Good bye OVF: the X30 will feature an EVF (new source)


 photo EVFONLY_zps7ee85cbd.jpg

On Monday I told you about the X30 with 2/3” sensor and asked you to contact me in case you have more information about it. Well, a new source kindly contacted me via email, confirmed the 2/3” sensor and also said that the X30 will feature an EVF.

Over at the FR-facebook community, Eric and Grant expressed their wish to replace the OVF with and EVF.

 photo facebook_zpsd9abda30.png

A good news for EVF lovers. But what do you think? Do you prefer an X30 with an OVF (85% coverage) or an EVF? Here is the poll:

Regarding the Video Function, the X100T Successor should have...

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But for now, take it with a grain of salt. I’m at work and trying to confirm it with trusted sources. And if you have some information about any Fuji X gear, you know the ways to contact me.

The rumored X30 specs list so far is: (TS= trusted source / NeS =New Source / AS = Anonymous Source / SRP = source who was right in the past, but not yet trusted / ORS = other rumor sites)

– 2/3 sensor (TS + NeS)
– EVF only (NeS)
– Announcement: at photokina according to ORS – FR-sources just said “this summer” (AS)

P.S.: To anyone out there who likes the rumored FR-specs lists: if you copy&paste them, do not forget to indicate (clearly) where the list comes from. I’ve nothing against it when you quote the original source of the rumors ;-).

stay tuned for rumors and news 24×7,
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  • Harry

    Like the idea of EVF but It needs to be a 1″ sensor to get my vote

  • sav

    A shame, I got the X10 for the OVF, it looks like it will be with me for some time yet. Might even get another I suppose, or an X20 even.

  • Ratty Mouse

    2/3rd inch sensor? Epic fail on Fujifilm’s part. That sensor was obsolete YEARS ago. Fujifilm still selling off old parts out of the bin.

    Epic fail.

    • nwcs

      You are an epic fail.

      • Ratty Mouse


        • d

          If you are not getting paid by some other company to hurt Fuji, you really are a moron.

          • Ratty Mouse

            What part of 1″ sensor don’t you understand?

          • David

            why? Honestly, when Sony has had a 1″ sensor for years, and now has a VF, and Panasonic will soon have the same…with those two cameras on the market, both with good lenses, what are the remaining selling points of the Fuji?
            1) Looks
            2) Operating experience

            But the IQ deficit is so large that there is no way I would purchase this. I am buying a compact in a few months time. Now the X30 is out of the running for me.

          • Ratty Mouse

            Exactly. Clearly you are not a drooling fan boy.

          • Jón Ingólfur Hermannsson

            Totally agree – a Fail on Fuji’s part I think. The retro look fad is fading – although I love the looks of my X20 – but I feel they can easily put a larger sensor in that body and a a bit larger lens to go from 24-100mm F2.0-2.8 – it would have kept the X30 in the competition although larger then the competition – unless the LX8 rumors are totally wrong I think it is on the top with many now – I do have the RX100 and love the size but willing to sacrifice a bit on size for longer focal range and Touch LCD and Touch To Focus that the LX8 will offer

      • d

        I was about to say the same thing – haha! Perhaps he or she is nice in person. However, definitely a loser online. That said, with a name like that, they definitely know it themselves…

        • nwcs

          If you read their whole post history it’s very clear. 100% anti mirrorless and fuji. So they are on some kind of epic crusade or something. Kinda sad.

    • And Another

      Suppose you could say the exact same thing about all of your comments.

  • I have the X-20, was holding out to see if sensor would be larger, it’s not going to be. Selling the X-20 for a Ricoh GR. I am in Dublin, contact me if interested. It has a leather half case, filter etc…Perfect, not a mark on it. Looking for 400.00 Euro cos of included accessories. Bye Bye Fuji. ;(

    • nwcs

      All that based on a rumor?

  • glaebhoerl

    My dream camera is something in between the XF1/XQ1 and X10/X20 lines in size, with the X-E2 EVF, a 2/3″ sensor, and a 24-240mm equiv. constant f/2.8 lens. That would definitely be ambitious, but not to the point of being impossible, I think, if you consider the Stylus 1. So far rumors about the X30 surprisingly seem to match this, but of course, we don’t know the most importance piece yet, which is the lens, and I’ll be really, really surprised if it’s anything like what I had in mind. :o)

  • Antonio

    Let’s hope it’s not a trend that can extend to the models using hybrid viewfinders.

