2s to compare between both

        • Didiergm

          In that case it makes a lot of sense; Sorry for jumping to conclusions

          • Pablo

            No problema :) My mistake for not explaining myself properly.

  • Servet Hosaf

    it looks sexy

  • Jonathan

    Yep, it’s sure nice looking….and…Finally, finally, finally, an up-to-date, interchangeable lens, digital camera with OVF, ready for prime time…and not in BETA like Pro1 was from the start.

    For those unfamiliar, an OVF makes framing in ultra low-light conditions possible, which is critical while working with speedlight. This combination of selective AF + on camera flash + clear framing + pro image quality died with Fuji GA645 series of 1997. Yes, the X100 series is brilliant, but stalled at offering only one focal length! It’s been a loooooong wait.

    • Jonathan Mallett

      Why can’t you frame in ultra low-light using an EVF?

      • Jonathan

        When the available light is too low, requiring flash, all you can see with EVF or SLR is blackness. It’s a common situation for journalists and event photographers

        • G.

          In ultra low-light is much better the evf than the ovf…no way.

          • Jonathan

            accidental double post.

          • Jonathan

            In real tests with my cameras, the X-E2 EVF is better than the X100s EVF and OVF in ultra-low (e.v.1) light levels. I stand corrected on my assertion from earlier.

        • “all you can see with current technology EVF or SLR is blackness”

          Fixed it for you. For all you know, the X-Pro2’s EVF might be better than an optical finder in very low light. It all depends on the sensor.

          • Jonathan

            Thanks (…?). I haven’t used the T cameras yet. Perhaps someone who owns BOTH an X-T1 and X100T can report what ambient light levels render the newest EVF blind, and whether the OVF of the X100T continues to serve.

            With my X100s, this occurs around ev 4.0 (1s f/4, ISO 6400) and below…once my eyes adjust, the EVF bottoms out and renders me blind. The OVF continues to serve. I can compose and shoot nicely with flash. Note: Over-bright frame lines are an issue, as mentioned by darngooddesign.

            Update: As I posted elsewhere, I tested my X-E2 against my X100s, and the X-E2 body’s EVF far outperforms the X100s (both optical and electronic viewfinders). So there we have it. EVF tech wins against X100s OVF. I stand corrected.

        • darngooddesign

          The problem I have with the OVF in very low light is that the bright lines are too bright. My eyes adjust fro them and it makes seeing everything else harder.

          • Jonathan

            darngooddesign: Great point. If OVF frame lines can adjust to ambient brightness (as RFs do naturally by virtue of their illumination window) all will be well. This could be remedied for you via firmware updates, if it hasn’t been already

            Update: I hadn’t paid much attention before now, but I do see that the X100s frame line brightness does dim in low light, but not nearly enough in sub e.v. 4 ambient conditions. It is blinding, and makes the OVF pointless when compared to my X-E2 EVF, which performs for framing in ambient light below e.v. 2.

        • sinisterbrain

          I was really happy when Fuji added a firmware feature to disable exposure preview in the EVF. They added it several years ago to most models’ firmware. (including the X100s)

          • Jonathan

            Thank you. I haven’t been able to locate an exposure preview setting option in the X100s (v.1.2.1) menus. My X-E2 is set accordingly, however…and far outperforms the 100s EVF in sub e.v. 4 light levels

          • JRphoto

            2nd SET-UP menu -> SCREEN SET-UP -> PREVIEW EXP. IN MANUAL MODE -> (ON or OFF)

          • Jonathan

            Thanks for the guidance! I had already switched exposure preview OFF many months ago, and completely forgot about it. This brings me back to the realization that the X100s EVF is incredibly dark at low ambient levels (e.v. 3~1) when compared to the X-E2. Is the X100T better in this regard?

        • Jonathan Mallett

          If you’re in Manual you can change the “Preview Exp. In Manual Mode” to off in the screen set up menu. This will basically allow you to see in the dark with the EVF.

          It’s available on the X-E2, not sure on what other X-Series models this is available on.

          • Jonathan

            So here I am, STANDING CORRECTED, that 2013 tech of X-E2 EVF beats X100s EVF AND OVF in extreme low-light…even using the darker 18-55 zoom for ois.

            Part of my decision to buy the two cameras (when they were first introduced) was for equivalent sensor performance. Such a dramatic difference in EVF function between 100s and E2 comes as a surprise. This also calls into question my reasoning for buying an X-Pro2. It may offer 20+mp, but if the EVF sensitivity is limited as with X100s, then no.

          • Jonathan

            Thank you, Jonathan Mallett. My X-E2 is set accordingly. The 100s doesn’t appear to offer the option. Nevertheless, I just did a controlled test, as my previous comments were based on work experience with the X100s.

            The usable EVF low-light limits with my X cameras is as follows:

            。X100s EVF can ‘see’ to compose in ev 4.0 conditions. Using the OVF, I can compose in darkness to ev 2…which I feel is due to being dazzled by frame-line brightness, which does clumsily dim according to available light, though not enough under extreme conditions.
            。X-E2 with 18mm/2 can ‘see’ to compose in ev 1.0 conditions. Huge difference!

