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Hide & Seek: Find the X-T1 + Kit (and 56mm) available at ebayUS top sellers

[shoplink 24366 ebay] photo top_zps1f4293ee.jpg[/shoplink]

FR-reader Christopher asked me: “Hi Patrick, Have you heard anything about when the X-T1 body will be back in stock in the US? I am going on a trip there soon and will be there until May 27th. If it’ll come back by then I think I’ll order one with the 56mm. What do you think the chances of it arriving before I leave are?”

The answer is: I have no idea! I’ve found just the kit at top rated ebayUS seller [shoplink 24366 ebay]kenmorecamera[/shoplink] and at [shoplink 24365 ebay]6ave[/shoplink]… I’ll let you guess for how long it will be in stock!

Well, time passes, the seasons change but the elusive X-T1 is still playing hide & seek with us, at least in the USA, where it’s still mostly out of stock.

The situations isn’t really better for the XF56mm, but also in this case you can find it at ebayUS at [shoplink 24360 ebay]popflash[/shoplink].

So this time, dear readers, I need your help: if you know any even super-small retailer in the US, that has the X-T1 in stock now, please put a link in the comments. Let’s give some visibility also to the small retailers.

Fuji X-T1 in Stock check: [shopcountry 21553]

Can you find the X-T1 (with [shoplink 20414]XF 10-24[/shoplink]) in this image… and in USA? Then tell us where.

 photo whereswaldo1_zps836f9c47.jpg