  • 078Adam

    If I had to chose only one, it would be a very good EVF. If I had to chose between a OVF and a mediocre EVF I would chose the OVF.

  • Carlos Lacroze

    “a 2/3″ sensor”? You can’t be serious! I’ve been expecting this model for quiet a long time. Sincerely hope this rumour is fake, because only this issue is a deal-breaker and a deception.
    Don’t mind the EVF (if its better than the OVF), BUT this Sensor Size is not negotiable. We can argue on quality sensors, but AFAIK there is no way to compare 2/3″ and 1″. Period.

    “a 24-240mm equiv. constant f/2.8 lens” ? Not even myself expects this non-sense. A 24-90 @ constant 2.0, would already be a miracle.

    The Sony RX100 III doesn’t have the overall Fuji experience, but there is no chance their sensors could begin to compete.

    I could stand the X30 bigger size, provided its IQ was it a worthy option. It seems this is not the case.

    • Peter

      The Olympus Stylus 1 has a 10.7x f/2.8 zoom with a 1/1.7″ sensor (just a tad smaller than 2/3″). So I think a 10x f/2.8 zoom for the X30 would not be impossible although highly unlikely.

      If Fuji manages to fit a 8x f/2.8 lens in the X30, while still keeping the weight under a pound then I would be interested, even with a 2/3″ sensor.

      IMO the Stylus 1, RX100, RX10 and FZ1000 have raised the bars in the “enthousiast compact” considerably. Let’s hope Fuji follows suit, and comes with something more interesting than an X20 with EFV

      • Jón Ingólfur Hermannsson

        Totally agree – the X10/20 body is much larger then the RX100m3 body with a 24-70mm F2.8 – I also think most of us would not have minded a bit larger lens for a focal range of 24-100 F2.0-2.8 – the fact it will not have a 1 inch sensor is a deal breaker for me –
        I expect they will have some phase detect sensors sprinkled and a tilt-lcd and an EVF – and larger LCD but at the cost of fewer manual controls – like that of the XF1 to XQ1 –
        So the LX8 is on top of my list and I expect many others

  • Ivan

    Is the deal breaker for X-E1/2 and X-T1 in not having an OVF? I doubt it. If X-E1/2 and X/T1 can be EVF-only designs so can be the new X30. EVFs are maturing and getting better and better so why not start using them? The real question is just how good an EVF in X30 is going to be. Unlikely the same as in X-T1. Possibly the same as in X-E2 (looks like that one might fit in). Most likely a completely new design. Regardless, if they put in a good one I see no problem but that remains to be seen, so let’s wait for… some more rumors :)

  • Rich

    I love how people consign this to the dustbin before they know the slightest thing about the camera. I for one would welcome another 2/3 sensor, provided it’s a bit better than the last one. Larger sensors = larger lenses, shorter zooms or smaller apertures. I think the X10/20 have hit a sweet spot (at least as far as I’m concerned) in terms of size/zoom/aperture. If the new sensor is better, then this could well be a home run.

    • Luca

      X-E2 and X-T1 were also supposed to give better quality of images but it turned out they give worse compared to X-E1 and X-Pro1 (JPEGs), so do not expect too much on that. What I see from X-Pro1 release is worse IQ in next Fuji cameras. And you seem to forgot about rising competitiors with 1″ and 1,5″ sensor and market expectations of better IQ sensors that makes many users want 1″ camera. Fuji with 2/3 sensor will be put on many recommendation lists at the bottom. Fuji X-30 price will be around of Panasonic LX-8 with 1″ sensor. Truly? I must be stupid buying X-30 with 2/3 sesnsor instead of LX-8.

      • Jón Ingólfur Hermannsson

        Totally agree

    • Carlos Lacroze

      Rich, ok. BUT trouble is there are already many improvements in the market not to consider, and X10/20 specs are rather OLD today. Considering the evolution of the rest of the Fuji X line, it make no sense. Anyone knows that with a little improvement as requested (sensor and lens quality), this might well be the best overall whole purpose everyday camera.