            So here I am, STANDING CORRECTED, that 2013 tech of X-E2 EVF beats X100s EVF AND OVF in extreme low-light…even using the darker 18-55 zoom for ois.

            Part of my decision to buy the two cameras (when they were first introduced) was for equivalent sensor performance. Such a dramatic difference in EVF function between 100s and E2 comes as a surprise. This also calls into question my reasoning for buying an X-Pro2. It may offer 20+mp, but if the EVF sensitivity is limited as with X100s, then no.

    • Jonathan

      Thanks to Jonathan Mallett. I just did a controlled test, as my previous comments were based on work experience with the X100s.

      The usable EVF low-light limits with my X cameras is as follows:

      。X100s EVF can ‘see’ to compose in ev 4.0 conditions. Using the OVF, I can compose in darkness to ev 2…which I feel is limited in part due to my eye being dazzled by frame-line brightness, which does clumsily dim according to available light, though not enough under extreme conditions.
      。X-E2 with 18mm/2 can ‘see’ to compose in ev 1.0 conditions. Huge difference!

      So here I am, STANDING CORRECTED, that the 2013 technology of an X-E2 EVF beats X100s EVF AND OVF in extreme low-light…even using the darker 18-55 zoom for ois.

      Aside: Part of my decision to buy the two cameras (when they were first introduced) was for equivalent sensor performance. Such a dramatic difference in EVF function between X100s and X-E2 comes as a surprise to me. This also calls into question my reasoning for buying an X-Pro2. It may offer 20+mp, but if the EVF sensitivity is limited as with X100s, then no. Tests will have to bear all this out once the camera hits my local NYC stores.

  • Gilboa

    The 35mm F2 lens looks a little undersized on the X-Pro2’s large body…not the prettiest camera around – the X-Pro series, very utilitarian but quite discrete as a result. Which is the purpose I suppose…

    • marco

      i own an XPro1 (and an XT1) and with the 35mm F2 mounted the OVF vision is totally free, that’s the main difference if compared to the 35mm 1.4 to me.

    • ton

      perhaps they are hinting the weather sealing :)

  • Phil Gordon

    Can`t wait for the independent reviews and to see what this baby is capable of.
    Looking good so far.

  • K.G.

    “all you can see with current technology EVF or SLR is blackness.”

    You didn’t think mirrorless camera makers would let this be a problem did you? If this is the case, how do you think pro users would be able to use EVF cameras in dark studio settings/environments? These cameras MUST have a setting for this.

    For Fuji it is set in the blue menu section for “screen” settings; just switch off “exposure preview” setting off. This will make your EVF simulate an OVF. If you can’t do this, then strobe photography would also be a problem.

    Hope this helps everyone. I just wish Fuji would let us use the function buttons for a shortcut to toggle this in future firmware update for X-T1. Anyway, I am all excited for the X-Pro2! I am definitely wishing for a graphite/silver option.

    • It’s already a function you can asign to a Fn button on the XT1 it’s called preview exposure

      • WOW, is it that simple to make it graphite/silver (asign the Fn -button)? Great news!
        (I think I need to read the posts above again, lol)

        • If you look at my post it’s to K.G, it even has the little discus arrow to his name :)

          K.G. Posted (and I copy/paste)

          “Hope this helps everyone. I just wish Fuji would let us use the function buttons for a shortcut to toggle this in future firmware update for X-T1. Anyway, I am all excited for the X-Pro2! I am definitely wishing for a graphite/silver option.”

          Ergo I posted, they already have,

          Actually re-reading it, I suspect you’re just joking because he also mentioned a graphite/silver XP2

          And also FWIW, I was lamenting the lack on assigning preview exposure to a Fn on the XT, and someone in a forum pointed out you could!!!

          Also I spent a few moments today, trying to assign a different function to the video button on the XT, then I remembered, Fuji pulled the FW for that, and I upgraded to the old version which which doesn’t have that functionality!!

          I have no excuses, I haven’t even been drinking ;)

      • K.G.

        Hi Adzman808, thank you for pointing that out, but I have tried that before and apparently it is not the same setting. The specific setting that I am referring to has 3 options: exp.preview+WB.preview, the 2nd choice allows you to have only one of those (i forgot which), and last option is both off.

        And also I have found that the setting you are referring to won’t stick to a custom button. For some reason it would stick. If anyone can explain to me why this is so, please do. FYI this was at least up to the firmware just before 4.20.

        • Hi K.G

          No problem

          I’m looking at my Xt as I type to be sure..

          With this setting mapped to a custom buttom, upon pressing it, I get three options…

          Preview EXP/WB
          Preview WB

          the first is self explanatory
          The second removes previewing exposure, but retains a WB preview
          The last turns both WB and EXP preview off

          Not sure what you mean about sticking, but I’ve turned my XT off and on about 100 times since setting this function (to the bottom button on my D pad) and it’s still there, working..

