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In Japan, Fujifilm Professional Service costs $45 a Year for GFX and X Cameras with Lots of Benefits


Back in April 2017, Fujifilm has launched a professional service (FPS) in USA. For an annual fee of $500 you get discounts on non-warranty repairs, freebies, loaners and more – full details here.

The FPS service in USA covers only GFX series.

Also in Japan Fujifilm launched a professional service, but it’s much better than the US-FPS.

Here is what you get for $45 only:

  • Annual cost $45
  • serveral locations spread over the country where you can bring your gear for inspection
  • in depth inspections of your camera (AE exposure accuracy, level (horizontal) inspection, optical performance inspection ( In the case of lens) &. More
  • 1 day service
  • covers GFX and X series
  • 50% discounts on repairs
  • free loaners
  • & more

Overall you get a nice package for only $45. I hope that other countries will soon be able to benefit of this service too.

And let me add…

I often get messages, that in some EU countries (such as UK) Fujifilm service is excellent, with ultra fast repairs and I often get tweets (the last one today) about very happy Fujifilm customers thanks to Fujifilm UK & Co.

On the other hand, I hear also horror stories, and in some countries a simple repair can take way too long.

Fujifilm has to look at those, who make things right (Fujifilm UK, Fujifilm Japan and others), and bring those standards into all countries.