    • DouglasGottlieb

      Specs are only one data point to consider. But they’re an obvious and easy one. This will provide a challenge for Fuji. It is much harder to “sell” the experiential benefits of X10-20-30 cameras, although they are considerable. But to frame this another way, SONY is rumored to be putting their new curved 2/3″sensor into phones. Build quality and experience can only carry Fuji so far in THAT world…

      • Jón Ingólfur Hermannsson

        Agree – Sony seems to be leading the way with larger sensors – The new XQ1 which I suspect is the update to the XF1 is less retro – so Fuji will not be able to cash in on that retro look forever

    • Jón Ingólfur Hermannsson

      with the size of the X10/20/30 body it should be easy to fit a 1 inch sensor – Sony RX100m3 has a 24-70mm F2.8 and is a very small camera and even has an EVF – it is clear that the owners of the X10/20 where not as concerned about the size like in my case – I still have the RX100 as well for a very pocket-able camera – I just wanted something better then the compacts with a built-in zoom with at least 24-100 focal length and at least a F2.8 constant at the longer range – The X10/20 is larger then the Panasonic GM1 which has an M43 sensor – I just think Fuji is saving money by not creating a new lens – I just think the demand for the retro look is less now – people want features and larger sensor for low light

  • DouglasGottlieb

    I never thought I’d ever prefer an EVF to an OVF, but it has happened. Today’s EVFs, with fast refresh rates and high resolution provide “pre click chimping” that shows exactly what’s coming off the sensor. I can’t give that up. If the X30 delivers a great EVF, adds weather sealing, and perhaps a slightly wider zoom, it will be very appealing. It seems Fuji are banking on their looks and usability combating the better IQ of a 1″ sensor. Personally, I hate the handling of the RX100ii (need to try the iii to see if the EVF makes up for the compact camera feel), but hold out high hopes for the LX8. The could be the X30’s true competition. Then again, if this drives down prices on the X10 and X20, those will be hard to resist. Great cameras!

  • Thinkinginpictures

    Not a good idea. Fuji just got fudgie.

    • Jón Ingólfur Hermannsson

      Totally agree

  • caver3d

    I had the Sony RX100 III on preorder and cancelled it when I heard about the Fuji X30 and Pany LX8. Well, with the 2/3″ sensor I have scratched the X30 off my list. It is now down to the LX8. If this new Pany does not have a 1″ or 4/3 sensor, then I am going back to ordering the Sony RX100 III. I want an exceptional compact to go along with my APS-C Fuji-X and m43 cameras. It’s as simple as that. I want that IQ and less noise from a larger sensor compact.

    • Jón Ingólfur Hermannsson

      Right on – my same thoughts – I have the RX100 and X20 – and now in 2014 I am hoping there might be some improvements – but I do love both cameras. The X30 would have been very high on the list with a 1 inch sensor and same or very similar lens – but the X30 is not off my list and the Panasonic LX8 on top – of course not out – but rumors have been unchanged that it will have a 1 inch sensor and Touch LCD and Touch To Focus and a 24-90mm F2.0-2.8 lens – and some rumors say 4k video –
      To me it is the focal length and 1 inch sensor and lens speed – the LX8 will also have an EVF – although to me it is more important to have the focal length and lens speed – I expect the LX8 to be a bit more than the X30 but will be well worth it – Very disappointed in Fuji !!! like the Fuji XQ1 which I suspect was an update of the stylish XF1 – The X10/20 has a good little sensor and great looks – but with the competition with 1 inch sensor and more features and much much better video and smaller bodies the X30 just will not be able to compete – I love the retro looks but I think for many the retro looks fad is fading – people back to features and price and size – I do not expect a X40 later – I think this will be the end – the LX8 is on top of my list as it is rumored to have a longer focal range then the RX100m3 and it has Touch LCD and Touch To Focus a full-flip LCD and some rumors say 4K recording – but of course if sensor not the rumored 1 inch and same old size then it will be the RX100m3 – but I expect the rumors to be right –

      • Carlos Lacroze

        I agree almost on everything, BUT remember its not only about retro design looks, BUT I believe mainly about OVERALL PHOTO EXPERIENCE [tks to that design].

        Never the less, we still demand IQ performance improvements, and that means features (Sensor and Lens sizes and type), overall cam size and price.