          Let me see if i can upload a picture of what I’ve set…

          Edit: you’ll have to turn your head to see it, f***ing iPad camera!

    • Jonathan

      Good point, KG, and well described, though not what I was referring to. There are situations (e.g. theater backstage) where light is too low for EVF sensor preview (ev 4.0)…it is then that an OVF comes to the rescue.

      Update: I just did a test of X100s vs X-E2, and the X-E2 EVF performs well down to e.v. 1.0…far better than the X100s limit of e.v. 4, and better than the X100s OVF usability at e.v. 2. I stand corrected. If the X-Pro2 OVF performance isn’t at e.v. 1 capability, then there’s no point for me…I will wait for an X-T with 20+mp resolution.

      • K.G.


        I completely agree with you that OVF is still better in environment situations you decribe, which is one of the reasons why I have been waiting for the Xpro2.

        However, if i use the setting which I have described to Adzman808 the EVF seems to do “ok” in dark situations like your description. It is not perfect but it works ok. I also must say that i have tested other branded mirrorless EVF cameras and the other brand performs much better compared to Fuji with the exposure preview off. Don’t get me wrong, i am rooting for Fuji as it is my favorite camera! I am sure they will keep improving their already amazing EVF!

        • Jonathan

          I jut tested my X-E2 against my X100s, and the X-E2 EVF performs FAR better in ultra low, sub-e.v. 4 ambient light…down to e.v.1. I do not know if the X100T is improved in this regard. My cameras show a three-stop difference in usability between the X-E2 EVF and X100s EVF, and a one-stop difference in usability between the X-E2 EVF and the OVF of my X100s (usable only to e.v. 2)

  • Wick Wire

    The graphite mock-up looks very sexy

  • RodneyKilo

    Is there any reason to assume this is not another 16mp incarnation? Any rumor?

    Other than trying to catch up with a generation or two in resolution, the most compelling thing Fuji product management needs to do this time is to work with the top raw processing software vendors right from the start, to make sure there is support for any new sensor package.

    • darngooddesign

      Every single rumor points to a new 24MP sensor.

      • Ryan

        Hell I personally hope for the 28mp Samsung sensor(currently the best out) or a 24 MP BSI sensor.

        • darngooddesign

          Its supposed to be the 24MP Sony sensor.

          • Ryan

            Hopefully it’s a new sensor and not an old A6000 sensor!

          • I hope so

          • marco

            it will be the “old” one

          • Gilboa

            Yeah, I have a feeling its going to be an older generation 24MP sensor too. Not one of the newer BSI-CMOS sensors almost everybody, including me, were hoping for. If it is, it’ll be obsolete on arrival as competitors new cameras will be moving to BSI-CMOS (Sony, Nikon etc…) with extended DR, improved AF, amongst other enhancements.

          • revaaron

            Let’s be honest, even the “old” A6000 sensor would be a significant improvement over the “ancient” 16 MP sensor they’ve been using for years.

          • Gilboa

            Yes, but uncompetitive next to newer arrivals next year, that’ll incorporate state of the art, next-gen BSI-CMOS sensors.

        • Gilboa

          About that, I’m hoping against hope that the rumour about Samsung buying out Fujifilm’s camera division was in fact just a deal for Fujifilm to use their APS-C BSI-CMOS sensors.

        • EJPB

          Whatever the X-Pro2 may look like, black, graphite – its sensor is the one key thing making or breaking its success and I’m afraid the future of the entire X-series. Fujifilm won’t get a second chance for Fujifilm to recover from an initial disappointment in the market and I’m pretty sure the management is very well aware of that. Speccing out an old Sony sensor would be the epitaph of a second wave of X’s – I don’t believe that’s going to happen. Wait and see – my feeling is still we don’t know everything yet.

          • I’m really curious about the pricing here. The original xpro1 debuted at 1699$ but that was a long time ago. Now Sony is at their 3rd generation of FF cameras and the mirrorless market is much more crowded. 1699$ buys you a A7M2 which, on paper, outspecs the xpro2 we see here (ibis, great video, ff, flip out screen). Plus, it allows you to shoot old-school manual lenses which is unique feature appealing to many pros and people genuinly excited about photography.

            Obviously Fuji would like to maintain a similar price point around 1999$… the question is — can you still sell an APS-C camera at this price to the general prosumer market? Surely they have some advantages — xtrans, ovf, great/unique handling… people who swear by the “fuji way” will buy this camera. But is this enough to drive the general mass market sales? We’ll see, it’s going to be a very interesting lunch event.

        • Nobody Knows

          Ryan, while the Samsung 28mp sensor caught up with the best APS sensor regarding high ISO it lags behind the Toshiba sensor in the Nikon D7200 by 1.4 stops at low ISO . The BSI sensors in larger formats such as APS
          offer no real gains in image quality it is more about speed/performance not overall image quality.

          • Ryan

            The D7200 has a Sony sensor, 7100 had the Toshiba.
            It’s the second best apsc sensor and best mirrorless apsc sensor.
            BSI Sensor has many benefits over a conventional. I mean just check out the A7rmk2. They have extremely fast read speeds, even slightly better high ISO is better then none.

