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It’s Sunday Deal Time with Fujifilm, Heipi, B&H Photo, Amazon and More


Amazon Prime Day Early Deal Page

Amazon launched the official prime day deal page with some early deals (Click here).

BHphoto & Adorama 4th of July Deals

Check out the long list of 4th of July deals on this special BHphoto page.

Also Adorama has launched its 4th of July sales here.


You can now preorder the Heipi 3-in-1 Travel Tripod at Heipivision (Click here). $40 OFF with code “QV654S8DATAZ” for a limited time!

Third Party AF lenses

Fujifilm USA Deals

This is what remains of the big Fujifilm X/GFX deals.


X Series Deals

Fujifilm Europe Deals

GFX Deals – Exp. August 30

*Note: if you buy at Amazon Italy, make sure to buy only gear shipped and sold by Amazon to qualify for the cashback
*Note: Amazon Italy is qualified retailer, but Amazon UK and Germany are not qualified
*Note: purchase camera and lens together so that they appear on the same bill.