        I wouldn’t mind the RX 100 III is smaller or cheaper, provided the X30 is better.

  • Facstatim

    I have always much prefer OVF to EVF but the gap is closing and now 100% coverage and no lens in view would probably swing it for me.

    Everyone is obsessed with sensor size these days, in the way they were with mega-pixels not so long ago (one obsession leads to the other). Fuji’s 2/3rds is an excellent 2/3rds. This is supposed to be a back-up camera to keep with you at all times – love it for being that.

    What would I change from X-20?

    My top 3:
    1. A larger view finder & 100%coverage.
    2. A slightly wider zoom (until someone invents the ability to crop out! LOL)
    3. Quicker scene selection – not hidden in a menu.

    Other than that, I am loving my X20 – hardly pick up the Nikon DSLR any more. Time for an X series with lens system I think.

  • Jón Ingólfur Hermannsson

    OK an EVF – but same sensor – very very very disappointing –

    I would prefer a 1 inch sensor over an EVF – Seems like the Panasonic LX8 might turn up the winner ( Sony RX100m3 vs Fuji X30 – vs Panasonic LX8 ) with longer focal range than the Sony RX100m3 and Touch LCD etc – and rumor has it that it will have 4k recording –

    I expect that Fuji will also have a tilt-able LCD so LCD will be 3 inch so buttons on left side will be no more – so fewer manual controls – I also expect a On/Off button as start via lens has issues – So yes the 2/3rds sensor is a good little sensor but a larger sensor has UN-deniable benefits – I love M43 size and weight but it has a smaller sensor so some compromises – However the X20/X30 is much larger then the competition and interestingly about the same size as the X-M1 which has an APS-C sensor – and again the Panasonic GM1 proves that Fuji could put a larger sensor in the X30 – Sony has a 24-70mm F2.8 in a much much smaller body –

    I was really hoping for a 24-110mm F2.0-F2.8 with at least a 1 inch sensor to be able to compete with the Sony RX100m3 and the Panasonic LX8 –

    Now it is clear that it will be very hard to compete – I suspect that the X30 will be at or around $600 about $100-200 cheaper then the RX100m3 and LX8 –

    The Sony A6000 is $800 with a lens and APS-C size sensor and not much larger –
    I expect the X30 with rumored specs will not to well and there will not be an X40

  • Harold

    why not using the Hybrid VF on X100s

  • Harold glit

    Silly question. It depends on the resolution and refresh rate if evf

  • Me

    Well, that’s that then. I was hoping x30 would be just like x[1,2]0, but maybe better sensor, faster processor, lower power, better battery, things that matter. Same sensor and now EVF. The latter is the final nail in the coffin as far as I’m concerned. Maybe I can find a x20 somewhere…

    • DiBo

      There is a lot love in Fujifilm, but also quite a bit to make me say ‘hmm, is this now a company that truly holds a small, golden bullet in the future of modern photography?’. So this X30 is the answer to a market of a lot of really attractive advanced compacts. Somewhere down in the basement of way to many other X-series. The only thing we can conclude is that until now, Fuji is just a niche-filler and not so much a company radiating a radical view on the market, retaining a true red line and magical touch in every product. Where others pass by because they don’t want to take the risk in a too small and vertical segment, Fujifilms tries to fill the hole with mostly a bit confusing, retro-looking stuff looking ‘chique’. I still believe that one day, they have dreamed to become the Japanese Leica or a digital brother of Contax. So they keep on playing with pseudo-advanced appearing technologies like the X-trans that causes more trouble in RAW conversions than it actually solves. A company that also manages to manufacture premium priced cameras without a credible range of flash devices and some other stuff as well that most professionals judge to be a requirement. A weird feeling in my left toe tells me Sony and Olympus are going to kill them one day or another with really solid, far better developed high-tech products. Built on an R&D that does a bit more than gambling with code and revising firmwares every few months. Build on sensors that the rest of the market will only get over a few years. Concerning this X30, if such a product would ever interest me I’d at least wait to see where the first curved sensors will be landing in Sony’s range of compacts. Yes, I love Fuji, it may sound strange after what I wrote, even a lot but the time has come now to get serious, go for the next step and do a lot better. Otherwise, they may be happy to survive as the Suzuki of the camera market.

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