            I would rather have a BSI then not have one. Even if the benefits are small. Atleast.your getting the benefits.

            Looking at what you posted. It says the NX1 is slight better in low light and slightly behind in dynamic range. I don’t understand what your saying. Are you saying that iso100 on the nx1 looks like iso320 on then d7200?

          • EnPassant

    Decent looking camera although I expected a lot nicer design. It looks like they didn’t care much about improving the looks. Front looks almost exactly like x-pro1.

    • Ryan

      I personally think it looks great. But I also like the Xpro 1’s looks as well

    • Tolga Tuncer

      that tells us that thex X-E2s and x200 will look also very smiliar to pre version.

  • I really wonder how the ISO value is set. Maybe with the front dial, it does look different than previous rear or front dials. I don’t expect a pull-up mechanism like in the film days.

    • darngooddesign

      Hopefully, button up for shutter speed, button down for ISO.

  • Bremer

    Patrick, do you know if there is going to be a silver vision? thanks in advance.

    • darngooddesign

      Since there is a graphite/black version, probably not a silver/black version.

    • Solomon Beauregard Bennet

      Would kill for a Graphite Silver Version 😍

    • Chatnoir

      A camera is a tool. One thing I’ve learned after having purchased the graphite edition of the X-T1 – this is too much being an eyecatcher, people around me asking questions all the time. The more invisible, the better – black is the way to go if unattended photography is your thing.

      • Bremer

        Sorry, for me a camera is not just a tool. If that was the case, any entry level camera should satisfy my needs. One of the main reason why i prefer the Fuji cameras is because of there design and the colors of the jpegs. If it is just image taking tool i was seeking, as far as i am concerned there are better and cheaper options out there.

      • Fly fisherman

        Shooting both the graphite and black X-T1 – another point is that the numbers on dials are easy to read in failing light on the black version – numbers are white against black. Not so with graphite version, where the numbers are black against grey = extremely difficult to read in dim light. Also agree that that graphite model draws more attention! People get transfixed by it, and even strangers express their envy. At a recent convention, I sold at least two X-T1’s for Fuji.

      • AceFlibble

        Conversely, silver is a better option if you’re not trying to be some creepy paparazzi. If you’re shooting a portrait—whether it’s of a friend in the street, the bride’s mother at a wedding or a model in a studio—people seem much more disarmed and relaxed by a quirky, silver unit, than if you point a big black box at their heads. Same problem you get if you use Canon and point one of those big, white L zooms at someone. Every little helps when it comes to relaxing a potentially nervous subject.

    • Patrick

      don’t know

  • AceFlibble

    I’ve been asking about a silver version for many months now, and have consistently been told to not get my hopes up for anything more than a limited release at best. I know, of my sources who are getting hands-on before release, nobody has seen or is expecting to see a silver version. I hope one comes out, but as a standard option at launch, it looks unlikely.

    • If they made it silver like what you see in classic cameras like the Canon P, great. The fake titanium finish of the X-T1 graphite edition is trying too hard.

  • Tolga Tuncer

    patrick do have any info about the expected “x200” ?

    • Patrick

      no :(

  • Narretz

    Is the viewfinder window larger or is it just the perspective / shadows?

    • Gilboa

      Looks the same size to me…

    • prankhet

      i am probably wrong but i feel like the xpro2 is slightly narrower, with the viewfinder window a little bit closer to to the lens than before, so the viewfinder window seems slightly larger in proportion

  • Gilboa

    A silver or graphite version of the X-Pro2 might come out, but only as a limited edition I’d say…just like the black version of the original X100 was a limited edition.

    • SamG

      All things are limited edition, just that “limited edition” products are more limited :p

  • Frank Hanswijk

    xe2 rulezzz

  • Ionut Voicu

    i’m waiting for x-t2

    • Tamie

      With a bump in mega pixels I hope.

    • SamG

      Yes, and I am waiting for a FF fuji X series… that has same ergonomics as XT1

      • flightofbooks

        You’ll be waiting a while

  • Fly fisherman

    Definitely a very handsome camera.

  • anarcho-syndicalist

    It seems like the ISO numbers will be upside down when the shutter speeds are in the middle. Seems odd.

  • ProjectNineFive

    While I have the X100T and I love it. The bad thing I see is that when the successor to the Sony a6000 comes out soon it’ll be have better resolution, faster, and at half the price.

  • The viewfinder doesn’t look any bigger. Hopefully it will be be much larger and brighter.

    • Probably not. It has to cover 18mm on the wide end to 56mm on the long end, which is pushing it, just like the M9/240. Larger and every lens would dip farther into the field of view.

