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The Great JPEG Shootout by TheCameraStoreTV


TheCameraStore just shared their Big JPEG shootout here. They compare the Pentax K7D, Olympus Pen F, Nikon D500, Canon 80D, Panasonic G85, iPhone 7+, Fujifilm X-T2 with default factory settings.

The goal was just to show how JPEG’s straight out of the box look like and what people tend to find more pleasing.

They took some shots under different conditions, printed them all and let them evaluate by customers, staff members, Pro photographers, amateurs and professional printers.

Some of the results:

Portrait: Winners: 1st Nikon, 2nd Canon, 3rd Pentax. Losers: Panasonic, Olympus, iPhone
Landscape: Winners: 1st iPhone, 2nd Panasonic, 3rd Olympus. Losers: Worst of all Sony. A note regarding Fuji and Nikon: they exposed a bit darker out of the box, and therefore people perceived them as muddy.
Lab Test: Winners: 1st Sony, 2nd Nikon, 3rd Canon. Losers: iPhone

So you see, a lot of inconsistency between cameras according to the scenarios they were used.

Overall Results: 1st Nikon * 2nd Canon * 3rd Panasonic * 4th Fujifilm * 5th Olympus * 6th Sony * 7th Pentax * 8th iPhone

Regarding Fujifilm, TheCameraStore thinks the X-Pro2/T2 does not have the same uniquess as older X-Trans 1/2 cameras have over the competition.

It would be nice to see also how the different film simulations perform in the above mentioned scenarios compared to the dedicated presets of other camera manufacturers. Velvia (for landscapes), Astia (for portraits), Acros (for black and white) and Co…. these film simulations have been specifically designed to get the best results in different areas, and applied to the above scenarios, they might have shown where the famous “Fuji Colors” reputations comes from.