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Last Second Rumors: XF 16-55 and 50-140 will be weather sealed too!


 photo 1743145_10201338659763630_2051566384_n_zpsb4f51697.png

I just came back from my work, when FR-source drphotorumor shared this information with me. As to expect, other lenses shown in the new roadmap will be weather sealed too:  the 16-55mm f/2.8 and 50-140 f/2.8!

In the meantime also digicame-info is working restlessly. Over at his website (click here) he just announced some prices for the grips (in Yen, obviously). All in all, I’d expect the vertical grip to cost between $/€ 200 – $/€ 250.

  • Estimated retail price of the vertical position battery grip VG-XT1 of X-T1 for about 25,000 yen.
  • Estimated retail price of the hand grip MHG-XT of X-T1 for about 13,000 yen.

My friends, it’s coming, and I hope my students will aplogize me, when tomorrow I’ll go at work just a “little bit” tired. I’m ready with coffee and some good music in the background…. and a lot of excitement!

You’ll have to manage your impatience just for a few more hours. Soon everything will be real!

And you should not miss today’s X-pert corner first look at the 56mm here.

stay tuned,
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