  • prankhet

    i’ll probably end up with a dirt cheap xpro1, not that they arent already but even more dirt-y

  • Jón Ingólfur Hermannsson

    XT1 better looking – and will be lot cheaper – so the sensor has to be a real killer to make it a better camera – amazing that it took Fuji 4 years for this update – XT1 has nicer grip –
    This camera is tailored for the Purists that hate Touch LCD and Flip LCD – and like the ultra Retro looks – the thing is Retro is not that much in style as it was 4 years ago and there are fewer Purists around now and I am sure Fuji plans to sell it for $1999 so I suspect sales will not be stellar – or anything close to the X-T1 sales – also when they have a new X-E2 and the X-T10 etc – so the sensor has to be a killer

    • Guillaume L

      I’m not sure why purists wouldn’t want a tiltable screen – it can’t hurt, and the tiltable-ness doesn’t really show when it’s folded. Pricing seems a much more likely reason. Purism, if invoked at all by Fuji, would be a poor excuse.

      • Jón Ingólfur Hermannsson

        I am not sure why the Purists hate Touch LCDs while they mostly all own a smart phone with a Touch LCD – and then again it is easy to turn off in the menu – but ask Fuji or Sony and their answer is that they find that their users do not want a Touch LCD – but my question is who are these users they are consulting –
        of course the old time Purists – why does Fuji not use a Mode dial – because it is not what the Purists like – the old time Purists like old fashioned bodies and controls –
        as far as a Flip LCD – the old cameras did not have a flip LCD – no true Leica has a flip LCD :) So Fuji will not impliment and that is OK – just that Fuji is limiting their customer base – Fuji makes quality stuff – but I think they are hurting themselves a bit with being to retro and pleasing the Purists to the T –

        • Guillaume L

          One thing is to not use recent evolutions of a feature, another thing is to use alternative features from the past.

          While the absence of a touch or flippable LCD clearly belong in the first category, dedicated aperture/shutter dials with A(uto) markings instead of a mode dial, as well as rangefinder-like OVFs fall into the second.

          I think part of Fuji’s success is with reviving some old alternative controls and I don’t mind them because to me they’re for the better. But not adopting recent improvements in a feature you know you’re going to have regardless can indeed be a problem.

        • Tolga Tuncer

          Iam a also a purist and i hate everything, everythinggg ..no mercy haha :-))

        • flightofbooks

          Touch screens only make sense on cameras without internal viewfinders. Too easy to accidentally brush the screen with your nose or something while looking through the viewfinder.

          • David

            you can turn off the touch screen feature you know…

    • tjholowaychuk

      It’s not even appealing to that market IMO, I am part of that market, and I don’t like this design haha. It could be much nicer with some tweaks, this doesn’t look retro really, looks like it’s trying to be futuristic (aside from the front of course).

  • tjholowaychuk

    Meh.. too much of a futuristic look on the top plate and the back. Weird bevels all over the place.

    • flightofbooks

      It’s almost identical to the XP1….?

      • tjholowaychuk

        That doesn’t make it good haha, the first is ugly as well.

  • pl capeli

    . it is not an object of beauty the last truely beautiful camera made was the CONTAX G ….if the designers at fuji had emulated it ……..

    my fuji x100s and my xe1 and xe2 shine next to this misshapen creation

  • Tv

    I have always preferred the look of the xpro1 vs the xe1 although I own the later. The xpro2 looks fantastic! I can’t wait to shoot with one. The xe1 and xe2 look a little odd without the view finder window IMHO. As others have stated I hope the xpro2 really delivers in respect to auto focus and better video but also speed of overall operation

  • Ryan

    I don’t know why Noone else had done this looking for speaker holes. Ran the top panel through snap seed on my phone and boosted the shadows and 2 holes are OBVIOUS right in front of the hot shoe.

    See attached image.

    The camera will have video.

    Now that you see it on my boosted image. Look in the same spot on the silver version. 😁
    Surprise! We have video…now all of you people that don’t want video, no longer need to worry about buying this camera!

    Hope it’s OK I post this Patrick.

  • rg

    Not really exciting to be honest. I was hoping for something to compete with the Sony and Olympus.


      Compete with Sony and Olympus, HOW? Clearly it smacks Olympus in Image Quality… Sony? Lack of lenses and expensive lenses at that, not to mention Uncertainty when it comes to Sony and their mounts…

      Please, don’t tell me you mean that DISGUSTING 4 letter word…

      But hey, not excited? Then at least you have Sony and Olympus to fall back to. In fact, you also have Canon, Nikon, Pentax, etc….. it good to have choices.

      • Rg

        Yes looking forward to the xt2 perhaps. The auto focus on Fuji if we’re honest is not good. I’m definitely going to get the Oly em2 the em1 was my favorite all around camera. I have an xt10 with 35 f2, w 23 1.4, 16 1.4. Image quality is good but needs stabilization to do battle and beat the Oly and Sony. Xp2 had to come with the goodies it won’t be updated again for several years. To be honest I will keep an open mind and check it out though but to me it will need class leading speed, image quality being it’s missing a few things lots of folks are wanting.

        • flightofbooks

          Given that these leaked images tell us nothing but autofocus performance or image quality or any word on any specs or features (beyond the ones we can infer from buttons) I’m not sure what your point is.

        • Tankerman

          If you need stabilisation with the 35, 23 and 16 mm lenses then quite frankly you should make an appointment with your doctor. If your hands are shaking so much that you cannot hold lenses of those focal lengths steady at normal shutter speeds than you clearly have something seriously wrong medically.

          If however you regularly take photographs in very low light conditions then invest in a good lightweight tripod or monopod.

          Of course the most likely explanation for your comments is that you do not, and never have, owned any Fuji camera but own one or both of the other makes you have mentioned.

    • Tv

      I don’t think we can write the xpro2 off as s competitor to Sony or Olympus just yet. It will depend how it works and the leaked specifications are very promising. My personal focus will be on focus speed, quality of the EVF, resolution, speed of operating ie how responsive it is overall, speed of electronic shutter, better focus peaking etc. The range of quality lenses available is commendable.

  • If you can’t change it from black to graphite on a programmable FB button, I am jumping ship to Sony. I love their ugly, cameras especially lacking in lenses.

    For me it’s all based on client opinion. Happy clients – effective camera. They are happy with XP1, X100s and XT1 images. They’ll be happy with these. I just want uniform button layouts across the range.

    • Not going to happen.

      • Do you mean uniform buttons? Why not? As programmable Fn buttons, it’s entirely possible. I have XP1 and X100s (not programmable) and the XT1. This can get confusing in a hurry so planning on 2 XP2 s for work set up to the same layout and X100t for carry-about, programmed the same.

    • Phuong Dinh

      Sony cameras are beautiful in an industrial way, and they have more lenses with better quality. Your argument is invalid.

      • While I’ll admit I was being deliberately argumentative, design is subjective, therefore can’t be invalid and the lenses from Sony are not comparable in quality or range.


    WOW…. A “Rangefinder” styled body, and reading below, fan boys are crying out for video.

    You do know, there’s other cameras to run to for video… Perhaps y’all might try a Panasonic Lumix, Sony or Canon. This is a Camera for photographers. Sure, having an all in one is great, but I keep a Lumix G5, G6 if I really need video.

    What I’m really trying to say is,

  • I hope that it’s my eyes tricking me, not a real already-bowed-door that I see. Otherwise, looks nice.

    • Patrick

      my source said it’s not flimsy like the one on the X-T1

      • But it is bent out slightly. That worries me to no end.

  • Great work Patrick.

    • Patrick

      thanks… and there is more to come ;)

  • Any hints on possible weather sealing from these photos?

    • Ryan

      It’s possible given the lens they decided to attach

  • It’s nice to see some images starting to leak out. I’ll wait for the actual announcement before getting too excited. I have some small concerns that the viewfinder shrunk as did some of the rear buttons. The focus point selector will be very welcome and I’m glad Fuji stuck with a similar D pad like the X-Pro1’s as opposed to the other variants. Could be the lighting/rendering but the grip looks just a tad deeper which is welcome, I’ll still need the additional grip and a thumb rest for my paws though.

  • Tv

    I agree

    • Tv

      That is with ohm image’s comment praising Patrick

      • Patrick

        thanks :-)

  • J.R.

    Still too big & the optical viewfinder is useless for many…

    • Ozone

      For you maybe… I like the optical on my XPro1. Plenty of other options for you to choose from.

    • flightofbooks

      Which is precisely why Fuji has the X-E series, with a smaller body and no optical viewfinder.

    • prankhet

      yea frankly cameras should come with printers attached to them because real photographers shoot straight to photopaper

    • gallery90

      Maybe that’s why Fujifilm sells an X-T1 and an X-E2…Just sayin’.

  • Roby

    For something like this (leaked images, etc), it’s better if you big watermark the image (i.e. bigger FujiRumors font on top of the image, from side to side) so the image won’t easily steal by other website. It’s your work so you should get the appropriate credit for it.

    • Patrick

      yes, but it really looks bad with such a big watermark. However, it seems to be necessary… sadly. Too many FR-haters out there

      • Yeah I see certain sites just photoshoped this image and no credit given to Fuji rumors.

        • Patrick

          moreover, there are several sites that apply a strong censorship policy against Fujirumors. All these sites now link to the russian site… If nobody would have photoshopped it, they would not have shared the images on their site, since they censor FR.

          It’s obviously frustrating. because over and over again, rumor after rumor, I’m copied without quote by fuji forums and other photo related sites.

          And now we have reached a new level, with even images watermark edited out.

          I can just hope readers are aware of this… and keep up leaking… but maybe with some more challanging to photoshop watermark

      • Tolga Tuncer

        I would just put out a big watermark without the xpro2 image :-D haha

        • Patrick

          great idea… LOL :)

  • roos

    I wonder, is that little window above the lens a true rangefinder window? If it is, WOW!!!

    • I doubt it. If you look at the Leicas etc, the window is much larger and closer to the VF. My money would be on a focus assist lamp – same as XP1 but now square. I like the plain front

      • roos

        Yes, you are right ofcourse. For a moment there, i had my hopes up this would be the camera for me. Wait for the xe2s it is, then.

  • Gritty Monkey

    I was hoping they would stop using a “Drive” button and would add a dial instead, just like on the X-T1.

  • inzautoe

    Very disappointed at the apparent lack of a tilt screen for waist-level composition. This may be a dealbreaker. I’ll likely wait for the first camera to incorporate the new 24MP sensor in a body with a tilt screen.

  • Richard Simko

    Looks like most of the changes will be under the hood. If it is sufficient after 4 years of waiting is yet to be seen. I agree lack of tilt screen is disappointing. It is so useful to have. Also it looks it could have been touch bigger.

  • Fuji XXX

    Why would they make it so the numbers in the ISO dial would be upside down when you’re looking down at your camera?

    • Jonathan Bailey

      That’s the shutter speed dial…

      • Fuji XXX

        No. When you set the shutter speed to say 250 or pretty much any other number the ISO window on the dial will go with it and the ISO numbers in the window will be upside down when you’re looking down on your camera.

  • Fingerpuk

    This look very much like a render, the black one I mean. Either that or a very heavily retouched photo.

  • osynlig fog

    Great looking camera. I’m pleased they kept a winning design. Makes me think of the FM/FE or 500CM series. Classic cameras keep their looks.

  • Cool! More pics and specs! Keep them coming!

    Hmm.. From these new pics, the back screen no longer seems like a possible tilt or flip out screen… Too bad… But I still like this!

    I hope the graphite version will be real.. Though, I’d take silver just as well.. Hell, it still looks great in classic black, too!.. I’m sure there will be an alternate color to black, either way.

    I know this is not a real rangefinder, but we all know it’s trying to be the next best thing to one and give you that feel and look. With that said, I kind of like the af illuminator here.. Looks like a small rangefinder window.

    Personally, I don’t care if no new sensor, the current is still pretty damn good, but it seems fairly certain that there will be a new one.. If it’s really new all together or a rehash of an existing one, we will see soon.

    For me, I’d be happy with a new processor, faster, integrating the electronic viewfinder tech from the x100t, but even better with nice large bright evf mode that’s just as good, if not better, than current x-t1 evf… Make sure that refresh is high AND clean, especially in low light… Fuji evf’s are great in bright conditions but disappointingly noisier than competition in low light situations.

    So, for the x-pro2, I’d be most happy with getting an improved and best digital rangefinder experience.. Anything else on top of that is bonus and icing on the cake.

    I feel if you want more than a great digital rangefinder experience, then you’re better off with an x-t1, x-t10 or possibly upcoming x-e2s and x-t2(whenever that will be).

    • The only “digital rangefinder experience” available on the market right now is Leica. xpro looks like a rangefinder but there is no actual rangefinder involved.

      I guess a better therm would be “the best optical viewfinder experience”.

      • I am aware of that.. Unfortunately, I’m not ballin’ and can’t afford a leica.. Nor do I realistically see myself saving 10 years for a 1 camera 1 lens combo with Leica. So, the fake digital rangefinder experience with Fuji x-pro2 is all I can hope for, and its not a bad alternative considering the lack of options for a “rangefinder-esque” experience.

        And before anybody jumps on me, I know Fuji is not a true substitute for a Leica… And I’m not saying it is, and I’m very happy with what fuji has to offer in the X-Pro1 and upcoming x-pro2.

  • Leon Freedman

    Looking at this layout I am thinking a Thumb Up will be a tremendous task

  • jlauch

    The design is not as elegant as previous designs, but looks functional.

    Never understood buttons on the back thumb grip, especially the AF-L button. Placement always seemed terrible.

    The most important questions remain unanswered;

    -Whether the AF will finally be up to snuff.
    -If the have smoothed over the operation – IE responsiveness of shutter / eliminated the shutter lag and eliminated stuttering delay of LCD/EVF when the shutter is half pushed, etc.
    -And the sensor has been improved.

  • Fingerpuk

    If you blow the image up to full size, the button placement is a little on the poor side. I can see many accidental actuations of AF-L and Q. I also don’t understand why you need a D-Pad when you have a joystick? If they are supposed to be programmable but not directional that layout is not thought through well enough. Shift the screen to the right a little, add a row of button to the left of that to clean up the grip area on the right.

    Even though I’ve bought into Leica, I’m still very tempted by this camera and I hope these renders are not taken from the final engineering drawing.

  • ThorstenMUC

    nice to see the sync-speed marking at 250 :-)

  • gallery90

    If that diopter wheel is real, I’m a happier camper. I could never seem to find the Fuji X-Pro1 correction eyepieces in stock at a brick and mortar — so I couldn’t compare them. Finally ordered several online. One worked and I still have the rest.

  • Dave

    It looks like the X-Pro2 will be a nice incremental upgrade to the original.

  • metaimago

    Can I hope for a true rangefinder this year or should I wait for the x-pro3 ?

    • Jonathan

      Dear Metaimago: You should hope for anything you want…but don’t hold your breath. At the (high) risk of attracting some real blowback, I will state for the record: True rangefinders are very fragile and, frankly, inferior to 2015 AF+MF EVF/OVF options. They were fine for days of film when 35mm images were only viewed as 11×14 prints from proper viewing distances, and Mamiya 6 photos were zone-focused at F/16 for Larry Fink’s books. Nowadays, everything is pixel-peeped (including by yours truly) at 200% on a 27″ Retina Display, and true range finder focusing just doesn’t cut the mustard 80% of the time.

      I hate to sound like I’m hatin’ on RF…I’m not. I love my Canonet GIII…just when all is said and done, Fuji have moved on because removing barriers to your success in making great (sharp) pictures is their #1 priority. It’s why we’re talking about the X-Pro2 and not the Leica M11

      • At the high risk of attracting some real blowback, I will state that nowdays most pictures are viewed on a tiny smartphone instagram screen at 1080px where you can’t see the difference between 24mp sensor, 16mp sensor or a 35mm scan.

        • Jonathan


      • Even images from DP Merrills do not look great zoomed in more than 100%. While I love sharp details, it is best to view an image for what it is rather than with a microscope. Even images from the A7r ii look like crap at 100%, due to the weaknesses of interpolation; and I feel they shouldn’t be viewed that way.

        But, that is just my opinion…yours may differ

      • Fingerpuk

        I couldn’t agree less with this. Sharp != great. Some of the most influential photographs were as sharp as a crayon. It’s like comparing Joe Satrianni to Stevie Ray Vaughn. I know who’d I prefer to listen to.

        • Jonathan

          Fingerpuk: your digression on aesthetics is not lost on me…however it’s off-topic.

          This is a discussion thread about features of a new digital camera (without a true Range Finder focus system).

          Lomography is hosted by another website.

          • Fingerpuk

            I disagree. You stated that the RF system was for days when people shot film and only printed 11×14 to be viewed from a distance. But that they were not suitable for pixel peepers.

            Ignoring the fact that if you shoot for pixel peepers you are a: missing the point of photography and b: should be using a much more expensive system, you are entirely wrong about what the Leica rangefinder system is capable of. I would bet my house that you are not considered as capable or influential a photographer as Bresson, Capa, Erwin, Winogrand, Maier etc who all considered this system to be the pinnacle.

            You could argue that they did not have modern digital systems to hand, so we move onto more modern legends such as Winograd (again I know but hey…), Eggleston, McCullin, Davidson, Meyerowitz, Mermelstein, etc. These are the ones I can remember, and I’m bad with names.

            The Fuji X system is a good system. But it is only as good as the user. And no amount of auto digital wonder makes a great picture. And sharpness will never be all that is needed to make a great photo.

            I’d rise to your Lomography comment but I don’t think you need any more help embarrassing yourself.

        • Markthetog

          Great images are about content. RF is not good enough for high res digital sensors where customers demand razor sharpness at 400%. I loved all my Leicas and they were sharp as hell but only up to a point. Focus is close enough for prints up to 11×14 or 16×20 but prints are really forgiving of focus errors.

          • Fingerpuk

            Using earlier words – at the risk of attracting some real blowback – I’m going to say that the problem of sharpness is down to you and not the equipment. If they weren’t sharp enough people wouldn’t use them. And by ‘people’ I mean photographers who are far and away better than any of us. But hey, we will agree that neither of us agrees and leave it at that I guess. Personally I look forward to using my Fuji alongside my Leica.

    • Fingerpuk

      You won’t get a true rangefinder. You may get a digital facsimile of one though, the X100T was close. Wouldn’t take much, they’d have to improve the EVF hugely though.

  • gallery90

    Soooo…What’s that little “c” on the exposure compensation dial — opposite the “0”?

    • Tolga Tuncer

      C is the Exposure Custom setting , you can choose +/- from 1 up to 5 and the front dial

  • Trickles

    Looks excellent, can’t wait! Great stuff Fuji! Thanks for your work Patrick :-)

    • Patrick

      thanks :)

  • artmanjunk

    I just hope for full frame

    • Arnold

      The distance between the sensor and lens on fuji cameras is 2.5cm
      on a DSLR its 4.5cm. For this reason you don’t need a full frame sensor, as
      the pixel resolution of 24mpx fuji equals that of 40mpx DSLR.

  • marco

    what about GPS and Wifi?

  • Keith Towers

    Hmmm! I would sooner wait until Fuji releases the news before getting too excited. After Fuji promising some really worth while changes the XP2 still looks like an XP1 mock-up. And I love my XP1.

  • Brian M. Freer

    In really excited about this release. I shoot with an x-e2 and love it. Looking forward to having a hybrid viewfinder so I can use my studio flashes and ditch the 5d markiii for good. It looks like the thumb rest may have rubber on it. That is a welcome addition as my thumb gets a bit raw after shooting with the x-e2 for extended periods.

  • deb

    Thanks for sharing patrick and happy new year. I cant wait to get the xpro2. Will pre order one!

  • David

    I am really not enthused with this design. So many buttons on the back, and a new grip that despite not being more functional than the grip on the X-Pro1, does manage to be less attractive. Hopefully it will turn out better in the flesh, otherwise I will have to wait for the X-T2

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